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    Luxilon Big Banger Timo 110 18G Tennis String - out of stock or nor selling at TW

    @TW Staff , I don't see LuxilonBig Banger Timo 110 18G Tennis String on tennis warehouse. Are you guys going to sell it or out of stock at the moment situation? Thanks
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour cheaper on TW EU website...why not here

    @TW Staff Pure aero vs tour is on sell at TW EU but not here. Do you know when we will see the discount? Also, any idea when new model of vs tour coming out Thanks
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    Wanted - Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour Racquets - Grip size 2 or 3

    I am looking for Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour in grip size 4-1/4 or 4-3/8 in excellent condition.
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    TW racquet review please include string tension

    @TW Staff Please include strings used & tension in the written review. You have to fast forward video review to find out. Thanks
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    Yonex RDS 002 Tour

    I looking at Yonex RDS 002 Tour in grip size 4 3/8 (prefer) in good condition.
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    12 days sale - starting ??

    TW any info on starting time of 12 days sale
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    Felix Auger Aliassime --14 YEAR OLD MAKES EMIRATES ATP RANKINGS HISTORY very impressive game IMO
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    spinfire pro2 vs silent partner smart

    I try to search and read recent ball machine thread but not found anything related to spinfire pro2 or silent partner smart in detail or comparison. I am not big on player's mode, i.e. pre-programmed drills (found on lobsters 5 and ltd). Spinfire pro2 is compact and easy to transport...
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    lobster grand 5 ltd vs silent partner smart

    Lobster grand 5 ltd cost $2500 without remote. Silent partner smart cost $1750. Can anyone recommend one based on features & price? I am in us so customer service issues will be taken care (both offer 2 years warranty) I haven't played with anyone but playmate big machine.
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    discount on ball machine

    I try to search forum but can't find good info on how to secure some discount on lobster or silent partner ball machine. Any info on coupon code will be nice. I like lobster grand 5 limited compare to SP smart (if someone has good experience with both please post). I like extra drills on...
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    Milos underhand serve - Paris master at the very end of the video milos serve underhand at the match point. He was laughing but kind of stop out of respect (not sure). I don't think it...
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    nadal short length;_ylt=AmSSHWwb3D1FjgNLMz_3eCY4v7YF;_ylu=X3oDMTE2ZGx1dWc1BG1pdAMEcG9zAzMEc2VjA01lZGlhQkNhcm91c2VsTWl4ZWRMUENB;_ylg=X3oDMTBhYWM1a2sxBGxhbmcDZW4tVVM-;_ylv=3 kind of surprise to see him wearing short of...
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    Kudla string tension & total cost per year

    pretty good info and cost question at the end...
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    Nadal will retire rumors

    He has really bad knees and seems can't do anything about it. Andre Agassi took some injection for back, but you can't take more than certain numbers, and Nadal exhausted the limit. Hope whatever I heard was wrong because it will be a big loss for tennis.
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    Thomas Berdych custom 2k11 just love the outfit...very nice combo
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    DAVYDENKO to Asics shoes and Price racquet first picture he is now using prince and Asics shoes/clothing. I think dunlop is not lucky for many pros (thomas & Vadasco and now Davy ...)
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    Tsonga use three pairs per match picture says all picture says all against Kei fourth round (three pairs per match) I haven't...
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    Jelena Dokic with black out babolat looks like season of racquet change by pro... going from wilson to babolat
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    Nadal original grip most of us knew about his original grip is not leather (recent changes...
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    New racquet for Marcos Baghdatis checkout his image from list.
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    looks like new stick for Kim Clijsters a new pure drive??
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    TW Back Pack Bag - poor quality disappointed

    I got Tennis Warehouse Blue Back Pack Bag last month and now exterior lining rips with pretty normal use. But credit to TW as usual they will replace it with new bag. One more reason to make purchase from TW (many people suggested others should follow TW customer service)
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    Tsonga with pure drive..pic from davis cup maybe testing on clay
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    Okay another Novak off court not silly thing;_ylt=AtE53RIUv2QLVeF.nNEMqF04v7YF?urn=ten-wp2560 now you can judge why someone will do that... not even Roddick in his prime will do such thing (Nadal and Roger both class apart for sure)...
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    Djokovic's joke goes awry;_ylt=A0PDlMr68yhOKGIAKQY4v7YF?urn=ten-wp2375 I like him and his all-round game but this is bad taste in a mouth. I know his parents are same. Novak better mind-set to stay where he is...
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    Best possible draw for Roger at Wimby 2011

    I mean out of all Roger has best & easy draw till Semi (if Novak is in semi). Murray has tough draw out of all. Again even he is number 3 seed he gets easiest draw till semi and by that time he will be unbeatable. Someone was holding sign at Wimbledon "GOD HAS MADE ROGER"
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    Again one semi-final on Thursday

    I don't understand why AO has one semi-final on Thursday and other on Friday. At this point not sure who is going to be in final and how much energy one has to spend compare to other. But AO has excellent schedule until this stupid semi schedule....
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    Nike Vapor VI Tour shoes (size 13) - white/

    Nike Vapor VI Tour shoes Size: 13 Color: Whilte/black/blue Condition: 9.5/10 (just used once in house) Only reason I am selling because it rubs my ankle wrong way (maybe not suited for feet) $55
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    FS: Two Babolat Pure Storm Tour Racquets - 4-1/2 (grip size 4)

    2 Babolat Pure Storm Tour Carbon Xtrem (not GT version) model for sale. Head Size: 98 String: 16 x 20 pattern Strung Weight: 11.8oz/ 335g Swing Weight: 333 Stiffness: 63 Grip Size - 4-4/8 or 4-1/2 i.e. grip size 4 Condition: One racquet 8.5/10 and second racquet 7.5/10...
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    Murray considering representing Spain

    shocking to say here is the link