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  1. Searah

    How to stop children using wta forehand

    Hello, in this area. There is a child who does a WTA forehand. and by WTA forehand.. it's not just facing the backfence but facing the next fence if you were to keep taking it back. i assume that is WTA. any fun drills or ways to sink it into his head not to do that? he is about 8 years...
  2. Searah

    Coaches. forehand is, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen

    some children have bit of a flailing arm. for the forehand. it's inconsistent. it's unattractive, i would also say it's wrong. one hit is lob. other is good. one hit has gone to the other court. the other is over the fence. it's lifeless. how does one fix this in a child. is there a drill...
  3. Searah

    How would you coach someone who has bad feet/legs?

    So me was coaching mainly young girls/teenagers/children back in Queensland. But since moving my new place of workplace. It's near like a "rehab" place.. or for the injured recoveries.. and they have like a partnership with the tennis club? anyway.. i am teaching a lot of people with...
  4. Searah

    do you always eat?

    sometimes.. say like in morning.. you have a match but you're not hungry in morning. like you could maybe wake up earlier which results in less then required sleep.. to ensure you force eat and digest in time. or get enough sleep then force eat but maybe end up going to tennis feeling...
  5. Searah

    Do rackets need de-frosting?

    some times.. your racket feels like the most powerful of trampolines.. and other times it's as if there is no power at all from the racket. it's almost as if overnight.. the racket is swapped! i've warmed up my body.. no matter how much i hit the ball it has no power anymore. at end of day...
  6. Searah

    Why is the RF97 so cheap?

    "because nobody is strong enough to use it" is that the only reason? or because other rackets offer somewhat more at a much more comfy stiffness/weight. it's so cheap now in australia ($160) previously a $300? racket.
  7. Searah

    Does anyone use "protective gear" when playing?

    my net game has always been weak and i think it's because i am scared of getting hit. having taken balls to the mouth and eyes before. it has left me scared in future matches. but i never see anyone else wearing say protective goggles? or a mouthguard. as long as your mouth is closed.. i don't...
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    Stroke style. short - medium - full?

    hello :) so i was window shopping rackets/checking reviews. does following the "reccomended stroke style" really matter to you? most the rackets i use are "full strokes" but my racket takeback is actually considered short. curious if i should actually be shopping rackets ideal for my strokes...
  9. Searah

    How to pass a volley/frying pan?

    hello :) so i lack power as it is.. but i feel on short balls i should be winning. one of my regular hitting partners who i play against in doubles.. volleys strange.. people would call it bad technique but she holds the racket like a frying pan.. so the strings are always facing me if she was...
  10. Searah

    what is the science behind this? bigger grip = more topspin.

    hello :) so i've noticed i get more topspin.. and i can get a more loopy topspin also with a bigger grip. i still use the same grip as far as i can tell tho? the racket flat on ground and pick up. so why is it i get a more loopy forehand when i have a fatter/bigger grip.
  11. Searah

    What is a girls role in mixed doubles?

    is it just to survive? first set. it's just all out power game.. footwork.. communicating.. "yes all my months of practicing ground strokes is going into effect!.. and we lost 2-6. next set.. depressed but still trying.. and we lost 1-6. ok final set.. just lob. drop shot. lob. drop shot. and...
  12. Searah

    Do you kill the net player if you get a short ball? doubles.

    for me, it is "out of character" i feel like if i do it then people will think "i'm angry or trying to hard" or i feel like it'll create tension. especially if i am to spend the rest of the day/night with them. to me it'll feel like i declared war. "aim at the player if they do it to you?"...
  13. Searah

    Viktorija Golubic the next henin?

    title bait but first time watching her currently vs shuai zhang and she has so much variety with her shots. also the one handed backhand! why is she not more popular?
  14. Searah

    Can dumb people learn stringing?

    like people with bad memory? i want to learn stringing.. but easily get overwhelmed from instructions/numbers/ anything confusing. basically i should stay clear of robots but stringing seems pretty neat. so from stringers first experience.. is the robot machines confusing? overwhelming? did...
  15. Searah

    2 things/question. trouble winning and beating serena williams

    Hello :) i won more games when i felt my strokes needed improvement. now that i am getting into a place where i feel like i just need small adjustments.. i am constantly losing. i feel like "no matter how good my shots are.. my opponents will already know these particular strokes/hitting style...
  16. Searah

    I'm scared of the net at the start - doubles.

    title above. i'll be standing at the net.. finding myself to creep to the middle to poach but i never go for any.. i'll decide to guard the side but end up letting shots pass me. everything is just so fast at the start when everyone is full of energy. towards the end of the night/day i can...
  17. Searah

    Some rules i am a bit fuzzy on

    - i know a ball can hit the net Post and land in the court. but what if it hits the net post but it was under the net? so ball goes from my side of court. under the net.. hits net post.. goes into their court.. (everything else e.g scoreboard/umpire chair.. does not count.) - doubles. once...
  18. Searah

    Confused on my one hand backhand grip

    for starters i am using this website as a reference. edit - i am using a one-handed backhand. just to be clear. as i confused some. which judging by this.. i am using a western grip. i was under the impression i have been using eastern...
  19. Searah

    Fused Graphite yoke dampening system?

    hello :) i've been playing with many rackets lately and always come back to my "fused graphite" racket.. which is a Babolat Contact Tour. barely any information on this racket but it is 270g. i've tried other rackets in similar weight range.. like the pure drive lite - hyper hammer -...
  20. Searah

    Do you need to sweat to play at your best?

    hello :) do you need to be sweaty to generally play at your best? i imagine being sweaty also is your body being the most "loose/relaxed".
  21. Searah

    Why is no asians gear listed in the wta section?

    sorry i don't know where to ask.. but in the pro gallery where you can view gears (rackets/strings ect) and such. why is players like Qiang Wang - Shuai Zhang - Chan sisters - Sai Sai Zheng - Hsieh not listed? Naomi Osaka is listed.. but she is japanese. does china/taiwan players not have a...
  22. Searah

    Few questions

    hello :) also everything is strictly for doubles/mix. 1. what to do if i can't hold serve. i read on the forums that holding serve is also about your net player but i don't think my net player is doing anything wrong.. especially when the opponent blasts a shot at them. also adding on to what...
  23. Searah

    Shuai Zhang racket?

    hello :) the girl who does doubles with stosur! it looks like a RF97 tuxedo.. but surely that racket would be two heavy?
  24. Searah

    Kick Serve FAQ

    i assume FAQ means answers/questions. 1. Does a racket weight have a role in a kick serve? 2. what is causing the ball to suddenly bounce away? 3. i can get a high loop/minor kick.. but it's super slow.. why? 4. where does the power come from when kick serving? i was told it was from the...
  25. Searah

    2 questions! doubles/yawning.

    1. How to cover a weaker teammate.. i've tried playing aggresive at the net.. but my poaching isn't good enough.. and they just keep avoiding me. i'll try stand at baseline and pinch any shots i can that are given to my teammate.. then rush the net if i did a good shot. but it's sort of 50/50...
  26. Searah

    Hsieh - anyone know her racket/string?

    hello :) for her unique style.. i feel she would need really good control! i think she is unsponsored? so what you see is most likely what her setup is and not hidden by paint jobs.
  27. Searah

    Canker Sores from tennis

    hello :) so i have a re-occuring issue with canker sores. i've been trying to adjust what i eat/drink to find the cause.. but i heard that it could actually be like "stress" like physical stress. obviously i won't stop playing tennis but does anyone who might have canker sores have found...
  28. Searah

    Understanding string stats?

    Hello :) so some reviews of strings will have stats.. like say 100 power - 90 spin - 50 comfort. when other strings like rpm blast will have 50 power - 97 spin - eh 60 comfort. so say i was using a 100 power string.. and it kept sailing long.. would i want say a 60 power string instead? or if...
  29. Searah

    My dropshot volley turns into a super short lob

    hello :) so it works but also doesn't work.. i'll have a ball coming at me and like in the video below.. (assuming it links correctly) i do a dropshot angle thing volley and it somewhat works! but the problem is the ball is always going super high! even if it is landing short where it is...
  30. Searah

    Trouble volleying when people aim near me

    hello :) so i am having trouble at the net.. when people target me or super close to me. like a bullet shot! my hands get all jumbled up and i can't get my racket onto it. like eh i have to guess which side it will come on. when my partner serves.. (doubles) the returner will just aim...