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  1. GroundMaster

    Any thoughts on PK Core 1 No. 6 and Heritage Type C

    I'm thinking of demoing these two racquets and would appreciate any thoughts about it. I'm about a 4.0 all-court player who likes to stay at the baseline and play with a long, fast and loopy forehand and 1HBH. However due to injuries, I'm not as agile around the court as I would like to be and...
  2. GroundMaster

    How do Flex Ratings work?

    I read about flex ratings for racquets everywhere, but like racquet head sizes where they are categorized by the area of the stringbed, I'm wondering how numbers for flex are categorized? Metal rod: XX and above Stiff: XX to XX Flexible: XX to XX Noodle: XX and below Appreciate your...
  3. GroundMaster

    Recommendations for Soft-feel aramids

    I used to string with Gamma TNT Extreme Spin 19 but the local agent is not bringing this in anymore. Can anyone recommend another 19 gauge aramid for both mains and crosses that has a similar feel to the Gamma strings?