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  1. tonysk83

    F/S Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0, CHEAP CHEAP!

    Hey guys, My dad used this racquet a few years ago, but he switched to a less demanding racquet now that he is getting older, so he wants me to sell this. I hit with the racquet recently, and it is very nice. Recently strung with a prince multi at 62 lbs. Head size is 95in. Grip size is 4...
  2. tonysk83

    F/S Yonex RDX 500 MP, very cheap, hard to find!!!!!

    Hey guys, I recently switched the the RDX 500 mid, so this has basically been sitting in my bag for like a month. I would say the condition is 6.5/7 out of 10. It does have a lot of scratches and some paint chips, but none of them affect the structural integrity of the racquet. Racquet is...
  3. tonysk83

    String a full set of Syn Gut, with different main and cross tensions?

    Has anyone done this, more specifically with syn gut? I typically string at 60-62 lbs, but I was thinking about trying something like mains at 62lbs and crosses at 54lbs. It seems like it would give it the same great spin potential I love at 60-62lbs, but would soften the string bed up a little...
  4. tonysk83

    WANTED: Yonex RDX 500 Mid or MP

    Want to buy either an RDX 500 mid or MP. Gripsize needs to be 4 3/8. Condition really doesn't matter as long as any scratches haven't harmed the structure or playability of the frame. Willing to spend 50-80 dollars max. Don't care what strings are on it because I plan on restringing it...
  5. tonysk83

    The Famous Head PC600 Mid!!!

    Hey guys, I bought this racquet on a whim, just to try it out. It is suprisingly not as demanding as I thought it would be, but I am just not a fan of it, it is a pretty big difference over my yonex. Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid Babolat Leather Grip Black Wilson Overgrip Strung at 55lbs with...
  6. tonysk83

    Right when I thought a 20 dollar Prostaff 6.0 was a good deal...

    I score a Head PC600 for 15 bucks. I bought the prostaff in the summer at my local play it again sports. I played with it for a bit and sold it on the big auction site for 115 bucks. I went into play it again today to buy some balls and I just browsed through their racquets looking for a...
  7. tonysk83

    I am so sick of other juniors, they lack PERSONALITY!

    I am so sick of most of the other juniors I know, just sort of know through group lessons, tournaments, other highschools, and hanging around the club. I think these kids have been the most sheltered kids their entire life because they are so god damn boring and have no personality at all. I...
  8. tonysk83

    So, who still uses straight up leather grips?

    I normally use leather grips underneath an overgrip because of the great feel you get compared to a synthetic grip. I tossed my racquet today and tore the bottom of my overgrip so I took it off but we were only playing for 10 more minutes so I just used the bare leather grip. Wow, I loved it...
  9. tonysk83

    My Favorite Sports drink, what is yours?

    I have tried all kinds of sports drink and I am a firm believer in the drink I drink most often. Either lemon lime Gatorade or Powerade, mainly because I have found this is a little lighter then other flavors. Then I do a 50/50 mix of the Gatorade with water. I really hate how normal sports...
  10. tonysk83

    RDX 500 to RDS001 Switchers, need opinions.

    I have been using my RDX 500 since about June, only racquet I have owned that I truly like and enjoy playing with, besides the PS 85. I broke one of my two RDX 500's so right now I only have 1. I am going to need to get another racquet soon because its a pain when you break a string to have to...
  11. tonysk83

    My mental game and match skills are hideous

    Well, I have worked on my game and feel really good where it is right now. I just need to work on my backhand and serve return and my game will be extremely well rounded. My serve which I had the biggest problem with, is turning into a weapon. My first and second serve is the exact same...
  12. tonysk83

    Nike prices are so crazy.

    I can see their drifit stuff being expensive since it is really a nice product, but how about the new James Blake Tshirt. 30 bucks for a cotton Tshirt? Give me a break that is insane. /Rant
  13. tonysk83

    I won barricades for 75 bucks!

    I won an auction on the big auction site for some barricade IV's for only 75 bucks brand new. Then I looked and I bid on the wrong auction, I wanted the auction for size 9.5's but bid on the 12.5's auction.:( No real point to this thread except for me to vent my anger:mad:
  14. tonysk83

    New Balance Cushioning vs Reebok Cushioning

    My right leg has been sore after tennis mainly because of a bad bad ankle sprain and knee surgery. I am still conditioning my right knee and ankle since the knee is at about 80% strength and my ankle is strong, but still alittle stiff and not as strong as my left. It is stupid for me to use...
  15. tonysk83

    Stringing Yonex with 1 piece?

    I was reading a thread that said all Yonex should be strung with 2 peices, TW also says the same thing. I noticed on one of my racquets that my stringer did a 1 piece job, the other is a hybrid so it was obviously 2 piece. What kind of damage can happen to the frame? I have played like 3 weeks...
  16. tonysk83

    Serve is pretty terrible, need help.

    Well, now that I am away from home for a month and can't get a lesson from my pro, I come to TW for help. Basically my serve was the last part of my game to develop, then I had knee surgery and didn't play for 3 months. Now my serve well is terrible. I thought it had to do with constantly...
  17. tonysk83

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Speed 9.5 F/S Great Condition!!!

    Hey guys, I bought these a few weeks ago and they felt good to me in the store, but now that I have played with them, I don't like the feel. The fit is just too narrow for my feet. I have only used them once, the wear on them is almost none, just some dirt on the bottom from the one time I...
  18. tonysk83

    Why won't my hand stay on continental!?

    Right before my knee surgery my serve was really getting there and becoming good finally after lots of hard work. Now as I am trying to get my serve back it has been absolutely terrible. One thing that keeps happening is I am hitting long a lot. I am hitting all topspin serves right now, I...
  19. tonysk83

    Gosen Polylon Ice?

    I just order a set of this stuff to see if it is a decent string for the 3 dollars I paid. I have been doing full gosen OG Micro 17 setups and really like the low power feel I have been getting from them at 60 lbs. I like a dampened feel though and the Gosen OG Micro with a rubberband really...
  20. tonysk83

    Table Tennis Thread, who plays?

    I play all the time, probably play more table tennis then actual tennis just because my brothers are always willing to play and the table is right downstairs. I am definitely just a recreational player, but a very good one compared to most people I've played. I am going to try to do a tournament...
  21. tonysk83

    Determining the grip size of a PS 85?

    Delete thread please.
  22. tonysk83

    FS: Wilson Prostaff 6.0 85 1/2

    I got a paintball tourney in a few weeks and need money for the plane ticket. So one of my prostaffs must go. A little info on the racquet. It is a midsize 85in head taiwan version. It is a 4 1/2 grip size. It comes with the fairway leather grip which is in very good condition. The racquet is...
  23. tonysk83

    What would your ultimate hybrid racquet be?

    If you could a bunch of racquet characteristics into one racquet, what would you take from what racquets? Serving-PD+ Volleys-PS 6.0 85 Backhand-O3 Tour MP Forehand-PS 6.0 85
  24. tonysk83

    FS: Wilson Prostaff 6.0 85 1/2

    Well, I need money for a big paintball tournament coming up so I need to sell one of my Prostaffs. It is a Taiwan Version I believe The Grip size is 3/8 or 1/2, I am leaning more towards 3/8 since I use a 1/2 with an overgrip and it took two overgrips to get it to where I wanted. So if it...
  25. tonysk83

    Hitting long? Increasing weight?

    I let the PS take a rest and used my RDX 500 MP today, and used to the low power of the PS, I was hitting a lot long. I was putting a lot of spin just to get it in, but it was lacking pace then. I am now thinking about it, what if I added some lead to the frame. I figure that this will decrease...
  26. tonysk83

    Coaching in the WTA/ATP, simple solutions.

    I don't know if this has been suggested to curb illegal coaching, but why don't they make coaches sit in a place where they won't be heard by the players. Instead of letting the coaches sit in their boxes 10 ft. from the players, how about make them sit in upper level boxes where unless they are...
  27. tonysk83


    Searched but didn't find much, if anyone has links, they would be appreciated. Anyways, I have stuck with my 1hbh and it is getting there. I am taking a private a week this summer, so that will help a lot. I am going to play quite a few clay(har-tru)tournaments this summer but I need to get...
  28. tonysk83

    Federer vs. Hartfield, oh boy.

    I can't believe this guy has a 2-0 lead. First ever ATP event, first ever Grand Slam. But yeah, Fed will win.
  29. tonysk83

    Recovering from knee surgery, need shoe suggestions?

    I am recovering from tearing my meniscus and having surgery. It has been close to 10 weeks so I am starting to play tennis harder now and will definitely be playing a lot this summer. I really want a shoe that can absorb shock good as that is the biggest problem with my recovering knee, just...
  30. tonysk83

    First stringer-Silent Partner SC?

    I have found a deal for a Silent Partner E-stringer SC for 175 shipped to my house. There is nothing wrong with it and it is in great condition. This will be my first machine. My current stringer charges 10 dollars plus strings, so it will pay for itself after 17ish string jobs. I dont break...