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  1. Warriorroger

    greatest all round woman player

    Good post. If you take a look at the Graf matches prior to 1987/88, she played an all court game, using all the shots, her game changed along the way and in a way become one dimensional, and she lost the all court game, but her game was so good, she didn't really need the other shots. I don't...
  2. Warriorroger

    WTA equivalent of Rafa?

    Gabriela Sabatini. Her high topspin gave Steffi Graf (Federer a lot of trouble).
  3. Warriorroger

    the most complete woman player of the open era

    Graf: great and good on all surfaces
  4. Warriorroger

    Steffi Graf's String Tension in the 80's????

    Yes it was, the power she created with that racket is unbelievable. I still have that one (as the other rackets she played with), can you imagine what she could do with today's rackets..
  5. Warriorroger

    Favorite freaky Federer Fashion

    Love his feet
  6. Warriorroger

    Your favorite pro tennis court?

    The court I loved/loved was the old court number one at Wimbledon. It was attached to centre court and was a special court.
  7. Warriorroger

    Zverev and Zvereva
  8. Warriorroger

    Slice shot underused, especially in WTA matches? beautiful tennis, hope you take the time to watch the variety in shots and the footwork of both women.
  9. Warriorroger

    Djokovic getting beat by a dinosaur- Weak era?

    If there were ever someone who so much deserved to win a slam it is Tommy Haas IMO. Love watching him play.
  10. Warriorroger

    Has anyone here seen Carl Uwe Steeb play?

    Nice player, I have had him in my avatar for a couple of years now
  11. Warriorroger

    At their best, who would win?

    grass Roger Federer & Steffi Graf Clay Rafael Nadal & Monica Seles hardcourt Pete Sampras & Serena Williams Indoor Roger Federer & Steffi Graf
  12. Warriorroger

    Which female had the most natural ability in history?

    athletic abillities I would say Steffi Graf, not even Federer moved as gracefully as she did. Natural abilities, difficult, technically I would say Navratilova and Sabatini, Serena natural power house, she makes it look easy. a lot of words, I don;t think I can answer it :)
  13. Warriorroger

    Who is the best female returner of all time...

    Seles: angles-power-consistancy Davenport: clean shots power
  14. Warriorroger

    Why can't women play best of 5 sets in GS and Davis Cup?

    I agree, those were great matches, but that was a time when the woman knew how to construct points and combine power with precision and angles. Ofcourse today's rackets contribute a lot to the mindless power and that todays woman are generally taller and bigger than the previous.
  15. Warriorroger

    Does anyone miss Rafa?

    To be honest no. Tennis is greater than Nadal, great champion as he is, it's refreshing to not see the all the things he do to stall and unsettle opponents. Tired of his complaining and whining.
  16. Warriorroger

    Why can't women play best of 5 sets in GS and Davis Cup?

    In her and Hingis' defence, this was a year ending event, Graf had been in 4 grandslam finals and many other tournaments. Had both played this format earlier, they would have been fine. In today's tennis, three sets isn't much to look at in women's tennis, let alone 5. Can you imagine listening...
  17. Warriorroger

    Like it or not Serena Williams is the Greatest

    Perhaps, I agree with you that her level of play is great, but you also have to take equipment and all into consideration. With all that she has, she has not been able to win the GrandSlam nor the real Golden Slam. I am a big Steffi fan, but if Serena surpasses 22 then I will have to admit...
  18. Warriorroger

    Like it or not Serena Williams is the Greatest

    as does Williams!! Come one, do you really think Radwanska/Wozniacki/Jankovic/Ivanovic/ would stand a chance against, Graf-Seles-Sabatini-Novotna-Navratilova??.
  19. Warriorroger

    Any tennis rule to stop screamers as Sharapova and Azarenka?

    Graf never complained about the grunting. It were buddie Martina Navratilova and Natalie Tauziat who did the complaining. The only time Graf said st about the grunting was in the interview after the Navratilova-Tauziat matches vs Seles when the reporter asked if she would also complain and Graf...
  20. Warriorroger

    Like it or not Serena Williams is the Greatest

    My thoughts exactly, what kind of field is she dominating??
  21. Warriorroger

    Is Serena's game really that much better than the others?

    Well have to (kindly) disagree with you on the topspin remark. Most of todays women play a very hard flat game, which is much easier to counter with a sliced backhand in contrast to the heavy topspin balls Conchita Martinez and Gabriela Sabatini e.g. , threw at her. It's difficult to tell how...
  22. Warriorroger

    Will there be another graceful, elegant and beautiful female tennis player like Graf?

    I can watch this match: Graf - Sabatini US Open 95 over and over. Just they way both move and the shotmaking. Thet were beautiful tennis athletes concerning their tennis, fluent movements and the way they hit, loved it. If you have the time to sit through this video...
  23. Warriorroger

    Peak Serena Vs peak Graf

    Good post. Seles was never a force on grass (that's why I consider Graf better, cause she could winon all surfaces), never did she have an overall domination over Graf like some fans would like to make believe. Seles never lead the head to head. Serena vs Monica is superpower against great...
  24. Warriorroger

    Martina (167), Chris (154), Graf (107)...Serena (44)

    Agree with your last comment, however Graf had already won Wimbledon before Seles came along. IMO to be considered the best you have to be master on all surfaces concerning the grandslams and to win many titles at the other important tournaments. Seles had the mental upperhand in the 1991-1992...
  25. Warriorroger

    Best women to never win Wimbledon

    You're right. I love her as a player, great tennistalent, beautiful strokes, but her shots were not suited for grass. Yes she was a very good volleyer, but the rest of her game consisted of loopy topsspin shots. The reason she gave Steffi so much troubles, cause she had won (if I remember...
  26. Warriorroger

    Roger Federer's feet

    Thanks :)
  27. Warriorroger

    Roger Federer's feet

    There are lots of Rafa pics, but the master has the best, big and manly!
  28. Warriorroger

    Roger Federer's feet