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  1. Matt H.

    FS: 3 Youtek Presitge Pros matched set L3

    I have 3 retail prestige pros that were weighted and matched by Bosworth. One of the pics shows their coding # for record keeping if you want to call and confirm. I had 5 and decided to sell 3 of them. (these are retail sticks) Specs strung with overgrip and dampener are at 354g and about...
  2. Matt H.

    2013 World Tour Finals

    First 6 spots are locks: Novak Rafa Fed Murray Ferrer Tsonga that leaves 2 openings. who you got? I think they come from the group of: Wawrinka, Haas, Gasquet, Berydich. I'd include Delpo, but who knows.
  3. Matt H.

    there must be a bigger story behind the scenes with Miami...

    the list of players skipping the event is ridiculous. Key Biscayne has been called the "5th slam" for decades. All of a sudden it's no longer relevant? Federer skips it for scheduling/rest but he was playing a small tournament this year instead? Even lower tier players like Gulbis, riding...
  4. Matt H.

    the only thing worse than playing a ringer...

    is playing one who was ordered to lay down and take a loss. Very frustrating league match last night. I'm playing against a former all-american from Princeton in the 90's, who I've seen play locally, and he's SOUNDLY defeated all the 4.5's in the area over the past year. I take the...
  5. Matt H.

    head prestige 25th anniversary black grommets?

    the black grommets on the 25th anniversary black frame, are these black versions of the new clear grommets, or are these black grommets from the prior microgel/youtek line? are replacements going to be available for sale? kind of important to know before i pull them off for some lead tape...
  6. Matt H.

    my PT57A experience

    I got a pair of them last week and finally was able to try it out last night. I get the feel part. Yeah, the ball pockets a little bit. Slice backhand and volleys feel decent due to this characterisitc. Other than that, i felt like I lost a solid 10mph on my serve and ground strokes. Good...
  7. Matt H.

    lead tape rusting?

    I had the good fortune of getting a pair of PT57A's. In the process of changing out all the wear items: new butt cap, grommets, grip... I noticed that the lead under the bumper has a fair amount of rust. i can't tell how many layers of lead there are, so is it worth sending to a pro...
  8. Matt H.

    If Tommy wins today...

    looking at the ATP world rankings, he should crack the top 20 if he wins Washington DC later today. He was unranked just under a year ago. Unranked to top 20, in 11 months, at the age of simply impressive. He's a Hall of Fame talent, without the needed slam win unfortunately...
  9. Matt H.

    big opportunity for non-olympic players

    While the top guys are battling on grass for an olympic medal, there's an ATP 500 during and Masters Series 1000 immediately following on US hard courts. could be a decent chance for someone outside the normal to snag a master's shield.
  10. Matt H.

    nike court hat

    the hats with the court logo, are you getting anymore in white? i only see blue, black, and red currently.
  11. Matt H.

    Haas should be in the Olympics

    I don't understand what the heck Germany is thinking. I'm also surprised with all the injury pull outs that Tommy hasn't been appointed as a replacement. Damn shame.
  12. Matt H.

    What's the rule regarding defaults and rescheduling?

    We're in our local playoffs that have to be finished by next Tuesday. We're down to final match that got rained out 2 weeks ago. Tonight we play and the other team only brought 6 players. No match for #3 doubles. We assume it's a default. We play for 2 hours and then rain comes. One...
  13. Matt H.

    vs gut mains/lux alu rough crosses

    i have seen the light on this combo. power, depth of shot and feel are unmatched. ability to hit sharp cross court angle great, though all admit I can take a hard cut with a full poly string job and get a consistent sharper angle. i did 60/58 tension. This is compared to rpm at 54...
  14. Matt H.

    floor stand for Gamma X-ST

    I have the gamma X-ST machine and I bought the floor stand last week from Tennis Warehouse. Upon assembly yesterday, I discovered the flange plate that connects to the bottom of the machine is off. The plate only uses 2 screws in the center of the machine base. (side note, this makes for...
  15. Matt H.

    IG vs. Youtek prestige pros

    Just picked up an IG to try out. From initial reading, it sounded like the IG had some added weight in stock form. I had all my YT's matched from bosworth, and they're all 332 unstrung. Need to recall what a stock YT is. The IG I have weighed in at 323. Balance point is 12.5" from...
  16. Matt H.

    Wimbledon 2012

    If i were to start putting together a trip for Wimbledon this year, would it be possible is it already too late? I've never been to a grand slam, let alone travel internationally. I'd appreciate any tips offered. Exploring the possibility of flying to London for a week and getting a...
  17. Matt H.

    nike iron-on swooshes falling off

    i just had my 2nd nike shirt have the swoosh come off. they really need to cut it with the cheap stuff and go back to embroidered. i had reduced the wash time and hang dried the shirts and it still came loose.
  18. Matt H.

    wanted: nike summer speed stripe crew black size M

    anyone from the UK want to help a fellow TW'er in the states? matthughes4 at gmail dot com
  19. Matt H.

    nike speed stripe crew

    i noticed black is available in the polo version, and black is available for the crew on TW europe, but not USA. will it be released later on?
  20. Matt H.

    for sale: 2 microgel prestige pros 4 3/8

    Racquet #1 is in 9 out of 10 condition. Strung with a hybrid of babolat rpm mains and tecnifibre x1 biphase crosses. Racquet #2 is 8 to 8.5 out of 10 condition. Unstrung. Both have fairly new head tour leather grips. $140 shipped fedex for the pair. matthughes4 @
  21. Matt H.

    busting up someone's perfect season

    anyone else get a guilty pleasure from it? :lol: last match of the regular reason, and my friend and I get to play #1 doubles (i'm normally singles). Our team locked in #1 spot for the playoffs so we've got home court, and this is for fun. our opponent's #1 doubles team hasn't lost all...
  22. Matt H.

    Can you use k-factor or blx grommets on an ncode racquet?

    My gf has 2 ntour 95's that are in dire need of a grommet replacement. I ordered 2 sets from another company that had them actually listed as available (the bird site) but they must be a bad batch because they don't fit. the grommets are visably thicker than the originals. so, i'm back to...
  23. Matt H.

    wilson ncode ntour grommets?

    i didn't see them, but i was wondering if any particular k-factor/blx grommet versions would work? my gf has 2 of the 95" ntour's (the version henin "used" believe). which grommet would you recommend?
  24. Matt H.

    tourna tac vs. tourna tac II?

    there are two 30 grip choices available and was wondering if there is a difference since one is labeled tourna tac II while the one offered in the case is just tourna tac.
  25. Matt H.

    easiest way(s) to fix the sandbagging issue at regional/state/national levels

    1. allow a team to only have 1 self-rated player on their roster for the tournament. Let the team captain decide who gets the nod for the playoffs. 2. increase the match requirement for self-rated players. Currently i believe you just have to play 2 matches to be able to participate...
  26. Matt H.

    nike ballistec 2.3 white/grey/black

    is this shoe ever going to come down in price? All these models have come and gone, but this pair is still listed at $120 and came out last january.
  27. Matt H.

    New season, new ringer tactics

    One of the singles guys on our club’s other 4.0 team got an 0 and 1 beat down from a self-rated “3.5”. First USTA match ever for this guy too. Apparently the new work-around from getting your ringer DQ’d is to have the ringer self-rate a position lower. On the 3rd strike he'll just get...
  28. Matt H.

    bruno hao= good buyer

    he paid up on time. no house calls required. :D
  29. Matt H.

    FS: 3 Head Microgral Prestige Pro 4 3/8, 9.0/10

    3 for sale. They have head tour leather grips. $220 shipped for all 3. matthughes4 @
  30. Matt H.

    The case for college tennis

    There isn't a more perfect litmus test than this match with Gullickson vs. Wozniacki. 2 players, same exact age, same basic build and stroke power. One is a pro while another the NCAA champ, college's best. I'll let the results of this match speak for itself. While not giving spoilers...