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  1. rfprse

    Replacing N 6.1 95 (16x18)

    I've been using n6.1 95's (16x18 ). Unfortunately, their lives are coming to an end.:sad: I'm thinking about replacing them with Dunlop Aerogel 200 (16x19) or ProKennex Ionic Ki 5. Also thinking about RDis 100 MP, Purestorm Tour, (maybe Blackace 98 ) but in terms of the price, the former two...
  2. rfprse

    Donnay pro one int. stringing pattern

    I'd like to know the stringing pattern (for two piece) of Donnay pro one int. (tw version). Thanks.
  3. rfprse

    sunblock & white tennis apparel

    The stains from the sunblocks are tough to wash off and they have been ruining the white (non-cotton) tennis shirts. Is there anyone who has a good tip for getting rid of those stains?
  4. rfprse

    Open 13 Marseille *spoilers*

    Berdych lost to Stepanek (5-7, 4-6). :( [Come on, Berdych. It's time to get it together and get some points.] I was hoping for a rematch between Berdych and Nadal. It could have been a good match. Anyway the tournament draw seems quite interesting (a possible match with Gasquet, though he...
  5. rfprse

    Pathfinder awl

    How is it supposed to work? Is it for lifting up the blocking strings (like using the scrap strings) or does it work really as finding a path in the hole for the cross which you want to get through? Would anyone mind explaining in detail how to use it?
  6. rfprse

    Poll: Superball XL

    Poll: Superbowl XL So, who do you think will win? Seahawks, or Steelers? oops, super bowl, not super ball :)
  7. rfprse

    Rebound ace & Shoes

    It's been said that the surface of AO is not good for body and even dangerous because of the amount of the friction that it generates. Then, it seems quite natural to think that the shoe companies try to develop the models that reduce the danger while maintaining the performance of the...
  8. rfprse

    Whistling Monfils

    Does anyone notice that Monfils has a unique habbit of whistling just when the incoming ball bounces on his side and while being ready for his stroke? Well, he seems to have opened a new horizon of vocalization in tennis, let alone the frequent skidding sound of his shoes. It seems quite...