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  1. bluescreen

    How to Watch the French Open?

    Has anyone tried purchasing a Tennis Channel Plus subscription without also having a TV subscription to Tennis Channel? Their website says you can purchase a Tennis Channel Plus subscription, which has access to live streams of 5 courts at the French Open, but then it also says you can't watch...
  2. bluescreen

    No US broadcast of resumed men's semi?

    Actually, if you have a cable subscription you do. NBC streams it on their website if you input your login details for your cable service. The stream was excellent quality. Considering a semifinal match was not scheduled to be played on a Saturday initially (when TV coverage was originally...
  3. bluescreen

    2007´s Round Robin trial. Points?

    Yeah OP is not talking about the World Tour Finals. He's referring to a few lower level tournaments (would probably be 250-level today) that experimented with a round robin format for the early rounds. The death knell was when James Blake didn't make it to the knock out stages at one such...
  4. bluescreen

    What does berdych do wrong?

    1. Serve is fast, but predictable. His second serve is essentially just a slower first serve. No kick, no slice, no variety on the serve. 2. Sure his offensive game is huge, but have you ever seen him play when on the defensive or during a rally when he doesn't get an early opening? Check out...
  5. bluescreen

    Federer will screw up the DC final

    It's very well known (and stated by Federer in interviews) that his back injury occurred at the end of his match against Ivan Dodig in Indian Wells last year.
  6. bluescreen

    Janowicz - The cheater...

    This is one of the greatest posts I've seen in my 8 years on here.
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    Federer's loses this year

    This "trend" is based on fallable logic. You have to also look at all matches federer has won this year. How many of those were close? You're basing your observations only on matches lost, not matches won. After a quick browse of his matches this year, it looks like he has many more than 8...
  8. bluescreen

    Nadal's Decline -- An EMPIRICAL Analysis

    I think this can be more accurately called a quantitative analysis of Nadal's decline. "Empirical" simply indicates that it's based on observation, and I'm assuming everyone on this board observed one of Nadal's losses this year, which they can credit for their belief that he's declining.
  9. bluescreen

    If Nole wins Monte Carlo he will became the first player in history who...

    This really isn't that impressive. Masters tournaments have only existed since 1990. That's 24 years. If Nole wins, that would make 8 years out of 24 being back to back wins. Seems kind high actually.
  10. bluescreen

    Which record in tennis will least likely be broken?

    I think the records least likely to be broken are the ones that won't be able to be broken due to changes in the tennis schedule or general landscape of the sport. For example, I think Rafa's Masters 1000 record (whatever it ends at) will not be broken because the levels of tennis tournaments...
  11. bluescreen

    Sparse crowds???

    You have to remember that there are matches happening on multiple courts during the early rounds. Just because you see an emtpy seat in the stadium doesn't mean that seat wasn't sold. That person could simply be watching a match on an outside court. Consequently, during the later rounds you...
  12. bluescreen

    How would this player do?

    I believe Malisse retired last year.
  13. bluescreen

    Tickets need to buy to guarantee seeing Federer at Cincinnati or US Open

    The top 8 players receive a bye into the second round. So even if he's ranked 8, he'll still receive a bye. If you want to guarantee seeing Federer, then yes, you'd have to buy a ticket for all day and night sessions for the second round.
  14. bluescreen

    Best versions of shots you have seen.

    This was staged for a commercial. Not real.
  15. bluescreen

    Nadal has a SKylander fire element logo on his shoe?

    If it's the same logo from previous years, it's a red flame with an "09" in it to signify his previous Australian Open win.
  16. bluescreen

    Serve and Return stats as an indication of form

    A Federer-Nadal match in the semis would be so cool. The best server and returner of the tournament. Yes please.
  17. bluescreen

    Should Tennis Players Be Paid Per-Hour?

    For someone that bothered to link every thread on the topic, you don't seem to have read those discussions too well, OP. I--and many others--have already stated counterarguments to your idea in the latest thread. Paying players by hour will open up a can of worms in terms of match fixing...
  18. bluescreen

    Men's vs Women's tennis prize money debate - GOOD VIDEO

    Wow. Great stuff. Nishikori in the #4 spot surprised me. And of course, why am I even shocked at Mr. Federer's numbers. I think I've lost the script on this one though. What were we trying to show here? Aside from Federer, who's more or less an outlier with how much he beats the rest of...
  19. bluescreen

    Men's vs Women's tennis prize money debate - GOOD VIDEO

    I think this thread has deviated from an equal pay argument and has morphed into a debate of endorsements as an effective marketing strategy. We might as well throw an argument about distribution of prize money into the mix too. ;)
  20. bluescreen

    Men's vs Women's tennis prize money debate - GOOD VIDEO

    Well hold on. Player endorsements are a form of indirect marketing. It's nearly impossible to quantify how much money these endorsements generate. Tell me how to answer this: how much money has Lindt made by endorsing Roger Federer? It's hard to say because no one's going around yelling "I...
  21. bluescreen

    Men's vs Women's tennis prize money debate - GOOD VIDEO

    By "surely," do you mean "probably"? I get the feeling you don't have data to back up these assertions. Somebody needs to post some hard stats--namely attendance at ATP only and WTA only events, or else we're going to keep arguing over guesses. And besides, comparing money earned on a...
  22. bluescreen

    Men's vs Women's tennis prize money debate - GOOD VIDEO

    Let me see if I can summarize the pro-equal pay argument, as I used to be very much against it. --the "women should pay 5 sets" argument is invalid because money earned in tournaments is based on results, not effort or time spent. Players are awarded prize money in tournaments, not paid a...
  23. bluescreen

    I can't get over Verdascos loss - what the hell is he doing?

    Wasn't this in the semis of New Haven in like 2008? He was double faulting on practically every other point. Definitely the weirdest match I've ever seen.
  24. bluescreen

    Has there really been a REAL fluke in tennis?

    Totally with you on Johannson at the Australian Open. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned as many times as Gaudio. I think it's even more of a fluke considering how he did before and after that Australian Open. Completely non-existent.
  25. bluescreen

    Have you noticed anything different in Djokovic's game...

    No, that would be the practice court.
  26. bluescreen

    Fed in Cincy, Wilson rep, and his frame..

    Had a quick chat with Severin Luthi today at the Open about Fed and his racquets. He confirmed that Roger is definitely sticking with the 90 for the US Open, and didn't hint much at continued testing of new racquets. He admitted Roger is "trying to find his confidence again," which was a major...
  27. bluescreen

    Predictions for N American hard court swing.

    I'd be really curious to know why you (or anyone else, really) wouldn't put Delpo as a bookie's favorite. He's one it before and has shown tremendous form of late.
  28. bluescreen

    Who will have higher ranking at the time of their retirerment?

    I agree with all of this except Djokovic, who I think would follow the same pattern as Murray. I don't see Federer falling out of the top 10 through the 2016 Olympics, which is around when I think he'll retire, so I pick Federer.
  29. bluescreen

    Best tickets to watch practice and low-seeded courtside views for US Open?

    This. I stopped going to the main draw a few years ago and only go to qualies now. I can make it out for two or three days worth of matches for relatively cheap. You can watch the low ranked guys battle it out for a qualifying spot, or sit in the front row of Armstrong or the grandstand...