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  1. Tennis_baller

    Did i get ripped off???

    I use the prince tt rebel, and nobody sells it anymore. So i had to buy one off off e b a y. It looks exactly like a brand new one, and it has all the marks and stuff, the grip is even wrapped in plastic, but when i starter to string it, i noticed that the holes were all messed up. They weren't...
  2. Tennis_baller

    fat burning/weight loss question

    I decided i'd ask this now since everyone else is doing it. but anyway, here's my story. first off i'm 15 years old, 5'4". i used to be fat, really fat. but then i improved my diet, became more active, and all that stuff and lost some weight. now i weigh 140 pounds and still have some fat on...
  3. Tennis_baller

    replacing grommets and bumper gaurd

    tell me how
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    My brother's 5 years old and has taken six 30 minutes lessons over about 3 months and thats it. potential?
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  6. Tennis_baller

    Do you recognize me?

    If you see my name on a post, do you recognize it? like, "oh yeah, that kid. hes kinda a regular here" or is it like, "who's that?" just wondering if i have a rep here. in other words, im THAT bored
  7. Tennis_baller

    Tennis mag

    Hey have you guys recieved the August tennis magazine yet? I haven't yet. or is there even gonna be an august eddition?
  8. Tennis_baller

    Birthday Thread

    Ok, here's the deal. In this thread we greet anyone who's birthday it is. ok. I'll start.Happy birthday SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you!
  9. Tennis_baller

    nadal match *spoiler*

    so... who won???
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    I don't know if this has already been mentioned but have you ever heard of this pro? CLICK ME CLICK ME!!!
  11. Tennis_baller

    Whats your time?

    How long can you hold it?
  12. Tennis_baller

    Tennis in Philipines

    Hey I just got back from a month long vacation in the Philipines. I just wanted to say that I liked the tennis CAuse courts are cheap, there are always people there playing, there is always a crowd watching and betting, there is always a cheap ballboy, and there is most of the time a cheap...
  13. Tennis_baller

    State results

    Well, I just got back from my high school state tennis tournament. It was a six hour drive. Anyway, in singles I got put out in the first round by the top team. In doubles we drew an easy first round; we won it 7-5, 6-2. In the next round we had a top private school. We beat them 6-2, 6-2. That...
  14. Tennis_baller

    Long interesting story. Read it.

    Here's the deal: Our high school tennis team was at sectionals yesterday. The top two teams go to state. We were in second place by a margin of one point (singles win=2, dubs= 3). Our #2 doubles were in the finals and could've won easily. That would have locked the win. But, one of our players...
  15. Tennis_baller

    Reccomended tension?

    What exactly is the reccomended tension? Is it reccomended for best play, or is it the most the raquet can hold? If I string my stick above it, will it implod or something? Sorry if you find this a stupid question
  16. Tennis_baller

    Tourna Grip

    Does anyone else have to constantly replace his or her tourna grip? Mine always tear up after one session and its getting annoying/expensive. Also, what is another good overgrip. One that feels like tourna grip but lasts longer. Thanks in advance.