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  1. rfprse

    ESPN 3 Cincy Open, No Commentary?

    Really? It's good news. I'd better watch ESPN3 instead of bearing with the noises from horrible commentators.
  2. rfprse

    How does Mardy Fish serve and volley in today's game?

    The key is to keep the returner off-balance. Fish has good enough serve and good enough volley to s&v successfully, as long as his serve is not predictable.
  3. rfprse

    2011 Cincinnati R2: Federer vs. Del Potro

    About tonight's match, IMHO, it seems that Del Po was not up to it.
  4. rfprse

    2011 Cincinnati R2: Federer vs. Del Potro

    Not sure if he recovered from the banana injury.
  5. rfprse

    demo credits towards a new racquet

    Even though I think OP went too far, I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for discount after demo, since one of the competitors of TW actually offer 10 percent off from the purchase of a racquet after demoing from them. And they also charge just the 'shipping cost' for demo.
  6. rfprse

    Stroke improvement earned at wall not translating.

    With a wall, you cannot see the actual result of your strokes: trajectory, spin, speed, whether they are actually in or out, etc. In a sense, it is possible that the shots that you thought you were making were not there even during the wall practice. IMHO, wall practice is not ideal for the...
  7. rfprse

    I love the most random frame - Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 7g

    Thanks for your offer of recommendation in strings and tension. If I decide to buy one, I'll ask you. Yeah, it puzzles me, too. I thought the extra leverage should help, but my shots (especially fh) with 7G don’t seem to have the usual weight and spin. I feel I’d be better off by slowing down...
  8. rfprse

    I love the most random frame - Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 7g

    I don’t know what the string is. There is nothing written on the string, but string itself does not seem worn out too much. Well, it's possible, but I usually don’t have a problem with a racquet with 66 or less in stiffness rating (e.g., Prestige Pro, Pure storm tour, etc.) And PS 6.0 85 I was...
  9. rfprse

    Gamma 340 vs Donnay vs Six.One

    I wish 340 tour had a more open string pattern.
  10. rfprse

    I love the most random frame - Pro Kennex Kinetic Pro 7g

    I've been demoing this racquet. I'll stick with it a few more days, but it's been disappointing so far. Maybe, it is due to the extra length, but I am not sure if it is the case. The general feeling of hitting with this racquet is that it does not seem to bite the ball. I cannot figure out...
  11. rfprse

    forehand video: proper setup leading to bad contact point - why?

    Um... maybe only if you mean by the term as pushing off the right foot. Otherwise, it's more or less refers to a footwork to deal with a wide ball with an open stance as well as to facilitate the recovery. But terminological difference aside, would you expand on your claim? You would not mean...
  12. rfprse

    forehand video: proper setup leading to bad contact point - why?

    As you may know, he doesn't have to use it all the time. Maybe, it would help if you tell us why you think he should have used it in a situation such and such, etc.
  13. rfprse

    Kirschbaum Pro Line II

    I bought this string mainly because of the deal tw offers. However, I was disappointed. Its performance is rather dull. Of course, after a while, it loses tension, it might feel soft. But still dull, overall. I am not sure I would use this as a cross with natural gut main. I'd probably have to...
  14. rfprse

    48÷2(9+3) = ??

    This is the convention I am used to. As long as people can see that there is another convention they are not used to, it's hard to see what the fuss is about. It has nothing to do with even the 'real' order of operation, which many people seems to think what is at stake but a way to save...
  15. rfprse

    Am I the only one?

    I am with you on enjoying much more of practicing and improving shots. Still, we can improve our mental fitness, such as concentration, staying in the present moment, trying our best no matter what the result, etc. through matches. We can still work on these things with drills, but it is easier...
  16. rfprse

    What was the last movie you watched?

    35 shots of rum. It's just so so. A little disappointed.
  17. rfprse

    What was the last movie you watched?

    It's pretty good. I also recommend it.
  18. rfprse

    What was the last movie you watched?

    It is okay. Did you also watch the motorcycle diaries?
  19. rfprse

    Umpire owned by Soderling during handshake.

    About Soderling's frustration about the ruling, I can understand where he was coming from, but still, the umpire got it right. Soderling thought that the ball was going out and just took a half swing at the ball while watching the line. The line judge bought it and called it out after Soderling...
  20. rfprse

    Brad Gilbert talking about his views on Federer

    He should be a proud, straightforward nadalette like J Mac, instead of taking a shot at someone as soon as that person shows some weakness.
  21. rfprse

    5'6 height ...

    Did I say that it is not the case? Read the post again. The basic assumption is that other things are equal, i.e., ceteris paribus. Oh, why bother...
  22. rfprse

    What was the last movie you watched?

    A Prophet. It was OK.
  23. rfprse

    5'6 height ...

    Height does not matter? It does. With the same decent kicker, one's height makes the difference between its kicking up to the head of the opponent and to the high chest. The same lob from the opponent can be a winner for him or for you depending on your height. The same passing shot from your...
  24. rfprse

    Why won't the Umpire do anything about Roddick's...

    Yeah, but using the same common sense, we all know to whom or to what action was that f-word directed. Anyway, I just wanted to point out that he did use profanity loud enough to be penalized.
  25. rfprse

    Why won't the Umpire do anything about Roddick's...

    Typical behavior of Roddick. About profanity, not directly to the lines person but didn't he used f-word after the second serve? The umpire could have done something there. Anyway, just a stupid thing for Roddick to get worked up. It seems that his left foot quite often moved forward to the...
  26. rfprse

    McEnroe brothers annoying together

    Probably as a commentator, considering the context?
  27. rfprse

    McEnroe brothers annoying together

    Actually, they were much better than I expected. McEnroes with Cahill seems to be the best combination available for ESPN's US Open broadcast this year.
  28. rfprse

    Did PMac really say that?

    It must have really bothered Fowler since he's such a Nadalette. Of course he couldn't have confronted J Mac, yet. .... Unlike other tennis analysts, J Mac is no pushover.
  29. rfprse

    Nadal vs Gabashvili

    Gabashivili never seemed to believe he could actually win. Nice, sort of tough but good practice for Nadal.