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    China Open

    Will be in Beijing soon and noticed that the China Open will be there as well in October... Anyone else going? Hints/suggestions/tips appreciated...:)
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    dltorre = smooooooth transaction!

    Excellent communication, item just as it was listed. Thanks!
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    Brisbane International anyone?

    Anyone want to meet up in January?
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    Tennis in Brisbane, Oz in October 08?

    Will be in Brisbane in October and looking for a hit... 4.5 but am willing just to hit...
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    Saito = Good Smooth Selling Transaction

    Recently bought 2 7s from Saito, smooth transaction, excellent communications... Highly recommend :D !
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    Smooth transaction: vkartikv

    Recently sold a racquet to vkartikv... Excellent communications and quick payer! Thanks vkartikv!:D
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    FS: RD Ti-80 4 1/2

    For Sale: Yonex RD Ti-80, 9/10, red/blue graphics. Hardly used, fresh Grap, TNT2 PP 17s. Thought I might like this stick; oops, didn't work out :( . $75 via PayPal, USPS shipping, let me know your ZIP so I can confirm postage. Email I have positive PayPal and TW...
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    Here's a wee bit of Anna K-Enrique news...

    From music industry news... No wonder he needs his "Escape"...
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    ClimaCool Feather II review?

    Hi Don and crew... Any plans for a review of the ClimaCool Feather IIs? Given that AA was wearing them at the USO, maybe some of us would be interested in it, particularly how a (seemingly) clay court shoe performs on hard courts. Thanks in advance...
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    Article - How's THAT for Tennis!

    Guess Gimel has some time to write... not a bad article to stuff into those testosterone-laden lummoxes who pooh-pooh our sport... ;)
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    Barricade IVs - WTT's Likhovtseva?

    Anyone see the Sacramento v Houston WTT match? Was Likhovtseva wearing the BIVs? They were white with blue/black vertical stripes in the heel...
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    ITN anyone?

    Has anyone seen/used their ITN (International Tennis Number)? The ITF has been pushing for a somewhat global rating system to help in assessing players. Based on the number of (repeated) threads here about players ratings/frequency of play, I find it curious no one has yet quoted their ITN...
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    Equivalent NTRP Ratings in Asia?

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for information regarding player ratings in Asia, specifically in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Australia for upcoming tournaments. Can anyone provide insight on the equivalent of US NTRP 4.0 and 3.0 ratings in these countries? The...
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    Hahaha... Poor Elena...

    AND.... for the non-news item of the week... I bet, however, that she does wish she'd share Maria's serve...
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    Maria's "inspiration"?

    OK, let the guessing games begin on the mysterious other inspiration... My take? Wouldn't it be ironic if it was Anna K, especially since most of the -ovas have been quoted as saying she was an influence?
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    TW Staff: "Skunkless" adi Comp Shirt avail?

    Hi Chris/TW Staff... Just wondering if the skunkless (without the stripes on the back a la Henman) adidas Competition shirt will be available... Thanks in advance...
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    String break pattern indication?

    Don't know if this has been raised before but... Can you tell anything, either about the hitter or your string job, when the player breaks 2 or more mains but not adjacent to one another? I've seen 2 broken mains with an intact main in between and today I just saw 2 breaks with 2 intact. Is...
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    Never mind that it's women's tennis, or that her opponent is/was #102... still amazing that someone can play at that level at 49... And what a plus-- S/V tennis! As Hingis said, it's a compliment to her conditioning and training that she can still do it... After Jay Haas' perfomance in the...
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    Frame question: Wilson HPS 7.1 Zone

    Anyone have problems stringing the frame? Strung some and frames cracked around 3 o'clock position... maybe like the Head SIs? BTW, I used electric constant pull w/6 point mount...