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  1. djkahn86

    weighting up Clash 100 to same specs as Clash Tour 100

    So I own a clash and recently purchased a clash tour. loving it and would like to weight up the clash to the same specs. any suggestions and anyone try this??
  2. djkahn86

    Headed Nationals.... needs some travel tips

    Headed to Nationals this year in Vegas and I am looking for any travel tips. -How to pack my gear carry on vs checked bags. hotels practice courts etc...... Thanks for any advice you can give a newbie.
  3. djkahn86

    Usta - let call scenario- assist

    Played a match today and have a question in regards to calling a let. Opponent serves, we return ball back and they hit a lob. Lob gets taken by the wind and it sits in the air pushing it back and the ball lands on their side of a net, not making over to our side. Right before the ball lands...
  4. djkahn86

    NEW Pure Strike VS...... Hmmmm.. And then the 18x20 still needs to come out
  5. djkahn86

    First time to usta districts this weekend... Any advice.

    I am the captain of my team and it's my first year playing and thus first time to districts. Looks like 3 matches to be played over the weekend. 1 Saturday and 2 Sunday. Any advice from some seasoned veterans? What to bring How to play guys considering 3 matches in 2 days. How much to...
  6. djkahn86

    Does Raonic have gut on the crosses in Toronto?

    Watching tennis channel... Looks like gut on crosses instead of usual M2?
  7. djkahn86

    What are Bryan brothers hitting with in del ray tonight?

    Did they finally make a switch from their tour 95. Looks like some sort of gold hybrid?
  8. djkahn86

    Pure aero + stringing question??

    About to string up this racket for the first time and I was reading in the stringers digest that when you do 2 piece stringing you should use a starting knot. I have never needed to use a starting knot when I'm doing two piece stringing so I'm a little confused by this. Does anyone else have...
  9. djkahn86

    RF97 -- string tensions and why??

    I have been tinkering with my strings for months on this stick..still have not decided on the proper tension... been using polys and trying to keep them strung low but i lose control b/c the stick brings alot of plow thru... have tried gut main/poly crosses but felt like i was not getting...
  10. djkahn86

    Solinco Hyper-G... who has tried??

    Its finally for sale... been excited to try it... anyone get their hands on it yet??
  11. djkahn86

    Tennis Tower... fuse blowing

    anyone have the fuse keep blowing on their machine... its seems to be related to the lower wheel... i think the solenoid that spins it is overheating.... it feels much warmer than the upper noid...also it sputters and then pops the fuse... cant call customer service till tomorrow.... any...
  12. djkahn86

    Lat Dorsi injury?? anyone ever had one

    thought I tweaked my lat a month ago...on a serve...hurt only with serves and last second of my forehand. rested it ..played...etc... vicious cycle. then i could barely serve and and a few days later noticed bruising along the rib cage in 2 spots... shut it down now for 2 weeks.. doing...
  13. djkahn86

    Does Stenciling your strings reduce snap-back

    Just got a new poly string job and stenciled I am wondering if I just increased the coefficient of friction thereby making it more difficult for the strings to snap-back. Did I just screw myself.. a little... or am I over-thinking it?:shock:
  14. djkahn86

    Questions about adding lead to 98S to make like RF97/yonex tour HG

    Currently swinging a RF 97 and Yonex Tour HG... I just got in some lead and i want to add it to my 98S. I love the plowthru of the above 2 stix and I want to try and help the 98S with some added weight. Any suggestions that would get it closer to the above. leather grip? silicone in...