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  1. Alexandros

    Davydenko: Federer was lucky?

    This was pointed on in Jon Wertheim's column and a good point was made that Serena gets all sorts of grief for going on about Henin making lucky shots yet Davydenko gets missed out. So let's give him some grief about his unsportsmanship: Q. What's the one thing that makes Roger Federer so...
  2. Alexandros

    Serena at the AO, FO and W

    So to those critics who go on about how she's lazy and fat... the pics speak for themselves.
  3. Alexandros

    Monfils... just a bit arrogant?

    After losing to Isner: "I'm not arrogant, but ... it's tough when you are so better than another guy and then he beats you."
  4. Alexandros

    Gasquet's backhand Magnificent. He can play the shot like a forehand in terms of setting up points and finishing them.
  5. Alexandros

    Federer and Safin...

  6. Alexandros

    Rodionova disqualified for smacking ball into crowd

    MASON, Ohio (AP) -- Anastasia Rodionova became the second player on the WTA Tour to be disqualified from a match when she smacked a ball Tuesday night toward fans rooting for her opponent at the Cincinnati Women's Open. Angelique Kerber was handed a 4-6, 6-4, 1-0 victory when Rodionova hit a...
  7. Alexandros

    Gasquet in 5 years?

  8. Alexandros

    So what does Roddick do now that he didn't do in 03/04? So much for the Connors influence supposedly taking his game to new levels - I don't see how he plays any differently now from how he did then (the video is from 2004).
  9. Alexandros

    Mauresmo loses to Jankovic 5-7 0-6

    Is it just me or for a top player does Mauresmo get bagelled a lot more than she should?
  10. Alexandros

    FANTASTIC point by Clijsters Not too sure about the video title, but Clijsters' retrieving ability is insane.
  11. Alexandros

    Ivanovic beats Djokovic! :p
  12. Alexandros

    New Tennis Technology! Someone should let them know that Agassi's specially drilled holes are really just blots of paint. :p
  13. Alexandros

    So how come no-one complains about Nadal's grunting?

    With all this fuss about Sharapova's grunting, I find it amazing that there haven't been any comments about Rafael Nadal's grunts. I'd say his grunting gets at least as loud as Sharapova's, and as annoying with the loud exhalation like he's just been stung by a wasp.
  14. Alexandros

    Hingis Semi-Finals results - Gold Coast

    Hingis loses 1-6, 7-6, 6-2, then withdraws from the doubles with an unspecified injury...