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  1. TennisProdigy

    My Journey to 6.0 Has Ended... Can I Still Improve? (TennisProdigy Video Diary)

    Salutations my fellow talk tennis warehouser's! As you know, I started a journey to far I could go with my tennis and what my "ceiling" might be, so to speak (Original Thread - This...
  2. TennisProdigy

    Kevin H. (former D1) vs. Former Syrian Davis Cup Player (groundstroke game)

    Sorry in advance for the quality, my dad recorded is on his potato iphone 5s xD
  3. TennisProdigy

    PapaProdigy vs. Ballbag (full match vid)

    12/31/18 Tomorrow, @BallBag will be playing vs. my dad for about 75 minutes indoors. The obvious conclusion is that ballbag wins easily. However, don’t be so quick to decide... My dad started playing tennis at age 26, reached a career high of computer rated 5.0 at age 40 and went 5-1 in...
  4. TennisProdigy

    TT Showdown TennisProdigy vs. Ballbag (Full Match Video)

    12/24/18 edit - Playing tomorrow, edited video will be posted here on Sunday (y) Predict the winner! Tennisprodigy - lefty with a OHBH - was a 5.0 many decades ago, but still considers himself to have "godlike speed." Watches too much anime, and is delusional about reaching a 6.0 level...
  5. TennisProdigy

    Video of *proper* 4.0 level tennis - complete set on perfect camera with EDITING

    @BallBag competed in a 4.0 tournament at the College park tennis center in Maryland today. I recorded it and edited the entire first set for your amusement. Enjoy
  6. TennisProdigy

    LIVE 4.0 Tournament Match with Ballbag (playsight) Ballbag in his second round match at a 4.0 level tournament (jtcc Maryland). Good luck bro!
  7. TennisProdigy

    Me vs. a 5.0+ (former D1 - predict score - 1 set match)

    (Edit: 12/12/18) my third match in 3.5 years me vs. Kevin - full one set match video Highlights - 0:43, 2:18, 2:40, 5:44, 14:14, 14:37 (Original post) In two days I’ll be playing vs. my friend Kevin H. who played 3 years of varsity tennis at UMBC. If I lose I have to give him all of these...
  8. TennisProdigy

    TennisProdigy’s 28 lb Weight Loss in 10 Weeks (Before & After)

    This year at the citi open I weighed in at about 180 lbs. I achieved my career high weigh of 188 lbs a couple days after getting married in California, weighing in at 188 lbs. I decided to start my transformation and I began working out during my honeymoon on September 24th. Max 3 push ups...
  9. TennisProdigy

    My Serve Went from 3.5 to 4.5 in 24 hours (video)

    With my GE healed I was finally able to go out yesterday and hit exactly 67 serves, recorded the last 7. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback, I tried to incorporate what I could, here is my progress thus far. Serves 12/5/18 My serve two days ago for reference
  10. TennisProdigy

    Me vs. 4.0+ (Road to 6.0... Yikes!)

    Second match in about 3.5 years. Seeing myself on video was very eye-opening, I have a LOT of work ahead but my goal remains the same! My last match was about 2.5 months ago around my highest weight (188 lbs), vs. this same opponent and I got crushed 6-4 6-1, completely gassed. This match I...
  11. TennisProdigy

    First time I’ve Ever Teared Up Watching a Match...

    32 year old Zhe Li stuns Z. Zhang coming from the brink of death to win in a nail biting 3 set match to win the AO Asia Pacific wildcard tournament. Zhe Li will be making his grand slam debut in 2019, watching him go from match point to shaking the umpires hand then letting his emotions pour...
  12. TennisProdigy

    Eureka! I've Found my Perfect Grips - Thanks Shroud!

    Had an epiphany at the park yesterday and finally found the perfect grips for me! Went to hit against the wall as usual, temps 42 degrees, and amazingly an elderly gentlemen was already there so of course I asked if he'd like to hit. He gladly accepted and as usual I started off hitting a SW...
  13. TennisProdigy

    Road to Beating a 6.0 -- Do I use 2HBH or OHBH? (Video - My Strokes 11/30/18)

    Continuing from my post yesterday - road to taking a set off my 6.0 friend (rank 1300) Here's the dilemma, still deciding on one of two styles. For the past 2 weeks I've been hitting...
  14. TennisProdigy

    How High is my Ceiling? (Can I get to USTA - 6.0? LONG)

    Took a few years off playing, getting back into it, how high can I climb? Full background: Age - 27 Height - 5’7” Started playing when I was 16 years old after watching an anime called “prince of tennis.” I severely broke my dominant wrist when I was 14 jumping up and grabbing a 10 foot...
  15. TennisProdigy

    6.0 (#1064 ATP, two forehands) vs 5.5 (former UVA varsity player) warmup + matchplay

    My buddy collin currently ranked about #1000 ATP, uses two one handed forehands, currently 22, we started played tennis at the same time (both late), when he was 14 and I was 16 and we met at a L5 junior tournament in MD. He exploded one season when he went to train in florida one summer when he...
  16. TennisProdigy

    Rate this In-Match Tweener (4.5 vs 4.5)

    Tweener located at 7:20 into the video, enjoy! Background - Visited my old high school teammates up in NY (where he's currently stationed). We haven't played together in 5 years. I had a good season this year (5-1 at #1 and #2 singles on a 4.5 team in Howard County, MD), but hadn't played in...
  17. TennisProdigy

    Me vs. my old man playing with prince mach 1000 (29 inch, 124 headsize)

    Me (23) vs my dad (55) singles match. My dad started playing after he graduated from optometry school when he was 26. He's been using the same crazy racquet that has had heads turning for almost 30 years. He is 100% self-taught and as a result wasn't able to teach me anything when I started...
  18. TennisProdigy

    Me (4.5) playing vs a 5.5 tomo, predict score

    Playing a 5.5 who played all 4 years at Xavier graduated 3 years ago and this year got to the semifinals of the us open wildcard challenge in the mid Atlantic section. Guess the score we will probably play 2 sets. My last tough opponent was a player who played a year at uva then tried to go...
  19. TennisProdigy

    Why do I lose to this guy?

    These are groundstroke points, and I ended up losing 5 games to 2 playing to 11 today, but out of the 5 sets we've played, I've lost 4 and typically lose 6-3. Our playstyles are very similar, we both move well, have great defense, vollies are weaker, favor our forehands, and yet I always come...
  20. TennisProdigy

    Back to a 2hbh Groundstroke Points and Matchplay

    Been switching between a OHBH and 2HBH for the 7 years I've been playing tennis. I think I'm finally set on the 2HBH. It feels much more natural that I've been feeding balls while teaching with my non dominant hand for 4 months now. Edited matchplay starts at 33 minutes in, tips welcome. My...
  21. TennisProdigy

    Two handed backhand question

    For you guys with a two handed backhand, my boss who is a well known coach his son just played in the us open main draw dubs, says that both hands, especially the dominant hand for he thbh needs to have the knuckles completely straight on the bevel for the cleanest hit. For my thbh the knuckles...
  22. TennisProdigy

    No posters allowed at us open?

    Has it always been this way? That no signs, posters, or banners are allowed at the us open? My girlfriend has 4 posters from Cincinnati that she was planning to bring and she's very disappointed!
  23. TennisProdigy

    4.5 vs 4.5 groundstroke points, back to a OHBH!

    I'm in the black shorts. I used a THBH for the first three years of my tennis career, then a OHBH for 3 years, then THBH for the last year and switched back to the OHBH a month ago, let me know what you think. The THBH was nice for handling high balls and lazy footwork but I couldn't generate...
  24. TennisProdigy

    Federer becoming Roddick?

    After Roddick was being dominated by federer, he changed his game to be more consistent, less aggressive, but still relied heavily on his serve. Now that fed is trying to figure out how to beat joker and nad, he is changing his game to reduce errors, be less aggressive on the forehand, and...
  25. TennisProdigy

    4.5 hitting with D1 woman

    Me (4.5) hitting with D1 woman, interestingly she has a one handed backhand, and the best OHBH I've ever played against. She handles my high topspin with ease on that side. I've been playing for six years, first three years thbh, last 3 years ohbh, switched back to thbh 3 months ago, please give...
  26. TennisProdigy

    Looking for Teaching Pros around Ohio State University

    If anyone is interested in some part time work teaching kids clinics ages 5-17 at New Albany Tennis Club in Columbus, Ohio let me know. You do not need to be USPTA certified although you do need an understanding of the game and proper technique as well as adequate feeding skills.
  27. TennisProdigy

    Please Recommend me a Durable Poly

    I am using signum pro poly plasma tornado 16 guage strung at 45 lbs. Currently I am breaking it every three hitting sessions or 6 hours or so. What I like about the tornado is the power, spin, and tension maintenance. Are there any polys out there with similar qualities but a bit more...
  28. TennisProdigy

    Help me Improve my game - Matchplay (usta rated 4.5)

    First off, in the video I'm the asain guy in black clothing (camera angle changes frequently, switches to me at 45 seconds in). This video was taken 5 months ago, I got plantar fasciatis a week after this match and have not played a match since. I'm getting back into the groove now that my foot...
  29. TennisProdigy

    Donald Young #1

    Donald Young Will Be The #1 Player At The End Of This Year. He Will Win Roland Garros, Wimbledon, And The Us Open Wihtout Dropping A Set!