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  1. UCSF2012

    Wilson RF97 Countervail

    What's the difference between the latest RF97 and the previous one? I don't think many people have detected anything beyond "specs," but I can tell you Wilson put Countervail technology in this new frame. How do you know? Take the vibration dampener off and hit with ping. This is HUGE...
  2. UCSF2012

    Pro Hurricane Tour

    What's the best cheap alternative to Pro Hurricane Tour? I like how it doesn't really lose playability in a gut/poly setup. And it doesn't cut into gut at all, it seems. I just don't like its $17 price tag. I can do $12 for PL II, but after a few hours it cuts into the gut.
  3. UCSF2012

    Kirschbaum Max Power

    Can you guys change the Max Power promo so that we can mix and match gauges and versions. I've never tried this string, and I don't want to buy 3 of the same stuff. I'd rather have 3 different types to demo.
  4. UCSF2012

    Prince Diablo Mid

    May I ask what happened to the Prince Diablo mids? Are they permanently discontinued, or is there an update coming up?
  5. UCSF2012

    Fake Wilson 2012's are out!

    Fake Wilson 2012 rackets are out! Be careful when you buy online! I see some on the big auction site too!
  6. UCSF2012

    Ps Blx 90

    New frames are out! And boy are they ugly... This is a useless thread, I admit....
  7. UCSF2012


    Traded about $90 worth of strings with JT_2eighty without a hitch. Trustworthy and speedy shipping.
  8. UCSF2012

    Prestige VS Speed Pro

    I'm considering buying either the Youtek Prestige Mid or the Speed Pro (non-IG). Can anyone tell me the essential differences between them? Esp in terms of spin production, placement, and power. I know nothing about Head rackets. I'm coming from the KPS88 and K90. I also dabble with the K6.1...
  9. UCSF2012

    What vibration dampener is this?

    I tried a different vibration dampener and tried to find it on TW. But apparently, TW doesn't sell it. Hoping someone knows what it is. And it doesn't say Pete Sampras on it.