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    Another new slam champ in WTA

    With Swiatek losing, a new slam champ is coming up this week at RG. All semi-finalists are new to Slam SFs (only Pavlyuchenkova reached even quarterfinals). Abundance of slam winners, unpredictability and surprise victories can be seen as good or bad depending on ones tastes. Personally, I...
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    Best opponent rank (excluding self) in slams won for Big 3

    Federer Nadal Djokovic Tournament Best opponent rank Tournament Best opponent rank Tournament Best opponent rank 2003 W 4 2005 RG 1 2008 AO 1 2004 AO 2 2006 RG 1 2011 AO 2 2004 W 1 2007 RG 1 2011 W 1 2004 UO 3 2008 RG 1 2011 UO 1 2005 W 1 2008 W 1 2012 AO 1 2005 UO 2 2009 AO 1...
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    Doubles player arrested at RG for match-fixing investigation for last year's RG match What can be done to make doubles more exciting and watchable so that it translates to money for players? The only headlines news I hear of doubles is news like this and it is...
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    Svitolina challenges Federer - Monfils is the (un)fortunate victim

    This is how it is done sir !!! Challenge failed !!!
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    Petros Tsitsipas ... "This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!"

    Nepotism at its classic best - nothing new, just irritating.
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    Did you know that contemporaries Lopez and Verdasco are ahead of Federer in consecutive slam appearances?

    Feliciano Lopez is going strong at 75 not out (his streak is still on) whereas Fernando Verdasco was in the main draw at 67 consecutive slams in 2003-2020 (his streak ended at RG2020). Of course Lopez also leads in most career losses and I think Verdasco is a close 2nd. Federer had 65...
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    Slam win percentage outside their pet slam/surface

    There was a mention of this in another thread. So, I decided to look at these win percentage numbers since they turned pro (including the slams that they skipped). Strike rates (as of April 2021) follow. Federer - Outside Wimbledon/Grass - 12/67 - 17.91% Nadal - Outside RG/Clay - 7/54 -...
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    Toughest possible paths (based on a draw) and what actually happened in slams won

    The draw process brings a lot of luck factor into tennis. But what happens after the draw and how some seeds drop out leaving an easier path is equally important. Here is the data for the toughest possible paths and how many of those matches turned to reality in the slams won Federer...
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    Competition provided by Top 10 seeds to the champion in slams (2004-2019)

    Average number of matches played before exiting by the Top 10 seeds in slams (excluding the winner obviously as he never exited the tournament) Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Seed 4 Seed 5 Seed 6 Seed 7 Seed 8 Seed 9 Seed 10 Average(10) AO 2004 5 C(RF) 6 6 1 1 0 5 5 4 33/9=3.67 RG 2004 3 2 7 2 5...
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    Scheduling means that 3 DCGS possible within the next 3 slams

    If covid does not cause more damage than the havoc it wreaked already and the current scheduling is maintained, this can be done. Novak has to win RG 2020, Rafa has to win AO 2021 and (a returning) Roger has to win (miraculously) RG 2021. It would mean they achieve DCGS in the reverse order in...
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    USO 2020 Finals .. guaranteed new champ for men and no new champ for women

    Just an observation. No matter who wins the ATP semifinals, there's definitely a new slam winner at this USO 2020. On the WTA side, both finalists are already slam winners. 100% chance of new slam winner for ATP and 100% previous/old winner for WTA. The last time these coincided in a slam...
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    What if the next ballkid (or cameraperson) does not shrug it off?

    We have seen videos of Federer hitting the ballkids hard in the face after the point was over. We have seen the cameraman incident in Cincinnati Open. What happens if they decide to not shrug it off and behave like a normal injured person and sit down for a while? There is a lot of (twisted)...
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    PCB presser

    (Preview screenshot for the youtube video is another attention grabbing crappy trick) Poor guy has to answer questions from idiot 'journalists'. Youtube comments sections are always interesting though. (Some comment mentioned Meryl Streep will be playing the role of the lineswoman in a...
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    Partisan reporting ... leads to the troubled world we live in

    So many articles (and even threads on TTW) say approximately "Djokovic defaulted for hitting the lineswoman in the throat" - what a trashy title!!! You might think he punched her. Why can't you have a proper title? Everyday, we are becoming more and more divided by such obvious attempts at...
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    Laureus awards ...

    Just noticed that Djokovic won every time he was a nominee. Djokovic won 4 Sportsman of the year awards. Same as Bolt. Federer leads with 5 Sportsman of the year awards and 1 Comeback of the year award. Nadal has 1 Sportsman of the year award and 1 Comeback of the year award.
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    Two similar Djokovic crosscourt forehands - one against Nadal, one against Federer

    Two very similar shots (one in SF 2018 and one in F 2019) that ultimately resulted in 2 Wimbledon championships. vs Nadal (Time stamp - 4:55:06) vs Federer (Time stamp - 4:11:44) Look at the scorelines, imagine the pressure. Both had to be very precise and Djokovic was able to get them...
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    What if one of the Big 3 is the lone champ remaining and trying to set a new benchmark like Serena?

    Lets say one of the Big 3 sets the benchmark (20, 21, 24 or whatever the number is) and then 2 of them retire. The lone ATG is now trying to set the new record, but because of age (or other factors), is not able to do it. He starts losing to mugs all around even if he reaches finals/semifinals...
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    Big 3 or Stanimal as a prototype

    There have been several threads about who among the big 3 is being emulated the most by upcoming players. With the physical peak of players being later than what it was during the earlier decades, what if Wawrinka is the prototype? Also, for the low attention span generation, it maybe possible...
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    I think AO is the tournament with the most epic matches for the last 12 years or so

    All the members of the Big 3 and Murray and Wawrinka have had some really great matches here. The Big 3 have epic matches everywhere (even if Nadal had minimal success here, I think he was involved in epic matches like 2017). Djokovic and Federer are AO GOATS. Murray (though he had no wins) had...
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    Schadenfreude ... (why the toxic behavior???)

    Why so much animosity? The Big 3 have been more appreciative of each other than the fanbases ever will be. Every day one of the Big 3 got out, the other 2 fanbases started trouncing the player and it has now come full circle in just 3 days. What happened to common-sense (even if you want to mock...
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    Why is a 2 slam year considered a disappointment?

    I see many Djokovic fans being in melancholy and the Fedal fans are trouncing him. Djokovic won his 2 best slams beating Nadal (who won his 2 best slams in his (lets just say) usual fashion) and Fed (a great championship match at W) along the way. He is catching up to Fed in slams. He got more...
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    Will 2019 end with a new hope for the next gen ...

    In a year that will end (catastrophically, in some cases) Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Avengers main movies, X-men (Fox version) and Star Wars, will the stranglehold by the Big 3 also come to an end? It will be a poignant end to the decade. But, in all seriousness, I think the new gen...
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    Two slam winner not ending up year end number one

    Are we looking at a repeat of 2016? If Nadal wins USO 2019, both will end up with 2 slams - no point in this discussion, either of them being YE #1 is not an oddity. But, can Nadal end up YE #1 if he does NOT win USO 2019?
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    Will there be a Nadal-Federer USO match finally?

    At USO 2019, when the organizers rig the draw (is it really rigging to put potential seeds 2 and 3 in the same half?), will they make it such that Nadal and Fedex clash at the semis? Or will they do their regular draw with Fed and Djokovic slated to meet at the semis? Maybe the new mugs will...
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    Fed fans ... do we think Novak was playing at the level at which he played 2018 Semifinal?

    The final of Wimbledon 2019 was dramatic and emotional (I don't know how many thousands of people were traumatized in both fandoms during the match and how many are still depressed ) - but was Novak's level really his normal level? I think Novak was playing well below AO 19 level or 2018 latter...
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    Will 2019 be like 2012? All the Big 3 winning at their pet slams

    Considering the results of AO and FO, will Federer win at Wimbledon? If so, who will be the perfect winner at USO to punctuate a remarkable year? Can Murray/Stan do it? I don't think Murray is even starting at USO, but I do hope Stan plays well at USO, even if chances are very slim that he can...
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    ATP after the Big 3 will be very similar to WTA

    Today's results (first round of Wimbledon 2019) again prove that once the Big 3/4 retire, ATP will have top players falling left and right starting on day 1 of a slam, which is the case with WTA for quite some time now. The instagram and social media influencer generation is not in the game for...
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    Tennis is a by-product, ads are the product

    Its been like this for some time now (especially for the organizers of mega events) - they are not interested in producing good quality tennis. They are interested in how much ad revenue the event generates. I understand this is not new, but I think it is more severe now. And increasingly, the...
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    Its just Djokovic ... who cares?

    In the current sponsor-led tennis world, if Federer/Nadal had won 3 in a row and was gunning for a historic fourth in a row, Nike and Rolex (and their corporate brethren) would have run massive media and ad campaigns (for months right after the AO win) posing the question 'will he get the fourth...
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    10/10 for the Big 3 ... will Wimbledon be different?

    All the last 10 slams have been won by senior citizens ... when will there be a new winner? Will Wimbledon 2019 surprise us? I still like what the big 3 are doing - I just hope for more competitive matches against younger gen.