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    Federer is not 34!

    I noticed that too, but I don't mind that too much.At least they are within a few months of Fed's Bday. It used to be horrible in 2008-2010, people would say Federer was 30 so frequently it drove me nuts.
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    Revealed: Andy Murray's motivational on-court notes leaked

    I think by "stick to the baseline" he means that he intends to stay right on top of the baseline so he can be more aggressive and have more opportunities to attack rather than allowing himself to get pushed behind the line and lose control.
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    2015 Australian Open Mens SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Stan Wawrinka

    Oh I agree. I would be over the moon if Stan wins. With that said, I wouldn't say this is Stan's match to win. Even last year, Djokovic's meltdown towards the end sealed his fate. I feel that Stan has teh game to win, but Djokovic has to help out with streaky play of his own for Stan to win.
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    2015 Australian Open Mens SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Stan Wawrinka

    These poll results are utterly absurd. About as absurd as any poll I have seen before on TT. Maybe we should conduct "Who do you wish wins?" polls. I will happily eat crow if Stan does win, but I think Stan will be lucky to even push this to 5.
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    2015 Australian Open Mens 4th Round: Andy Murray vs. Grigor Dimitrov

    Jokes aside, I think its unreasonable to consider Dimitrov a subpar competitor.Even in the final game he still had belief he could break back. I think its safe to say that Dimitrov won't win a dozen majors now, but he can definitely improve a lot moving forward. I came into this thread earlier...
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    2015 Australian Open Mens 4th Round: Andy Murray vs. Grigor Dimitrov

    Murray is just a better and more talented player than Dimitrov. "Several grand slams" LOL, for now lets hope he wins even one. I definitely hope to see him win a slam one day. You can't fault the effort the guy puts into these matches.
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    G.Monfils vs. J.Janowicz

    Thanks, Tipsa. I think this match will be an important lesson for Janowicz. He will learn the hard way about what happens to you when you drop shot the fastest players on tour. Janowicz looked so surprised that Monfils got that drop shot back on breakpoint lol
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    G.Monfils vs. J.Janowicz

    How is the drama content of this match?
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    2015 Australian Open

    The guy has weapons, but they have always been unreliable weapons. When he is off his best, he serves like 40% and can't land anything.
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    2015 Australian Open

    Over the hill Hewitt vs a journeyman has been money for years now. This match is going 5.
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    Yeah, I bought some of the hype last year too. He really doesn't look like a "special" talent to me anymore. He is a very good player who hits flashy shots, but the guy doesn't overwhelm any top players with his game. But who knows, maybe he will surprise us somewhere down the road and win a...
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    Murray using a Sports Psychologist

    Its about time. Hopefully this cuts his ridiculous tantrums after losing minor points by over 90%. Djokovic should get help also. And Fognini should take a few years off to address his issues.
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    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Just got caught up with this event and wow, Hewitt lost 6-3 6-2 to Groth in the 1st round. It really is time for him to pack his bags.
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    If Federer and Nadal met today on Rod Laver Arena?

    Best case scenario for Federer, he kicks Nadal's butt for a set and a half before Nadal naturally becomes comfortable with his game and wraps it up in 4 sets.
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    Barclays ATP World Tour Finals; Round Robin: Novak Djokovic (1) VS Stan Wawrinka (3)

    True, Stan is truly awful on indoor surface. He can't hit through Djokovic on this surface. However, had Federer played him tonight, I think the only difference would be that Federer would go down in two decently competitive sets instead of getting a whopping like Stan. Federer's...
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    ATP World Tour Finals 2014- General Discussion Thread

    Hopefully Nishikori qualifies. I love his game now.
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    ATP Chairman: Players Inside Top 500 Should Not Be Able to Earn Living

    Mostly tennis players who are awful and don't have a prayer of breaking into the top 200. If you look at the guys ranked from 100-200 on the ATP website, a big number of them have made over $100,000. Not saying they have it great as they obviously have a lot of expenses, but its not true that...
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    ATP Shanghai Masters 2014 - [1] Djokovic vs [3] Federer

    Match is at 8 AM. Yikes, no way. Hope Federer wins.
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    Rafael Nadal loses his memory on the golf course

    For a second there I thought Nadal was suffering from legit amnesia.:oops: Hey, after all the bad stuff that has been happening to him recently, I didn't know what to think.
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    The Dominic Thieminator Thread

    He has some beautiful looking shots, but he ballbashes almost all the time. This probably out of necessity though because he really starts losing ground when he gets dragged left and right. He will get into the top 10 at some point.
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    2014 China Open ATP Singles Main Draw

    Djokovic snapped Murray in half towards the end of the match yesterday. That huge point that Djokovic gutted out to break Murray was insane. Murray threw in the towel after that.
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    what phone for 2014?

    LULZ::mrgreen: I actually couldn't watch nfl gameday highlights, which has been my routine for a long time.
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    what phone for 2014?

    Thanks for the responses, bros. It turns out I am having issues with wireless on my iphone 5 (even though the phone tells me I have max or close to max wifi reception). I picked up an ipad mini with retina and tested out the fine scrubbing and it was fully functional. So now, I am using LTE on...
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    what phone for 2014?

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    what phone for 2014?

    So no one using iOS8 has any issues with streaming? You guys can all fine-scrub and rewind/forward with utter ease, still? Someone get back to me because I'm losing my head over this.
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    what phone for 2014?

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    what phone for 2014?

    I don't have experience with flagship Android phones, so I didn't know that the streaming was that good on Androids. Personally, I thought streaming on IOS was just fine. Fine scrubbing worked good when you went to a website on safari. When you pressed the play button, the player popped out and...
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    what phone for 2014?

    Does anyone on iOS 8 have streaming issues? Fine-scrubbing works like garbage now. Absolutely no control. Its really bothering me.