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    2021 US Open Tickets

    Does anyone know if the USTA is planning to release any individual tickets for this year's Open via their direct sale partner TicketMaster? Currently, promised tickets are only available via the 3rd party sites (StubHub, Vivid Seats, etc.). On those sites, the markup on just grounds passes...
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    Recovery Boots?

    There was only one thread sort of about this topic but it was only focused on one brand -- Normatec. The market has since expanded to a number of different options but I wanted to see if anyone has an experience. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with using recovery boots? The usage...
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    Android Music App?

    Any recommendations for an Android music app capable of skipping between tracks on a continuous mix album? I used to have an iPod Touch and the iTunes music app is capable of "seeing" distinct transitions between songs which allowed me to move between songs, but I'm having a difficult time...
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    2019 Roland Garros Men's Doubles Semis -- I'm not sure how common this is...

    All four teams are comprised of partners from the same country -- Colombia, France, Germany, Argentina. It seems to be a rarity on tour in general but was there a lot of same/same partnerships across the board this year because it's the year before the Olympic Games? PS--I don't expect this...
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    Swing weight/Swingweight Jig

    Has anyone built a reliable jig for measuring racquet swingweight? I downloaded the Swing Tool app a while ago and have tried to use it with makeshift racquet supports (weighted-down pencils at the edge of table) but I'm not having the best success with getting consistent readings. The...
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    Great interaction/transaction with PhotonicFizzer9

    Great communication and quick payment! Would definitely sell to again!
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    Great transaction with Tiger tennis

    Great communication and quick payment! Would definitely sell to again!
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    Gut/Poly Hybrid Spin Potential Data

    Can someone please point me to the data that quantifies gut/poly hybrids as providing the greatest inherent spin potential when it comes to hybrid setups? Any links, studies, previous threads, books? I've seen many posts that say gut mains/poly crosses provides the greatest spin potential but...
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    The tale of Kafelnikov and the HOF

    This is the first I'm hearing of it and maybe some of you knew this beforehand but just published what I see as the real reason why Kafelnikov will never be inducted in the HOF. I've personally praised his on-court accomplishments despite his money-chasing ways. He wasn't much liked...
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    Fognini to Nike (shoes)

    Looks like he's wearing a pair of white Cage 3s in his match against Zeballos. They could be the light gray but it's difficult to tell on my computer screen.
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    Awesome Seller!!: john whilesmith

    He was selling a pair of size 9 Yonex Eclipsion shoes. Communication was great and the entire transaction was completed in less than a week from initial email to my receipt of the shoes.
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    ACC Tennis Tournament Moving....

    I didn't see a thread about this yet so forgive me if it's already been created. With the NCAA and ACC pulling all championships out of N.C., does anyone have any insight as to where the tennis tournament could be headed? What other public venues outside of North Carolina have the facilities...
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    MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction/Disorder)

    Recently, I've been diagnosed with meibomian gland disorder. For those not familiar with it, in a nutshell, MGD is when the glands responsible for releasing oils/lipids onto the surface on the eye do not function properly. In almost all cases, the amount of oils released is insufficient which...
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    Real Estate Investing

    I've recently decided that I'd like to get more into real estate investment. About a year ago, I rented out the first home I ever bought in Atlanta due to a work transfer out of state. The property is managed through a 3rd party service I pay fee to so I don't have any direct involvement with...
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    Tablet As Laptop Replacement (Sort Of)

    Does anyone have any experience with using a tablet as a lightweight, in terms of capability, laptop replacement? What I need is a robust word processing and spreadsheet capabilities for business?
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    This is ridiculous...

    So Marcelo Rios is requesting a doping investigation of the 1998 AO final he played against Korda. Wow...:shock:
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    Sampras racquet in the IPTL

    Anyone know what stick (paintjob) Sampras is using these days? It's glossy black with what appears to be silver highlights but no other distinguishing features. Not a Wilson Blade for sure.
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    Lleyton Hewitt--New Racquet??

    Has Lleyton Hewitt switched to the Ai 98? There's a photo on the US Open site that shows him holding what appears to be an Ai racquet.
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    Adizero CC Feather 3?

    I recently picked up a pair of the Adizero CC Feather 2's and I really like the feel of the shoe. It's light and relatively stable under fire. It is a little roomie in the toebox but nothing a second pair of thin socks didn't solve, but with these being discontinued I was wondering if anyone...
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    Tecnifibre Concern...

    Can anyone offer any insight on the Tecnifibre tolerance consistency? I'm at the point now that I've narrowed my search to the Tecnifibre 320 TP and the Yonex EZone Xi 98 as my full-time replacements for my long dead Fischers. I'm familiar with Yonex and their QC with regard to tolerance and...
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    Harmon in at GT

    So Rodney Harmon is in as the new women's coach at Georgia Tech. It's going to be interesting to see if he's as engaging with his players and fan base as Bryan Shelton was.
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    Daniel Koellerer Banned For Life...

    Just saw this short articles from ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Koellerer banned for life for match fixing Ticker -...
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    Awesome Transaction with highgeer!

    Wilson BLX Blade 98... The price was right and we swapped emails to work out the details. He was responsive and even provided his cell number should I have any questions. Racquet arrived as discussed and is in "like new" condition minus a scuff on the bumper guard. Great deal and I'll...
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    Fraudulent Transactions Help??

    Hey Folks, I'm posting here to get some ideas of how to handle this situation. Last week, I discovered that someone has gotten into one of my bank accounts. Someone has managed to hijack my debit card number and use it for a ton of transactions to the tune of approximately $1700. I've got...
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    Bo Seal

    I know this is essentially a non-event but I was wondering if anyone knows what's going on with Bo Seal after his suspension from the UGA tennis team. Is he still at Georgia as a regular student or did he transfer to another program?
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    AO Friday Schedule = AWESOME!!!

    Just thought that there probably hasn't be as great a lineup of Friday (Thursday night for us in the U.S.) singles matches so early on in the A.O. in recent memory. Wozniacki v. Cibulkova Henin v. Kuznetsova Malisse v. Federer Wawrinka v. Monfils Williams v. Petkovic Troicki v. Djokovic...
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    Recovery Begins...

    So I tore my right Achilles tendon (complete and clean according to surgeon) on Saturday, Oct. 16 2010 and had surgery to repair it on Thursday, October 21st. I'm now in day 3 of recovery and I'm staying highly optimisitic. The pain was worst in the first 24 hours but as of this post I haven't...
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    Can't Reply??

    Hi TW, Just wondering if there have been any other users reportin the ability to reply to posts? As of several weeks ago, I can start a thread but cannot post replies to existing threads.
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    guedoguedo = great transaction!

    I bought a Youtek Prestige Pro from him. Racquet was as described and worth the price. Communication was easy and responsive and delivery was pretty quick. Great transaction overall.
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    Great deal with kspham

    Purchased a Babolat PDR GT. Communication was great and shipping was exceptionally quick. Awesome deal! Thanks again!