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  1. Pfabgon

    Tsitsipas saying he ranked on purpose today.. yeah right...

    https://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Rafael_Nadal/80118/stefanos-tsitsipas-i-was-not-willing-to-die-on-court-to-beat-rafael-nadal-/ What a terrible loser this bozo is.
  2. Pfabgon

    Rafa’s USO19 draw

    The four semi finalists on this year’s Shanghai Open plus Dominic Thiem who reached the quarter finals were on Rafa’s side of the draw. I don’t ever want to hear again about “Rafa’s easy draw” just respect the fact that the Bull is Goat.
  3. Pfabgon

    RaFans: what would be sweeter?

    What would be sweeter for #20?
  4. Pfabgon

    Nadal/Djokovic win % surfaces

    Many people here complain about Rafa’s distribution of slams. 63% of his slams are on clay, but 63% of Novak’s slams are on hard court. Why aren’t there more people complaining about his slam distribution?
  5. Pfabgon

    Rafa a football god?

    Would Rafa been a GOAT at football if he had chosen that sport over tennis?
  6. Pfabgon

    Hypothetical Nadal AO question

    Hi everyone: I have a question for Federer fans. If Rafa would’ve won the epic 2012 AO final against Novak and the 2014 final against Wawrinka he would've been 1 Slam behind Federer. It would have meant 3 titles at each HC Slam, and 2 or more on each of the slams. The Slam Count would be 20 to...