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  1. Tennis_baller

    Did i get ripped off???

    I use the prince tt rebel, and nobody sells it anymore. So i had to buy one off off e b a y. It looks exactly like a brand new one, and it has all the marks and stuff, the grip is even wrapped in plastic, but when i starter to string it, i noticed that the holes were all messed up. They weren't...
  2. Tennis_baller

    How High Can You Jump?

    i'm 5'3.5" and can touch backboard
  3. Tennis_baller

    fat burning/weight loss question

    well the weird thing is. when i don't run or exercise, i stay the same.. i don't really gain weight or fat. another weird thing... i'm pretty athletic, as in i'm fast, quick, coordinated, strong, just not skinny
  4. Tennis_baller

    fat burning/weight loss question

    I decided i'd ask this now since everyone else is doing it. but anyway, here's my story. first off i'm 15 years old, 5'4". i used to be fat, really fat. but then i improved my diet, became more active, and all that stuff and lost some weight. now i weigh 140 pounds and still have some fat on...
  5. Tennis_baller

    Sports stereotypes

    isn't there only one african american in NASCAR?
  6. Tennis_baller

    Am i gona grow taller?!

    I have it worse.. I'm 15 and a half, 5"3 1/2', my mom's 5"0' and my dad is 5"5'
  7. Tennis_baller

    Do pros know how to volley these days?

    yeah... they know how to volley
  8. Tennis_baller

    great books that you've read

    A Seperate Peace
  9. Tennis_baller

    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

    some of the hole thingy's are all stretched out and i can't get them off. that and the bumper gaurd is all tore up on the sides making it harder to pry it out help me
  10. Tennis_baller

    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

  11. Tennis_baller

    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

    tell me how
  12. Tennis_baller

    How do u afford it?

    whoa, thats exactly what i've been doing all except join a club and gut strings. but i do all the other stuff and i just turned 15. i have a 13 year old brother too... now that i read it it sounds a bit extreme to keep on til im old
  13. Tennis_baller

    Career underachievers

    he could and should have more... so he underachieved
  14. Tennis_baller

    Career underachievers

    marat safin
  15. Tennis_baller

    roddick and sharapova: tennis' next hot couple?

    who was tennis' first hot couple?
  16. Tennis_baller

    Donald Young

    the itf juniors is a league
  17. Tennis_baller

    Donald Young

    kalamazoo is a junior tournament. and so are all the other tournaments he's playing now. hes raenked number 5 in the world in juniors so he has to be playing in them
  18. Tennis_baller

    Whats your wallpaper right now??

    someone's already posted a thread like this
  19. Tennis_baller


    thats what i was thinking. maybe get a good state ranking in the state 10s. and play southern tournaments by the time he's 12 or something like that. maybe nationals later. in other words... beter than me
  20. Tennis_baller


    i want him to win
  21. Tennis_baller

    What about Kevin Kim?

    thanks for the spoiler
  22. Tennis_baller


    My brother's 5 years old and has taken six 30 minutes lessons over about 3 months and thats it. potential?
  23. Tennis_baller

    Breaking strings...

    what kind of stings do you use, or do you just stink? when i was 14 like you and playing only 5 years i usually broke them every 2 weeks. btw that was a year ago
  24. Tennis_baller

    Why don't the Bryan Bros. play singles?

    so if they can't get in the top 400 in singles, are they still 7.0 ntrp?
  25. Tennis_baller

    Safin . . .

    give me a link to his myspace
  26. Tennis_baller

    Wierd, Clever or Unorthodox shots?

    i know a dude that plays right handed but hits his serves left handed
  27. Tennis_baller

    favorite surface to watch on tv

    i like the summer hardcourt season... it brings out the americans
  28. Tennis_baller


    Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words. they're quite the jokesters
  29. Tennis_baller

    Analyze my stroke

    you lean back on your forehand... don't
  30. Tennis_baller

    HAHHA!! Good old censoring.

    you used to not be able to say it, like last year. i remember cuz thats when i learned the spelling of it, lol