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  1. djkahn86

    USTA 4.0 or 4.5 ?

    if he gets DQ'd won't it screw his 4.0 team and relinquish his wins??
  2. djkahn86

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Put in Luxillon Adrenaline at 50. Played two hours and I miss my Alpha already. I will give the Luxilon two more hours and if it doesn’t get better, it’s getting cut out and will need to find a few sets of alpha somewhere.
  3. djkahn86

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    16x19 . going to be sad when i cut it out. i have no more alpha to replace it
  4. djkahn86

    Tennis in Las Vegas

    Red RockCC is great
  5. djkahn86

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    picked up a blade pro strung with Alpa @ 50#. I don't know if it's the stick or string, but it's the biggest consistent ball I have ever hit for a 2-hour session. I might be a fanboy if it keeps up.
  6. djkahn86

    Volkl V-Square

    Hated it. No feel IMO. Better shaped strings out there.
  7. djkahn86

    Leather grips lovers

    I like Kimony to size a grip down and feel bevels. volkl are nice as well.
  8. djkahn86

    Slinger tennis ball machine

    The topspin on this machine is so unrealistic. It never plays like an opponent. It takes a while to read the balls trajectory because of this. This being said, it’s a ball machine and thus it will deliver a consistent ball to practice strokes with and get reps. I have a tennis tutor that is...
  9. djkahn86

    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable

    The playability went away too fast. Similar to alu power. It has great bite etc etc. just not the string for me. I prefer others to it.
  10. djkahn86

    Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable

    I felt ultra cable died too fast to justify its use
  11. djkahn86

    String Tension Only. Really!

    54.5/52.5 10 % prestretch
  12. djkahn86

    Anyone Else Pickup 20 Cans of Penn Championship From Costco For $40?

    I can't find Penn balls on the Costco site and none in stores in NJ.
  13. djkahn86

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Compared it hyper g on tues. cut the hyper g out after two hours. Hyper g was lower powered and just too much bite. Balls were all spin and no depth. Too muted and stiff. I will stay with lynx tour.
  14. djkahn86

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    They will be coming out with a red/pink version. Its the one that comes on the 2021 Head Radical Demos that are out
  15. djkahn86

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Drive 2021

    Swung the Roddick back in the day. Wonder how much pop this new version has.
  16. djkahn86

    What is the best Achilles tendon brace for tennis ?

    Bauerfiend Achillotrain wear To bed. Thank me later
  17. djkahn86

    Returning to the Market. What is "bombing"?

    17 g Head lynx tour hyper g Tour bite Rpm blast Lux alu power
  18. djkahn86

    Looking to try new strings Clash 100 tour

    full bed alu- but it dies after 6 hours how about TB -mains PHT- cross
  19. djkahn86

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP/Tour

    I can compare the 2020 MP to the 2020 PA VS. More power- 20% More spin -25% Less control -20% mp hits big serves and bigger groundies. I like it and so far I am switching. Perfect doubles stick and so far singles it didn’t disappoint
  20. djkahn86

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP/Tour

    New 360+ MP Strung with lynx tour 54/52 Hits a BIG BALL!!
  21. djkahn86

    Changing grip size?

    Order a kimony leather grip. They have one that basically sizes you down one grip size.
  22. djkahn86

    Adidas Barricade 7/Novak pro re-issue: Yea or Nay?

    I loved those shoes. I just opened a deadstock pair to begin wearing when the lockdown settles. I love the stability of the shoes. It always reminded me of the way basketball shoes are designed for support.
  23. djkahn86

    Best Spin Hybrid for Blade V7 18x20

    gut mains hyper-g cross
  24. djkahn86

    Low powered spin friendly rackets?

    DR 98 not stiff good spin not a low but def. low/medium powered
  25. djkahn86

    Low powered spin friendly rackets?

    low powered and spin-friendly - bab pure aero VS little stiff ... though I have never felt anything from the RA
  26. djkahn86

    Clubs closing thread.

    love the ignore feature. got rid of the bum that is making me sick running his club into the ground.
  27. djkahn86

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    Thank you to the @TW Staff and Dunlop/Srixon for this opportunity to playtest the Dunlop Explosive Spin (1.25mm in yellow) string. Dunlop Explosive Spin (1.25mm, Yellow) Tension(s) used for playtest 53.5 Mains/ 52.5 Crosses (10% Pre stretch) Regular string set up Solinco Confidential 17 G...
  28. djkahn86

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Dunlop EXPLOSIVE SPIN 1.25

    playability dropped around 6 for me. I had to bring the hammer for serves just to get the usual pop. I did really like it though. I would buy it again. Very predictable response from the string bed.
  29. djkahn86

    Hydration Specialist - Ask Us ANYTHING! (episode available now!)

    can I have an over the counter "test" done for specific electrolytes that I am prone to / or losing while I exercise? I know professionals have something like this in a lab and then have specific re-hydration drinks created. How can I get close to this on my own?
  30. djkahn86

    First USTA 8.0 match of the year

    Orange backhand and serve look 3.5 to me. Serving up lobbed cookies that should have been rocketed back. Youcould have stood three feet from the service line and hammered those returns 6-1 second set makes a lot of sense. Good win