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  1. bluegrasser

    What's wrong with US tennis ?

    I know this has been discussed ad nauseam , but in my lifetime I've always seen at least two Americans in the top ten. The last decade + there's been a big drop off - what is the problem IYO. With all due respect to the " Brits" but to get our butts kicked two years in a row is hard to fathom.
  2. bluegrasser

    New POG 107' (what, no love ?)Users opine please:

    I bought two of these from TW after I saw the sale they had, true they're the same as the last version with a new paint job. I generally play with the Aero Drive Babolat , but missed that old school feel and control that the modern sticks don't have. I had it strung at 58lbs with the cheap...
  3. bluegrasser

    My bad, not Henman, Henin BLX

    What year did that stick come out (Henin BLX)
  4. bluegrasser

    Tim Hennman <sp racquet question ?

    What year did the Hennman Wilson BLX RAQUET come out ?
  5. bluegrasser

    Give Fognini a break :

    It bugs me to hear these talking heads whine about Fognini, when in reality he's very good for the sport. I remember the excitement of the 70's with all the fiery personalities like Nastase, Connors, Mac & how they drew many into the sport who otherwise would of ignored the game. Fognini is tame...
  6. bluegrasser

    APD 2013 different from my PD's 2012

    The guy at the tennis shop told me the PD & the APD hit just about the same. Well after two hrs of doubs last Sat I'd beg to differ. I felt the APD had less vibration, maybe a more muted feel, less power & a little more stable. I served better with the APD, more pop with less effort, not sure...
  7. bluegrasser

    Cornet/Giorgia match ?

    That was a great match, love Cornet's fighting spirit, she really puts her heart into it. I see a good future for both these players.
  8. bluegrasser

    Difference between 16g TNT & 16g Sensation:

    Just bought two APD's and had one strung with TNT & the other with "Sensation. Liked the Sensation in my PD's, couldn't control the NXT. Will the TNT be more lively ? thx
  9. bluegrasser

    Ok, I blew it ( Prestige)

    I've done this several times with going back to the Prestige & after buying two. I played some doubs yesterday with some pretty good players & I was the pits, the Prestige was just too much stick for me, I was late on everything, couldn't get the zip on my returns like with my PD, plain & simple...
  10. bluegrasser

    Love watching King Fed using this certain strategy

    The way he hits a short angle slice to bring the guy into the net then bamn ! crushes a forehand or bkhnd pass. He does this frequently, where in the old days hitting a short ball was a no no.
  11. bluegrasser

    Curious - any guitar players ? gear, music etc.

    I've had to do some purging since my divorce 4 yrs ago, but right now I play an American Tele, also have an Eastman, ES 175, a few good acoustics & a mandolin. Host an acoustic jam, also Jam with a buddy who plays keys. I love just about every kind of music. Love good guitar players, innovators...
  12. bluegrasser

    IG Youtek Prestige or Radical for doubs, help!

    Played three sets of doubs with both sticks this morning & it's a hard choice, here's the specs on each racquet: Prestige - strung w/ black sonic 17 g ( probably been on there for a long time) at maybe 48 lbs, had great plow through, very stable on volleys, serve not too bad, good control...
  13. bluegrasser

    Blade 18x20 v/s Radical 18x20

    I'm going to demo these two sticks, just curious as to the differences in power, control, etc., better doubs stick ? thanks
  14. bluegrasser

    Which is better for doubs, power stick or :

    I play with a PD but last wknd I played with a Prestige and right away I noticed the half volleys going in against heavy balls, the control around the court. With the PD the returns are where it shines, more pop, serves I'm still called in question. What's your take, which stick for doubles...
  15. bluegrasser

    PD v/s Prestige :

    I played with the ' Youtek IG MP Prestige yesterday & after hitting with the PD for two years, there were some pros & cons: Pros: 1) Feel & control, whether it was volleys, half volleys I could keep it in the court, especially with hard hitting exchanges. 2) Serve - smaller hitting zone but...
  16. bluegrasser

    New Graphene Radical mp demo:

    Hit today with the Youtek IG Prestige and the new Graphene Radical, the Radical felt too light for some reason, unlike when I hit with it several months ago when the rep brought some to try. Good spin, but it was pushed around some, not bad on the serve though. Maybe the string setup was...
  17. bluegrasser

    Hit with the Youtek IG Prestige demo black poly?

    Ok been with the PD the last 2 yrs but for fun took out the ' Prestige " & really enjoyed playing doubles with it, but the black poly that ' Head" puts in felt a little boardy. Q: Is there another string setup that would give me a little more spin & enlarge the sweetspot. I'm not a young guy...
  18. bluegrasser

    The Day the (Tennis) Music Died :

    I was thinking after reading a post of a guy bemoaning the fact that " King Roger" is getting old & in the twilight of his career. I was in the same place maybe in the early/mid eighties with Borg, Nastase, Connors, Mac & many of the characters of that era getting old, losing the magic and...
  19. bluegrasser

    Did McHale switch or ?

    Just curious, Mchale looks like she's playing with the new Radical, any others or am I off base. I demoed the new Graphene <sp Radical & loved the hit.
  20. bluegrasser

    I'm amazed at all the college players using Aero Drives

    I've seen quite a few college matches, highlights etc and the number of ' Nadal sticks" is astonishing. I think it comes down to kids starting out playing what their hero's play & secondly the marketing strategy of ' Babolat " & how they give quite a few rackets out free.
  21. bluegrasser

    Much difference between the IG & MG mp Radical ( users only)

    Considering the price difference was curious, the specs have the MG lighter lighter w/ a lower SW/Thanks
  22. bluegrasser

    You can't be serious ! ( rain delay t/breaker highlights)

    Did you all see the t/breaker highlights ( rain delay) of Borg/Connors, Mac Connors, Sampras/Agassi, w/ the attacker against the defender. Connors at 39 attacking anything close to a short ball was far more entertaining than Nadal/Ferrer hitting the ball 25 times until one dumps the ball into...
  23. bluegrasser

    Prince Original Graphite OS mini review:

    Ok, having played this crazy sport for over 35 yrs, surprisingly the one stick I never tried was the POG OS, owned the mid 30 yrs ago but never the OS. I've been playing the PD for about two yrs, so I knew this was going to feel/play real different. The test was four sets of doubles on a humid...
  24. bluegrasser

    Thoughts on racquets, why all the Babolats:

    I think tour players for the most part stay with what they've been hitting as a youth/junior whatever. When you throw in Roddick, Nadal, Kim, Moya etc, kids like to play what their heroes play with, then they get used to the stick, develop their strokes accordingly. There was some talking heads...
  25. bluegrasser

    Well I did it ( POG) OS

    The racquet wh$re has returned, King of racquet wh$redom. The weird thing is, after playing tennis for over 3 decades, I've never played with this stick, but it has always had me curious. So coming from a PD now, I'm sure there will be a major difference & if I have trouble in competition with...
  26. bluegrasser

    " Prestige youtek mp " - wow ! but.....

    Ok, I'm an old dude & have been playing with the pure drive for 1 1/2 yrs & also due to neuropathy had a four month layoff. I've had an on/off love affair with the Prestige as long as i can remember & yesterday after a long hit with the girlfriend who's a 4.0 player, well my forehand was magic...
  27. bluegrasser

    'Peripheral Neuropathy" ouch !

    It started about three weeks ago with my tongue going numb w/ everything tasting bitter then hands with burning sensation, face, feet etc. Went to the ER & had an MRI, EKG, blood work & nothing showed up. I'm planning on seeing a neurologist as soon as I can get the insurance figured out. I'm...
  28. bluegrasser

    You Fathers/kids/tennis

    I helped raise six kids and not one of them today plays tennis, maybe two hit the ball around once or twice a year. When they were kids I hit balls with them & tried to teach them the game, but never pushed it, also encouraged them to play other sports. My kids usually did what the other kids in...
  29. bluegrasser

    ' Pure Storm " GT

    I've been hitting w/ the new PD & like the pop & it's been pretty good for doubs, but yesterday hitting w a friend I was struggling big time with control & really feeling the stiffness. I demoed the Pure Storm" a while back & loved the feel, control but had trouble getting any pop on my serve...
  30. bluegrasser

    Tennis Camp AZ - please advise:

    My girlfriend & I have been talking about going to a tennis camp in the AZ area, as both of us have relatives there. We'd like a camp with good serious instruction, IOW both of us want to come out of it with game improvement & also a good atmosphere. Hopefully this spring before the really high...