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  1. Tennis_Nickmo

    Is there a US Open Live Stream

    Is there any stream of the US Open at all? Even one where you have to pay?
  2. Tennis_Nickmo

    Live US Open

    Does anyone know if the US Open is going to be streamed live on the internet anywhere? The normal routes don't seem to have a link, such as betfair and the tennis channel. Thanks
  3. Tennis_Nickmo

    Nottingham Open Order of Play

    Does anyone know the order of play for tomorrows Notts Open?
  4. Tennis_Nickmo

    New Adidas Gear

    Someone posted a website that previewed all the upcoming adidas designs. Does anyone know what it is? It was published by adidas, and I thought it was, but it's not. Cheers
  5. Tennis_Nickmo

    Volkl DNX 10's

    Looking for Volkl DNX 10's @ 295grms, preferably to ship to the UK, if not, Canada. Thanks
  6. Tennis_Nickmo

    Wimbledon Tickets!!!!!!!

    Wuhey! Have just discovered that I've won tickets for first day of Wimbledon, on Centre, and mens Quarter Finals day, on Court 1! Praise the LTA and the Club Ballot :D
  7. Tennis_Nickmo

    Tennis Channel Open

    Is there anywhere online that the tennis channel open is broadcast? Thanks, Nick
  8. Tennis_Nickmo

    Custom Made Hewlett Packard Laptop

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with HP custom made laptops or desktops before, as I'm considering purchasing one.
  9. Tennis_Nickmo

    Adidas' use of the three stripes

    Did adidas win their case against the ITF for the use of the 3 stripes on their clothing? It seems a bit odd, as I thought they had done, but since the case, the use of the three stripes has diminished to very little. On the current range, its just on the very edge of the shirt sleeves, with...
  10. Tennis_Nickmo

    Converting videos-mobile phone

    Does anyone know how to convert Windows Media Player Videos into a format that can be viewed on a Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone? It would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  11. Tennis_Nickmo

    Proxy Websites

    Does anyone know of any good proxy websites, that allow you to get onto banned websites. I want to watch the Aus Open on Betfair, but my schools blocked the link. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. Tennis_Nickmo

    Online Tennis

    Does anyone know if any of the current tournaments are being broadcast over the internet, a la Rotterdam?
  13. Tennis_Nickmo

    Adidas Bandanas

    Does anyone know if you can get adidas bandanas in the UK? For example, the ones that Baghdatis and Gonzalez wear? Thanks, Nick
  14. Tennis_Nickmo

    Adidas 07

    Do you have any images of the new colour schemes for the Barricade IV 07, as well as any of the new adidas clothing for next year? Thanks
  15. Tennis_Nickmo

    Adidas Headbands

    Is it possible for me to get hold of the Adidas Headbands in the UK, such as the ones that Marcos Baghdatis wears? Thanks
  16. Tennis_Nickmo

    Scratches on Mobile Phones

    I recently purchased a new contract mobile phone, but have managed to get scratches onto the screen. Does anyone know of anyway to remove the scratches at all? Thanks
  17. Tennis_Nickmo

    Different Standards of Racket and Player

    Why do some people attempt to convince themselves that they are good enough to play with pro frames? A friend of mine has recently purchased a Pure Drive Roddick, and believes that he is of a level to play with it. However, he is not nearly of the ability required to actually play with a racket...
  18. Tennis_Nickmo

    Nike Shipping

    Do you allow Nike goods to be sold to the UK, and if not, do you know where I could order them in the UK? Thanks
  19. Tennis_Nickmo

    Volkl Racket Bags

    Has anyone else had trouble with volkl bags? In the three bags that I have had, I have had one strap snap, one zip fall off, and one handle snap! Is this just me being unlucky, or are there genuine problems with their manufacture?
  20. Tennis_Nickmo

    Luxilon Stencils

    Does anyone know where I could get the luxilon image stencil from? Thanks
  21. Tennis_Nickmo

    Big Banger Timo

    How do people find the Big Banger Timo string plays? Is it relatively spin friendly, or more towards power? Edit: Luxilon, not Big Banger!
  22. Tennis_Nickmo

    Ink on restringing machines

    Does anyone here know how to get ink off restringing machines, after painting racquet strings on it?
  23. Tennis_Nickmo

    Worn out Barricade IVs warranty.

    I have worn out the soles of my BIVs along the outer side of the shoe, to the point of which it is smooth. As I put my weight on this part of the shoe in the main, the remainder of the shoe is in good condition. As it is only around four months since I bought the shoes, am I likely to get a...
  24. Tennis_Nickmo

    New Adidas Line

    Is it just me, or are none of the pro's wearing the new adidas line, with the Christmas colours, on clay this season?
  25. Tennis_Nickmo

    What time is Sampras Ginepri on?

    Anyone know what time the Sampras Ginepri match is on in GMT. I know the GT time is 8:30 on court, but if someone could convert that for me, I'd be extremely thankful. Cheers.
  26. Tennis_Nickmo

    Volkl Contracts

    Has anyone else on here got a contract with Volkl? If so, what are they like in terms of customer relations, etc? Thanks
  27. Tennis_Nickmo

    What affects strings breaking?

    What actually affects strings breaking, because someone told me it was spin, but I hit with a large amount of spin on my forehand, and on my slice backhard, and hardly ever break strings. Is it more power, or something else?
  28. Tennis_Nickmo

    Flexpoint causes injuries???

    Can the Head Flexpoint rackets cause arm injuries, because a player I was talking to at my club was saying that the shop he went to didn't recommend them, as if they flex the wrong way, it can put too much strain on your arm. Does anyone know if this is true?
  29. Tennis_Nickmo

    New Adidas Formotion Caps

    Does anyone know anything about the new adidas Formotion hat? I saw it on a website a while ago, but its been taken down. Any ideas where I could get one online?
  30. Tennis_Nickmo

    New Adidas Formotion Caps

    Does anyone know anything about the new adidas Formotion hat? I saw it on a website a while ago, but its been taken down. Any ideas where I could get one online?