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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    Okay if you look at the specs written on the racket it solves the problem. The pure strike with the white strip is lighter(10.8 ounces ) than the red stripe pure strike (11.3 ounces). this is for the 18/20 pattern.
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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    Basically im wondering if the specs are different among the different paint jobs. i have noticed the 18/20 pattern with the white stripe is more head heavy by a lot and lighter over all
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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    k, ill do it tomorrow. lol
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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    well, i own two and both are 18/20 pattern. but one has a white stripe and the other red. the one with the white stripe also has the white stipe at the top of the handle.
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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    Hi, i was wondering why some 2014 pure strikes have a red stripe near the bumper guard and throat grommet and some have a white stripe?
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    Novak Djokovic receives a bottle from his team during his match

    I think he got bad tips from Boris Becker.
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    Novak Djokovic receives a bottle from his team during his match

    This the second time where in a big match his team gives him a bottle of something which drastically changes his performance. It happened in the finals of Wimbledon when he was playing Federer. Do the officials check the content before Novak receives anything during a match?
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    Thiem with a hybrid?

    I couldn't tell by watching the exhibition matches but is Thiem using a hybrid string set up again?
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    I like his setup too. Its nice that he doesn't need a heavy racket like Federer to do the same things.
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    How do you know?
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    Head pt57a

    What do you think the stiffness is with the pt57a (strung)?
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    Wilson being sued over Clash branding

    Sharif don't like it.......
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    Babolat RDC machine - strung frame

    Just curious if measuring a frame strung would increase the stiffness or decreases the stiffness on a Babolat RDC machine?
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    Felix Auger Alliassime racquet specs

    So his racket is 314g unstrung. Roughly what would his racket weigh strung? He uses 16g poly.
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    Why is no asians gear listed in the wta section?

    Qiang Wang is hot. Who cares about her ranking. Show her gear.
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    Qiang Wang's new "Yunlop" paintjob is quite possibly the worst I've ever seen.

    She's so hot nobody will be looking at her racket.
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    Natural Gut pre-stretch

    Why do you guys think Federer has his gut pre stretched? And if one were to string the gut slightly higher to mimic a pre stretch how much higher would you increase the tension? Half a pound?
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    Federer's string saver

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    Federer's string saver

    Babolat is what he has been using and is using.
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    Hsieh - anyone know her racket/string?

    She has a smokin hot body! Not sure about her racket.
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    Thiem using full poly

    lol, totally !
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    VS Gut question

    They must be using BT7 since they string up their rackets so much. It's still okay if amateurs like us prefer the old VS gut. Right?
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    Sock breaks his nike shoes twice against Thiem

    Any idea what happen today with Jack Sock's nike shoes when he was playing against Thiem in France?
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    Pro's (Past and Present) That Have Swung a Wilson 6.1 [Includes major winners]

    What is the stiffness of the 6.1? If you were to use TW's chart.
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    Pro's (Past and Present) That Have Swung a Wilson 6.1 [Includes major winners]

    So is the current Pro Staff 97 the closest to the 6.1?
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    Former 90 sq in Fed racket users, what do you use now?

    Ultra 97 Pro Staff 97
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    What’s you current racquet?

    Black RF 97