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  1. martini1

    Held the RF97 in my hand breaker :(

    I was pretty hyped about the new Fed pj and was ready to pick one up within the next few months. I really don't mind the heavy SW at all. The huge disappointment came as I started to feel the pj on the racket. The laser engraving and the Fed portrait is definitely a very nice touch, but then I...
  2. martini1

    The TW play testers "wheel houses"

    Does TW have a table of each of the play tester's racket specs. After watching the RF97 review I have the urge to see that table so that I know what each player's wheel house spec is. Most of the time the men would say the racket is a little light and would add lead, but the VCTG 330 and the...
  3. martini1

    If you have PF before, this info may help you

    If u have PF (Plantar Fasciitis) before, even fully recovered, read on. I had PF back in 2009, and used almost a year to fully recover from it (with road blocks here and there a couple of times). For the past 4 years I have been playing tennis pain free from my foot. I am being careful in...
  4. martini1

    I want to see a Fed vs baby Fed final!

    No grinders. Pure quick attack tennis and tons of S&V. And the signature shot vs signature match up. Boy I really want to see that now!
  5. martini1

    Just held the Wilson 100th anni 95

    Boy the pj is... well, too glossy for my taste. The black and metallic red makes it look like some kind of candy foil wrapper over a racket. I have heard glossy paint is supposed to make the racket feel less flexible, which is not something I am looking for. Not my cup of tea, but may be some...
  6. martini1

    The mental game for Nadal in RG 2015 would be the toughest yet

    Going into 2015, if Rafa is healthy, would be the toughest RG for him. I am not even talking about physical and how he has peaked compared to '10. The media would make it the tallest mountain to climb for him. Why? Because they will keep talking about a 10th RG title and how much a historic...
  7. martini1

    Sharapova and even year slam championship

    If it wasn't for the shoulder surgery and recovery, Sharapova has not miss a win in slams in every even number year since 2004. That is crazy. 04 - Wimby 06 - USO 08 - AO 10 - <missed> 12 - FO 14 - FO I will say 14 FO was an ugly win. Her serving is one of the worst I have seen for a...
  8. martini1

    New Balance MC 996 vs Vapor 9

    Anybody can tell me how does the NB 996 compare to other light shoes like the Vapor 9? How is the cushioning and arch support?
  9. martini1

    Is it the first time ever both AO champs crashed out at R1 RG?

    Both Stan and Li Na, not injured, bounced out of RG in R1 by relatively unknown low ranked players. Especially Li had won it before and Stan made it to the QF the year before. :shock:
  10. martini1

    Who plays with poly at 57lb or higher tension?

    I happen to know a stringer who constantly recommend people stringing full bed poly at 57lb, sometimes at 60lb. I mean, I personally cannot hit with such a stiff, board like string bed. Anybody play with such high tension out there? Can you even move the strings while hitting the ball?
  11. martini1

    Babolat Reakt Tour Wimbledon - what is it?

    Anybody knows anything about this racket? A little too light and not HL enough for me (not to say it is very stiff but expected). Otherwise a very fine pj racket.
  12. martini1

    Djoker becoming a father. Focus will decline?

    I wonder if he will lose some focus on his game. Would he even play less? I assume he would get married. What do you guys think?
  13. martini1

    Yonex Vcore Tour G weight question

    I just bought the Vcore tour g 330 ver from a local store. I am looking at the stick at home and found it actually says "average weight: HG/330g G/310g" on the throat area. That is very lazy of them to do that. So which weight is correct?? I don't have a scale at home and want to know if I can...
  14. martini1

    99s with MSV co focus full bed - are there similar choices?

    I am about to string my 99S with a full bed co focus (probably no hex). Wanted something softer, slick on the snap back, and could play for a while. Any other suggestions that I should also consider? I have had co focus on a hybrid b4 and it plays quite well, only that the multi cross breaks...
  15. martini1

    Rafa's FO 2014 run prediction

    Can he recover in time to play at least 1 or 2 clay masters 1000? Can he win FO 2014? It seems like in the past he would need several months to recover. This could easily mean he will miss the tour at least until the clay season. The only time he lost in FO he had some long and hard...
  16. martini1

    Yonex on the top again!

    Can somebody tell when's the last time in men's GS winner using Yonex before Stan? Was it Hewitt? Women's was FO 08 Ivanovic?
  17. martini1

    The time violation call

    Could it be the sign that umpires are now required to call time violation from now on? If so it would be disaster for Rafa, as he is the guy who would be rushed the most under this stricter ruling.
  18. martini1

    Uniqlo Djoker line filppers - good for you guys!!

    I was going to buy the Djoker black/grey shirt the first day it was on sale in Hong Kong (only in one store). I walked in and saw an a hole with 4 shopping baskets full of Djoker shirts and jackets on the floor, waiting for his people to help him buy them. The only ones left were the all black...
  19. martini1

    Does Radswanska slim down by a lot this year?

    She looks like half of her size from several years back. I remember seeing her in person in '10 and she got a lot of baby fat in her body. Possible doing the no gluten diet like Djoker? She looks like a totally new player now. :)
  20. martini1

    All Swiss final

    That could be something. Swiss vs Swiss. 1hbh vs 1hbh. Stan 2.0 would be very tough for Fed.
  21. martini1

    Tsonga pure strike real deal?

    Is Tsonga really using the pure strike (or a variation of the same basic mold)? I recall he was using the APD. Is he really switching?
  22. martini1

    Lunar Ballistec hidden message

    Ballistec is not really a word. We all know it refers to the word Ballistic. LUNAR BALLISTIC LU-NAR BAL-LIS-TIC LUNATIC - that is the hidden message. :twisted::twisted:
  23. martini1

    Rafa wearing shorts!

  24. martini1

    12 old kid vs older man The kid lost 6-1,4-6,6-2 What do you guys think? NTRP? Both players technique, strength or flaws? This is a QF match so the kid won at least 2 rounds vs adults. I saw him the night before. He was pretty solid. His serving is not his strength...
  25. martini1

    Tell me a clever way to stop this guy breaking rules

    I am playing with a few new people in a doubles game. A guy (who I do not know well, and is older) likes to catch the ball in mid air when it seems to go long. He also got a bad habit of foot faulting in every single serve. I know this is rec game, and I could let the ff slide as his serves are...
  26. martini1

    New Yonex EZone Ai The head looks very oval to me.
  27. martini1

    Bad habit on returning serve

    My return game is not my best shot. My excuse used to be "I don't do it enough". And a lot of people I play do not have a killer serve. So when I play against somebody with a decent serve, I mess up big time. I know my returning is bad because there is no way I can return most of my own serves...
  28. martini1

    Solution to high bouncing top spin balls

    A coach is telling me to hit those shoulder high balls with an eastern - weak semi western grip (fh), from high to low finish. The ball is still on the rise, but it bounces near the service line you may not have time to go forward and see it on the rise at waist high or lower. I have also...
  29. martini1

    The Blade 98S review from TW

    I want to ask the playtesters: Which racket got more feel on touch shots? The Steam 99S or the Blade 98S?