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    2014 Babolat Pure Strike

    Hi, i was wondering why some 2014 pure strikes have a red stripe near the bumper guard and throat grommet and some have a white stripe?
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    Novak Djokovic receives a bottle from his team during his match

    This the second time where in a big match his team gives him a bottle of something which drastically changes his performance. It happened in the finals of Wimbledon when he was playing Federer. Do the officials check the content before Novak receives anything during a match?
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    Thiem with a hybrid?

    I couldn't tell by watching the exhibition matches but is Thiem using a hybrid string set up again?
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    Babolat RDC machine - strung frame

    Just curious if measuring a frame strung would increase the stiffness or decreases the stiffness on a Babolat RDC machine?
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    Sock breaks his nike shoes twice against Thiem

    Any idea what happen today with Jack Sock's nike shoes when he was playing against Thiem in France?
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    Coric's black racket

    Any idea what it is?
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    Dimitrov's grey and black Nike shoe in Beijing

    They look sweet! Where can I get them?
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    Luxilon Natural Gut beats old wilson NG!!!

    I have been hitting with Luxilon NG and I am impressed. For a few years now I have been using the older wilson NG in the mains and was happy. But as many of you know wilson changed their gut. The new stuff has less feel and power. But I am happy to say Luxilon NG is a nice replacement and then...
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    Wilson Ultra 97

    Swing baby swing! For you guys with a very fast swing this racket will be a joy. Having said that I have mine strung with Luxilon 4G 16L at 50 pounds. I haven't even messed around with lead tape yet. Its kinda sweet as is.
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    Groovy is back in!

    I noticed that as ALU Power Rough makes a groove in natural gut the whole playability of the string bed improves. I have more control of my shots! I think this "grooving" allows the gut to snap back faster. This creates more spin and power. I'm not sure if ALU Power has the same effect.
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    Federer's racket!

    Here are some pics.
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    Too much spin for Dimitrov?

    This racket he has with the 18x17 pattern might give him him too much spin to keep him ahead in a rally. The ball lands short sometimes which as you know allows his opponent to take control. In order to control the shot with this string pattern he needs to alter his follow through which doesn't...
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    Here are some pics.
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    stiffer 90 for Federer? or bigger head?

    The new 90 is slightly stiffer. As stiff as the PS 85. This might be a better way to get more pop on the serve and groundies. I feel the only reason why Fed is experimenting is due to Nadal. A stiffer frame might be better to handle the heavy spiny ball that comes up high on Fed's backhand. I...
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    Gut/Rough VS Gut/4G at Swiss Basel

    Federer vs Dimitrov
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    90 VS 93 at Swiss Indoors Basel

    Federer vs Dimitrov
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    Heavy racket increases sweet spot as does lower tension

    Federer having a tension lower than 50 pounds on his heavy 90 is equivalent to a lighter 95 at 55 pounds when comparing sweet spot size? lol, I hope I made sense.
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    Federer wont stick with the 98

    He will settle with the 95 like Dimitrov. Why? Cause 95 isnt that far off from 93 so what the heck.
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    93 not 98 or 95 for Federer and Dimitrov

    98 and 95 allow too much stretch in the string bed for Federer and Dimitrov's swing speed. They will have less control. This of course is with an open string pattern which both seem comfortable with.
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    Wilson natural gut vs Wilson Champions Choice

    Hey, I just wanted to inform some of you who were wondering if the natural gut in Wilson Champions Choice was the same as in a pack of Wilson natural gut. There is a difference but only in the coating. The gut in Wilson Champions Choice frays much sooner. Having said that the gut in Wilson...
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    Baghdatis racket and strings Pics 2012

    Here are some pics of his racket. BTW, the Penn can has sawdust in it.
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    PS BLX 90 handle and grip VS BLX 90

    Is the handle shape on the PS BLX 90 the same as the BLX 90? Also is the leather grip the same?
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    Edberg's 2012 rackets and string

    Looks like full gut in one of the photos.
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    natural gut gauge consistency

    Which natural gut have you found to be the most consistent when it comes to string gauge?
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    Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 16L

    Does this string have the same shape or texture as Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L?
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    Polys allowing Mid size to flourish

    With players stringing polys at low tensions this really allows for a bigger sweet spot. No need to increase the over all head size to get a bigger sweet spot.
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    World of Warcraft BGs Suck!

    8 out of 10 BGs you enter are halfway or partially started. Lol!
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    Has anyone strung for Jim Courier lately?

    If so which Gosen OG-Sheep Micro is he using?
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    Has anyone strung for Jim Courier lately?

    If so which Gosen OG-Sheep Micro is he using?
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    Titan, Klip and Pacific Classic in the fray

    Guys, I'm liking the Titan natural gut 16g in the mains but I think it starts fraying way too early. Is there a natural gut thats under 30 bucks here at TW that frays less or not so soon as Titan?