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  1. KBalla08


    omg that movie was soooooooooooooooo freakin hilarious. i cant even quote the best parts, too mature for the boards lol :) :) :) :)
  2. KBalla08

    Tax-Free Weekend?

    Are your products going to be tax free this weekend? Well I mean the products that are eligible for it...
  3. KBalla08

    Wow i am the only person on these boards born on August 9th...

    lol woooo its my bday! haha random but wooooo :) :) :) :)
  4. KBalla08

    Question about buying for high school team...

    The boys team was discussing buying matching shoes, our likely choice would be the Barricade IV's, and we may get the school to pay for partial or something like that. I was wondering if you guys had any group/team discounts because we would be getting about 12 of them?
  5. KBalla08

    Bonds Hits 756!!

    wooo i saw it live! did u see the mad rush to get the ball? im sure some1 got hurt trying to get that ball. NEW HOME RUN KING BARRY BONDS!!
  6. KBalla08

    High School Team Traditions?

    What traditions do your teams have? When we win Regionals to go to State for Team Tennis, all the boys bleach their hair blonde :), and the whole team wraps our head coaches house. and if we win state, all the guys go bald lol. the girls dont do anything... haha
  7. KBalla08

    New Nike Heritage Reversible Shorts

    Opinions? I think they are awesome, the plaid on one side, and either a dark blue or lighter blue shorts on the other, with the kool heritage symbol on the color side dark blue...
  8. KBalla08

    Star Sports on TVU?

    how come Star Sports isnt on TVU? Are they not showing Wimby?
  9. KBalla08

    Roddick v. Gimelstob

    Roddick just fed Justin a breadstick 1st, i think he'll get 2 more and finish it lol
  10. KBalla08

    Anyone know on Roddick's status for Davis Cup?

    title. I hope he can play, we need him
  11. KBalla08

    Federer and other post-match press conferences

    anyone have a link to these? i want to read em, especially federer's after yesterday.
  12. KBalla08

    woo who say usc LOSE?!?!?!

    im so excited. this should mean that michigan goes to the nat. championship game, unless the computer is stupid.
  13. KBalla08

    When are you guys getting the Oscillates?

    Ya title question... i really want em!
  14. KBalla08

    ncode ntour vs ncode ps 95

    ncode ntour vs ncode ps 95 need help!!! Sorry if someone has already posted this, but I didnt see it when i searched. Has anyone hit with both of these, and which did you like better? Because I am switching to one of these two, and I can't make up my mind. Ive hit with both and I like them...
  15. KBalla08

    any1 seen that new nike sharapova commercial?

    its funny, she leaves her hotel room to go to a match and every1 she passes sings that song, "I feel pretty, o so pretty". ill check on youtube really quick for it edit: found it,, its going to air all during the us open, so get used to it lol
  16. KBalla08

    Roddick and Reynolds in the Dubs final at RCA!

    wow they beat Hanley and Ullyett, im amazed.
  17. KBalla08

    tv coverage of rca champs?

    sorry if some1 posted this, but is any1 showing this?
  18. KBalla08

    no DUBS coverage at all...

    why the hell arent they showing any doubles matches? they say dubs isnt popular or whatever, but how will they help the cause by not showing it at all? really pisses me off...
  19. KBalla08

    ***@#%#$^$@ ****spoliiers****

    damn it damn it damn it james blake, what happend to u? u played so well in the 2nd and 3rd set, and screwd up. nalbandian lost, opening up the draw for u, but nooo u lose.... mannn
  20. KBalla08

    Is Blake still going out with Jennifer Scholle?

    cause damn she is finnnneee lol heres some of her pics from maxim.... but ya, if anyone knows, let me know