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  1. bluescreen

    What is going on on Stakhovsky's twitter?

    I noticed some commotion going on with Stakhovsky on Twitter. His page is filled with people bashing him about something related to women, probably women tennis players. From what I can make out it seems he made a tweet about women tennis players (prize money?) and it got published by the...
  2. bluescreen

    Ever seen the result of a match in a dream?

    Have you ever seen the result of a pro tennis match in your dream before it happened? And better yet, has it come true? I had such a dream a few nights ago. In my dream, Roger Federer loses to Ernests Gulbis in the 3rd round of this year's French Open. In my dream I also remember...
  3. bluescreen

    Federer record vs. top 10

    Hi guys, I'm performing a statistical analysis of Roger Federer's performance from this year compared to what I consider to be his best year, 2006. One piece of data I'm really interested in is his record vs. the top 10 for each of these years. gives me the data for this...
  4. bluescreen

    Blake playing Tallahassee Challenger

    The writing is on the wall here. Maybe he's just stubborn, but what is Blake expecting from his tennis in the coming months? I'm a fan of Blake, but really, when it gets to this point I'd rather him go out with memories of his fiery '06 days firmly intact.
  5. bluescreen

    wilson racquets going dead?

    ive been playing with my n6.1 95's for about four years now and recently one of my friends told me his wilsons usually go dead after about four years. i played with one of his old tour 90s and it felt like spaghetti. i havent really noticed any significant change in my n6.1s, but thats...
  6. bluescreen

    ashe court at night

    ive always attended the day session at the open and was just curious how they get all the people from the day session out of ashe for the night session. do they usually sift through the stands checking tickets before the session or starts or what? im asking cuz im curious if i can just...
  7. bluescreen

    going to us open qualies

    ive gone to the us open the past five years, but have never gone to the qualifying rounds. since i have an extra week off before college starts up again i figured i'd go to the qualifying for a day since its free. my question is when do the gates open? im used to the gates opening at 10 for...
  8. bluescreen

    video of 12 year old nadal hitting

    dont know if this has been posted before, but it was only put on youtube a month ago. some clips of nadal playing a tournament at 12 years old followed by an interview.
  9. bluescreen

    polyfibre tcs - woah

    tried this string out yesterday in a hybrid with gosen og sheep micro in the crosses (strung at 56 lb. for the tcs (1.20 mm), 54 for the gosen). all i can say is "wow." polyfibre suggests stringing 2 to 4 pounds higher than a normal poly and i can see why. it feels more like a synthetic...
  10. bluescreen

    length of string in klippermate guide

    im stringing a racquet for a friend and my klippermate stringing guide says i'll need 21 feet of string for the mains. my question is does that 21' include extra lenght to tie the knots at the end? in other words, if i have exactly 21' feet of string for the mains, will i be able to string the...
  11. bluescreen

    hybrid in oversize frame

    hey guys. tonight a friend gave me his liquid metal radical OS to string up for him. he wants me to string up with a hybrid, and since i have some extra half sets laying around, i decided to just charge him for the string. but here's my dilemma. since the racquet is oversize, my...
  12. bluescreen

    left over hybrid string

    this might have been discussed before, but i cant find it. anyway, im planning on doing a gosen og sheep micro-big ace hybrid. i have a full set of each. im simply going to cut each set in half since im doing a hybrid. my question concerns the left over half sets. i want to save the other...
  13. bluescreen

    what happened with the estoril final?

    i dont wanna spoil the match for anybody, but for those of u that have been watching the live scores does anybody know what happened? i didnt expect such an abrupt finish to what seemed like a great final.
  14. bluescreen

    change 4 3/4 (yes, 3/4) grip to 4 3/8

    on **** i accidently bought an n6.1 with a 3/4 grip, mistaking it for a 3/8 grip. anybody have ideas on how i can change the grip to 3/8 or at least 1/2? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. bluescreen

    what to bring to US Open

    i have a couple questions about things im bringing to the open tomorrow. usually i go with a group on a bus, but this year im taking a train and was planning on taking my iPod along. will they allow these onto the grounds? and my mom wants to bring a small fanny pack to hold miscelaneous...
  16. bluescreen

    beware the fearhand

    just when u think brad gilbert cant get any worse. in his recent interview on espn, not only does he predict nadal to win, but he kept calling him ralph and referred to his forehand as a "fearhand." just more evidence that brad does not belong in front of a camera.
  17. bluescreen

    need a string like pro hurricane tour, but w/ more comfort

    i used to use a full job of pro hurricane in my n6.1 95 16x18 until it tore my elbow to shreads. i started using a full job of pro hurricane tour at 54 lbs. about a month ago and i love it. i think it plays better than the regular pro hurricane. the problem is, i have this feeling it might...
  18. bluescreen

    looking for a new racquet

    im currently using an nsix-one 95 16x18, before that an n5. i love the extra power and touch of the n6.1 when im chasing down shots or need that perfect lob or passing shot, but when i go on the offensive and start hitting harder, i find that i hit out w/ the n6.1 much more often than the n5...
  19. bluescreen

    what a weird asian nsix-one

    i just got in an asian nsix-one 95 today. i thought the weight would be the only difference from the regular 1, but, man, was i wrong. i first noticed the the grip seemed longer than my other n6.1, so when i compared them, this asian 1 was longer, probably around 27.25 in. or so, even when...
  20. bluescreen

    im not sure about this 1

    http://cgi.e***.com/ws/****ISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7245704866 i find it strange that the racquet has a leather grip, unlike other n6.1 95's. i questioned him about it asking if he may have mistaken it for an n6.1 tour 90, but he said the racquet says 95. i also find it weird that it comes...
  21. bluescreen

    tennis elbow from nsix-one

    i started using an nsix-one in early winter and absolutely loved it. it seemed like the perfect racquet. but in the beginning of my hs season about 2 months ago, i started getting slight pain in my elbow and wrist. about 3 weeks ago i find out i have tennis elbow. after that, my elbow got...