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  1. vkartikv

    'Orthopedic' tennis shoe recommendation

    I'm looking for the shoes that are known for extra support, if such a thing exists, for plantar fascitis. Been suffering from it off and on for a year and my prince t22 are no longer adequate. I do wear an orthopedic dress shoe so any recommendation on a similar tennis shoe would be great. Thanks!
  2. vkartikv

    dcdelcau - reliable seller

    Purchased three frames from dcdelcau - he was prompt to communicate and to ship once $$ were received. Items were as described.
  3. vkartikv

    Wanted: Older model frames (Dunlop/Wilson)

    Looking for 4 3/8 size racquets of the following makes: Dunlop Hotmelt 200g or Muscle Weave 200g. Wilson 6.0 85 (any make other than the overpriced St.Vincent ones) or 6.1 95 classic or ncode 6.1 95 Will take racquets in any condition as long as they're not cracked. Ideally the racquet would be...
  4. vkartikv

    The Obama frame!

    What is it?!!! Is it an 80 midsize? Are those tecnifibre strings?!!
  5. vkartikv

    Older Generation Yonex/Dunlop/Volkl Frames

    I'm looking for a 4 3/8 grip size of any of the following frames, preferably strung: Yonex Ti-80 Yonex RDS 002 tour 98 Dunlop MW 200 95g Volkl Tour 10 Gen I (no Gen II please!) If you don't mind trading, I have a PS 6.0 95 in a 4 1/4, and a couple of BLX 6.1 95s in 4 3/8. Please...
  6. vkartikv

    Video of 1HBH

    I was inspired by suresh to post this: View My Video Feedback welcomed
  7. vkartikv

    Paradorn to golf

    Paradorn Srichapan aims to become the first Asian athlete to switch from tennis to golf (and be good at it). Here is the article:
  8. vkartikv

    davesep01 is an asset to the forum

    Pleasant to deal with, prompt to send pictures and respond to emails. Shipped as soon as he received payment. Can't ask for more!
  9. vkartikv

    deuce bag gave me a great deal

    I was initially hesitant to trade with someone overseas (down under) but after exchanging some casual emails about cricket, I decided to trade frames with deuce bag. I must say that he provides great service and was extremely nice to deal with the whole time. To be honest, I think I got the...
  10. vkartikv

    tennisBIEST is trustworthy

    This is his first reference (we traded frames). Prompt responses, polite and nice to deal with, quick to ship, and racquets were precisely as described. Can't ask for more.
  11. vkartikv

    FS or FT: Some Yonex and Dunlop frames

    (2) 4 3/8 Yonex RDiS Midplus frames (the red-coloured ones). Both are strung, both are in ~ 8/10 shape. The wear is mostly on the headguard. $80 shipped together or see below for trade options. (2) 4 3/8 Dunlop 4D 200 Tour frames. Both are strung, both are in 9/10 shape or better. I was the...
  12. vkartikv

    Shriver's comment after the women's doubles finals

    She says this twice at matchpoint, "... That's $420,000 going to be split between errani and vinci. That will buy them a lot of pasta!!!!". I am speechless. Where's Jason Goodall when you need decent commentary!
  13. vkartikv

    herdsman76 is trustworthy

    He gave a great deal on 2 racquets, which were accurately described and very inexpensive considering their quality and condition. Shipment was prompt and so was communication/updates. A++
  14. vkartikv

    decades gives you great deals

    Prompt communication and shipment. Racquets were in better condition than described. Given the quality of the frames, the price was ridiculously low! Decades has accrued some good karma! A++ seller.
  15. vkartikv

    ironian is the iron man..

    .. of racquet trade! He was prompt to reply to emails and sent payment without delay. A+ member of this forum. Don't hesitate to do business with him.
  16. vkartikv

    gh65721 (Greg H) is a pleasure to do business with

    Thanks for a hassle free transaction.
  17. vkartikv

    FS: Head/volkl/dunlop/yonex frames from the last decade

    Dunlop AG 200 4 1/4 8.5/10 condition, $35 shipped Head I.Prestige Midsize, 4 1/4. ~ 8.5/10 condition. $65 shipped Volkl DNX 9, 4 3/8, 9/10. $55 shipped Yonex RD-ti 80 4 3/8, 8.5/10 condition (conservative rating). This is the old brown/silver colour scheme-model that came out before the...
  18. vkartikv

    For people in academia..

    Can anyone in academia tell me how they balance work 'life' and personal 'life'? Do you even have a 'personal life'??? Between research, teaching, mentoring and trying actively to become a bodybuilder, there is no time for anything else. Tennis has taken a back seat - I've played 4-5 times in...
  19. vkartikv

    Martina Hingis is...

    ..sooo hot! She was super cute back in the day and now she's become HOT.
  20. vkartikv

    Henri Laconte commentary on the tsonga-mello match

    Does he know there are people listening? Sexual innuendoes, acting like a fanboy, laughing out loud, very juvenile behaviour from a middle-aged man!
  21. vkartikv

    royfrombigd is trustworthy

    Made things very easy - sent payment quickly and communicated promptly. He is highly recommended.
  22. vkartikv

    Donnay - too confusing

    I haven't been keeping up with recent developments in racquet tech(since 2011) until about a week or so ago. Shocked to see the # of donnays out there - red, extreme red, flaming red and what not. Wouldn't one mid and a couple of midpluses with different string patterns suffice??
  23. vkartikv

    For Sale/Trade: dunlop/head/prince frames

    Prince PRTi 4 1/2. 7-7.5/10 condition, unstrung. $40 shipped Dunlop AG 200 4 1/4 8.5/10 condition, $45 shipped Head I.Prestige Midsize, 4 1/4. ~ 8.5/10 condition. $75 shipped Prince Diablo Mid 4 1/2, 7/10 condition, $40 shipped Will trade for any of these in 3/8 or 1/2: Yonex ti 80 (any...
  24. vkartikv

    harryz is trustworthy, as always

    Thanks for another perfect transaction
  25. vkartikv

    Djokovic vs. the others

    Even when Federer was winning everything in sight, I was never bored nor did I wish to see someone dethrone him. It was a little different with Nadal but he was somehow tolerable. However, and no offense to the guy, I am sick of turning on the tv and seeing djokovic win everything. it's...
  26. vkartikv

    Questions about muscle food

    1. Can egg beaters be eaten raw? 2. I eat meat twice a day (~ 6 oz of chicken or turkey or salmon). Some people advise against it but I don't know if there's any other way to gain lean mass without it. I don't worry about cholesterol since I have a healthy diet and do sprint training and...
  27. vkartikv

    Top Half of the men's draw

    Not a single match seems appealing to watch, come Saturday. All the action is in the bottom half, no pun intended. Same with the women's draw except all the action is in the top half. Extremely skewed draw!
  28. vkartikv

    good trade with buffalobill3

    Traded frames with buffalobill3. We both got our respective frames on the same day. Racquet was better than advertised and communication/shipping were prompt. A++ overall.
  29. vkartikv

    Prince Diablo and Response Ti frames available FS/FT

    Prince Diablo Tour Mid-size (93 4 1/2. 7.5-8/10 condition. strung, needs replacement grip. $45 shipped Prince Diablo Tour MP (100 4 3/8. 7.5-8/10 condition. strung but strings are about to fray, needs replacement grip. $45 shipped (2) Prince Precision Response Ti 4 1/2. ~...
  30. vkartikv

    80s new wave fans

    As the title says, this is for fans of 80s new wave, synthpop, britpop, eurodisco, discuss fav bands and songs.... and the good old days.