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  1. Dimitrov_Fan

    Queen's 2010 Main Draw

    come on grisho!
  2. Dimitrov_Fan

    What happened to Gilles Simon?

    hopefully Gilles is back for the summer!!
  3. Dimitrov_Fan

    Miami-Sony Ericsson Open-ATP1000

    tomorrow will be some good matches for sure. i think everyone will enjoy nalbandian and nadal, they always have good matches.
  4. Dimitrov_Fan

    Qatar ExxonMobil Open - Doha - January 4th to 10th

    oh thats cool! El Aynaoui is a big star in doha so its going to be nice to see him play again! im going to pick again Rafa like in abu dhabi to win doha tournament
  5. Dimitrov_Fan

    Capitala World Tennis Championship - Abu Dhabi - December 31st to January 2nd

    ok great final! going to be drama for these two guys! i think its time for nadal to play like he always did with soderling before roland garros, he's going to win!
  6. Dimitrov_Fan

    Capitala World Tennis Championship - Abu Dhabi - December 31st to January 2nd

    i've read that nadal has not taken a long break from the 2009 season and is very energized to start the 2010 season i think this will translate in a win at this tournament for rafael!!!
  7. Dimitrov_Fan

    What's Next?! Late 2009/Early 2010 Schedules

    good to see another grigor fan! theres not so much time in offseason so we will be lucky to see top class tennis in just a few weeks time in new years best of luck to davydenko i hope his form as in london is possible in australia, we have to see how he plays in abu dhabi and doha to make...
  8. Dimitrov_Fan

    R Federer vs. JM del Potro -- W.T.Final - RR

    Federer is playing much better than del Potro so its going to be easier for hhim
  9. Dimitrov_Fan

    [1] Roger Federer & [8] Fernando Verdasco

    federer has to be favourite in two sets
  10. Dimitrov_Fan

    Rafael Nadal vs Robin Soderling - Round Robin - World Tour Finals 2009

    i think nadal should win, hes playing much effectively than in french open and his forehand been better
  11. Dimitrov_Fan

    [4] Andy Murray & [5] Juan Martin Del Potro

    murray is big favorite against delpotro because argentinian is injured in abdominals and not in great form murray had had wrist problems but is much better now
  12. Dimitrov_Fan

    Hammer racquets: keep or scrap?

    i had this hammer racquet, it was not pleasant! i dont think if you add weight to handle its going to be best idea because youre not going to get a good feeling on the grip like you had before i recommend anything from the newest line of wilson racquet the k-series. the main pages at tennis...
  13. Dimitrov_Fan

    Is Andy Murray going to win a slam?

    andy murray is simply not enough of a tennis player to win a grand slam, he is not really much of a man. perhaps if he grows up somewhat and can learn to play tennis properly he's have a chance.
  14. Dimitrov_Fan

    2009 BNP Paribas Masters Final - (3) Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs (15) Gael Monfils (FRA)

    monfils has not the proper game to overcome djokovic who is too great of a player for the frenchman djokovic will win in 2 sets 6-4 and 7-5
  15. Dimitrov_Fan

    Djokovic vs. Nadal - Paris Masters 2009 Semifinal

    nadal will overcome a great player djokovic because he know that world number one position is for grabs and he will not give it up
  16. Dimitrov_Fan

    Can Rafa beat Nole tomorrow?

    i think nadal will has trouble beating djokovic but almagro and robredo matches are good practice for mental strength so nadal can win in 3 matches if he plays his best tennis
  17. Dimitrov_Fan

    Are your family members fans of the same player you like?

    my father cheers for dimitrov, my mother cheers for dimitrov, my sister cheers for dimitrov, my brother cheers for dimitrov, my aunt cheers for dimitrov my uncle cheers for del potro... we dont speak to him anymore
  18. Dimitrov_Fan

    Quotes I live by...

    "This thread is in the wrong section" TW Moderators
  19. Dimitrov_Fan

    Who deserves another major/ a major

    safin should won a slam from 2001-2004 somehow and davyenko done well enough to deserve a slam, much more than some other slam winners *COUGH GAUDIO***COUGH
  20. Dimitrov_Fan

    The Grigor Dimitrov Fan Thread

    some recent highlights - july 2009: grigor loses to canas (taking him to TB in 2nd set) in 1st round of bastad atp 250 - august 2009: grigor makes the quarterfinals of the segovia challenger before losing to granollers in 3 sets. doubles highlights w/gabashvili- champion at the trnava...
  21. Dimitrov_Fan

    2 players arrested in Stockholm....

    no grigor had nothing to do with this
  22. Dimitrov_Fan

    Tsonga vs Soderling [r3 shanghai]

    soderling has such a smug look on his face, tsonga should whip his butt!!!
  23. Dimitrov_Fan

    What was the turning point for Nadal’s pitfall this year

    really? that makes all of his accomplishments in that time so much more meaningful
  24. Dimitrov_Fan

    Rafael Nadal vs Marat Safin Beijing 2009

    if Safin plays like he did against Gonzalez and Nadal plays like he did against Blake Safin in 3
  25. Dimitrov_Fan

    Murray Out Of Shanghai Masters

    i think last we all heard of him on TW was Wimbledon, so ill give an update! since then he has reached the quarterfinals at Segovia challenger on hardcourts, round of 16 in Istanbul challenger (where he made the final in doubles), and lost in final round of qualifying at the US Open. Grigor is...
  26. Dimitrov_Fan

    Gonzalez vs Safin Beijing 2nd Round

    heyyyy davai davai Marat! such good result wooo