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  1. rafabull

    Used rackets

    Hi TW I want to buy a Babolat Pure Storm GT 2011 4 1/4 used. I've noticed you don't have one but if you acquire one is there some way that you could "hold" it for me? Thanks
  2. rafabull

    Djokovic wasn't injured

    If this guy was actually injured, he would have retired in that third set. Were talking about the clown who retires in a masters final and a Davis Cup semifinal when he's only down a set. What would keep him from retiring from a 500 event? You Djoko lovers and sugar coat this 1st class...
  3. rafabull

    Demo Diary

    I've been looking to switch to a racket similar to my APDGT but with a more solid feel that can help me with my backhand and serve. So far I've demoed: Pure Storm GT Pure Storm Team Pure Drive BLX Blade 98 Aero Storm GT Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 IG Speed 16x19 BLX Six One Team BLX Six One 95 BLX...
  4. rafabull

    Melzer back with Aerogel PJ?

    Recently he's been playing with the Dunlop Aerogel 500 PJ instead of the biomimetic. ????
  5. rafabull

    You'd think Rafa would make a change.

    It's become obvious now that Nadal isn't gonna beat prime Djokovic with the type of tennis he's playing. He just hits these high loop balls in the middle of the court, and Djokovic takes a rip at them. I've seen no changes in Rafa's game ever since he's been getting beaten by Novak this year...
  6. rafabull

    Predictions for 2012 slam season?

    My predictions: Australian Open- Nadal Assuming the put Fed and Rafa on the opposite side of the draw once again, I think Fed will take out Djoker in the semi's. He still has some gas in the tank but by the end of 2012 I think he be burnt out. French Open- Nadal or Djoker, I really don't...
  7. rafabull

    Nadal to Djokovic: What you did this year is impossible to repeat

    During his speech he said (in a nice way, maybe he didn't mean for it to come out this way) "What you did this year is probably impossible to repeat." Spot on Rafa ;)
  8. rafabull

    What time of day is the final gonna be?

    I know it's on Monday, but will it be at noon in NY? 10am in NY? Does anybody know?
  9. rafabull

    Which players have grown on you this year?

    I'm starting to like Monfils. He used to clown away all of his matches, which was always fun to watch. Now it seems that he's started to be more serious, and it's fun to watch some of the shots he can pull off. Also, ever since his Roddick match, I'm a Socktard. He can hit some crazy shots and I...
  10. rafabull

    US Open 3rd Round- Nadal vs. Nalbandian

    Surprised that nobody is really talking about this yet. Should be a fun match. I'm thinking Rafa in 4. Discuss.
  11. rafabull

    US Open 2nd Round- Roddick vs. Sock

    Roddick in straights I'm thinking. Unless Sock brings his A-game.
  12. rafabull

    US Open 2nd Round- Nadal vs. Mahut

    Discuss. I'm think Nadal in four given the way he's been playing...
  13. rafabull

    How long does TournaGrip last you?

    I play an hour and a half in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon usually with the same racket. TournaGrip seems to only last me for about 3 days before it becomes noticeably slippery and has lost it's dry feel. I don't know if I am just being picky, but is this considered a short life span...
  14. rafabull

    What goes on in a ATP locker room

    Just some fun video's to watch. I've always been interested to see what goes on in pro locker rooms and player facility's, the stuff they don't usually show on TV (with the exception of ATP World Tour Uncovered).
  15. rafabull

    Athletic DNA Sponsorship Thread

    Just wondering what other people got in their packages and for how much. Just some shorts, tee's, socks hats ect. for a set price?
  16. rafabull

    Cincy QF- Djokovic vs. Monfils

    Monfils already up 2-0. Should be a good match. Discuss.
  17. rafabull

    Do you rotate rackets during a match?

    I see a lot of guys who switch to fresher strings and grip after each set. I don't usually do this unless my strings feel like they're about to break or if my grip starts to slip or something. Do you? Just wondering ;)
  18. rafabull

    What is your ranking?

    Please post what your ranking is and what section your in. You can also post any kind of sponsorship deals you have obtained due to your ranking.
  19. rafabull

    Who has the best chance to stop Novak?

    Fed, Murray, Nadal, Delpo, almost all of the players with any chance of stopping him have gone out early. If anyone's going to stop him, who will it be?
  20. rafabull

    NOW who's gonna make the final?!

    Nadal and Murray out in the 2nd round of Rogers Cup, players on their half of the draw are licking their chops. So who do you think will make the final to likely meet Djokovic or Federer? I'm going with Fish.
  21. rafabull

    Does anyone know anything about a new APD line?

    The GT came out at the beginning of 2010 and I was wondering if Babolat is planning to put out a new APD line at the beginning of 2012 for the Aussie Open. Has anyone heard anything about this?
  22. rafabull

    What rackets do you think the top pro's will use in a few years?

    Eventually some of them will make a switch to their setup. Djokovic switched from his Wilson to god knows what a few years ago, but it was still a change up. Nadal hasn't made too much of a change in his racket since he came on the tour (besides a string change a couple years back.) Obviously...
  23. rafabull

    2011 Roger's Cup Discussion Thread

    It's sure to be a great tournament. I'm a Nadal fan but I personally would like to see Federer win this tournament, to give him confidence for the US Open. I don't want to see him leave before the Semi's at least. All your predictions, thoughts, pictures, match updates ect. can be...
  24. rafabull

    Post pictures of your favorite player

    Post your favorite picture of your favorite player
  25. rafabull

    Mac or PC?

    A common question...
  26. rafabull

    How difficult is your section?

    Is your section difficult? I'm in PNW where B12 and B14 is quite strong, but B16 and B18 has fewer (if none) national champs.
  27. rafabull

    Synthetic Gut worth it?

    I'm thinking about starting to use Synthetic Gut in my hybrid setup because it so much cheaper than Natural and I can afford to restring more often. If anyone here uses Synthetic, could you give me some suggestions? There are a lot out there, and I will eventually demo them all if I can't find...
  28. rafabull

    Signum Pro Poly Plasma?

    Can anyone give me their opinion on these strings. I will demo them out of course before I buy a reel but I just want to know if they are even worth a test. I would use them only in the mains with some sort of synthetic gut (cheaper :)) in the crosses. My game is powerful and usually fairly flat...
  29. rafabull

    Good Playability?

    I'm using RPM Blasts right now and I like them.....for the first day or two. I'm looking for a similar sting, that doesn't lose it's "pop" as quick as the RPM's do. Maybe with a little less spin and more control. I'd be willing to sacrifice RPM's durability and swap it with playability. If it...
  30. rafabull

    Which racket should I get?

    I know this is a hard question to answer. I have a powerful game and a good flat first serve and a high spin second.I have a two handed backhand that needs some work and I would say that is my weakness. I like to hit flat forehands to take advantage of the point. I currently use the Babolat...