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  1. fedfan08

    Since 2003 the “big 3” have won 85% of the slams

    57 of the 67 slams played from 2003 to today were won by one of the big 3. Does that indicate a big problem with the sport? Roy Emerson held the all time grand slam title count record for 30 years when Pete Sampras broke it. It took only 7 years for Sampras’s record 14 slams to be broken and...
  2. fedfan08

    Federer wants ATP and WTA to merge into one governing body
  3. fedfan08

    Did Federer get his RF logo back?

    His daughters were wearing RF hats during his match today. I don’t see Nike logos anywhere. I wonder if he finally got the RF logo back?
  4. fedfan08

    Do all the slams use the same criteria to determine unforced errors?

    I’ve often wondered if the slams use the same criteria or statisticians to determine unforced errors. It seems like one of the few statistics in tennis that is truly subjective but it gets a lot of attention on TV. I winder if some day the sport will be able to use AI to determine UE.
  5. fedfan08

    Joao Souza gets life ban for match-fixing

    Good he should be banned.
  6. fedfan08

    Federer says the courts are slow

    Advantage Djokovic and Nadal. And yet there are still people who think Craig Tiley is in the pocket of Federer. :rolleyes:
  7. fedfan08

    Zverev just signaled he knows he’s not winning AO

    No way he makes this pledge if he really thought he would win the AO.
  8. fedfan08

    Darren Cahill says balls are “fluffing up” because of how much sand they put in the paint

    Plus it’s not going to be super warm and there will be more haze than sun so that will make the courts play slower, especially if it’s at all humid. Just what the tour needs. Another slow court. :rolleyes:
  9. fedfan08

    ESPN delaying AO coverage to show college wrestling

    My guide says AO coverage starts at 6pm central on ESPN2. But they’re showing college wrestling right now. I’ve never seen them do this before. Ridiculous.
  10. fedfan08

    What’s the forecast for next week in Melbourne?

    Are they predicting the air quality will get better. Sure some of the courts have roofs but they won’t use them if there are matches being played on other courts. Or is it possible they’ll try and schedule all the R1 matches on the courts with roofs? I wonder if they‘ll play differently with...
  11. fedfan08

    Federer & Nadal donate $125K each to Australian brushfires

    Apparently the charity event last night raised almost $5M. Federer and Nadal each donated $125K. Nice!
  12. fedfan08

    Where is Uniqlo selling this gear?

    I want it. Do they sell it in the US?
  13. fedfan08

    Federer set to become a billionaire in 2020...only 4th sportsman to do so

    I don’t know if it will happen in 2020 but it will happen. Corporations love him and who knows where this On running shoe investment/partnership will go. I still think back to 2004 when Fed didn’t have an agent and the press was questioning his lack of it and sponsorship deals. Leaving IMG with...
  14. fedfan08

    Highest paid athletes of the decade: Federer #5

    1. Mayweather: $915M 2. Ronaldo: $800M 3. Messi: $750M 4. LeBron: $680M 5. Federer: $640M
  15. fedfan08

    If Nadal and/or Djokovic break Federer’s GS record does the record become meaningless?

    I’m sure not many thought Sampras’s record would get broken (or at least not so soon after he retired). IF Nadal breaks Federer’s record while Federer is still playing and then Djokovic does the same soon after does it become meaningless? If one guy dominates like this you can argue he’s just a...
  16. fedfan08

    Federer buys stake in Swiss shoe company On

    First shoe developed with Federer will launch in 2020. Now we have a bit of a feel for what he will be doing post tennis career. Anyone wear these shoes? I‘m not a runner so they’re not for me.
  17. fedfan08

    Over 40,000 tickets sold for Federer/Zverev match in Mexico

    And this was the scene in Argentina: And Chile: But let all the Fed fans complain about how he shouldn’t be doing exhos and instead should be resting up for ATP Cup because of ranking points or whatever. :rolleyes:
  18. fedfan08

    Women’s tennis is more exciting than men’s tennis now

    Four different slam winners this year. Two of them beating Serena Williams in finals. New faces like Bianca Andreescu, Coco Gauff, Taylor Townsend. Going into a slam not sure who will win. It’s exciting. On the men’s side you had two of the Big Three winning all 4 slams this year. Last time...
  19. fedfan08

    ESPN gives Kyrgios way too much attention

    Showing a Kyrgios doubles match over any number of singles matches is ridiculous. Why are they obsessed with this punk?
  20. fedfan08

    Why didn’t they schedule another women’s match on Ashe considering the weather?

    No play on any outside courts today but Djokovic got time to practice inside Ashe. How ridiculous. There easily was time to get a women’s match in before the night session. I’m sure it has something to do with tickets and money but shouldn’t they be trying to complete as many matches as possible...
  21. fedfan08

    Fed’s dad and agent wearing Nike hats today

  22. fedfan08

    Martina Navratilova says Wimbledon is “very slow”

    Maybe it’s not intentional but the organizers should do whatever they can to keep Wimbledon fast. We already have two slow slams (and I would argue AO is medium not fast) we don’t need a third.
  23. fedfan08

    ESPN commentators showing their bias

    Now we know they all wanted a Djokovic/Nadal final without Nadal possibly having to face Federer. Even if grass doesn’t play that much different than other surfaces these days I don’t remember any of them complaining when Djokovic was seeded higher than his rank. Now all of a sudden it’s a...
  24. fedfan08

    What happened to the weak era arguments by former pros?

    I seem to remember when Federer was dominating (before the Big 3 became a thing) former pros would frequently throw out the "weak era" argument, insinuating that Federer was so successful because of a lack of competition. These former pros would also comment on the lack of surface diversity -...
  25. fedfan08

    Not a fan of Tennis Channel’s RG coverage

    Does anyone else think Tennis Channel’s coverage of RG sucks? For the most part they stick to one court and only show another court at the end of a match when the players are at the net shaking hands. Right now a young American male is playing but TC is showing us two Frenchmen instead....all...
  26. fedfan08

    Nike released limited edition shoes to celebrate Fed's record for most weeks at #1

    Nike Zoom Vapor RF 287 Posted on July 15, 2012 Available: July 16, 2012 Roger Federer is a tennis legend. When he captured his 7th Wimbledon title on Sunday, July 8 he did what legends tend to do: break records. On July 16, Roger Federer will become the top ranked tennis player in...