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  1. Nextman916

    Wanted: Prince Textreme 95 2015

    Searching for a Prince Textreme 95 (2015 model) in 4 3/8 grip size. Please email me at PhilC9 at gmail dot com Thank you!
  2. Nextman916

    WTB: Donnay Pro one 97 16x19 2012 version dual core

    As title says, looking for this stick in any grip size. Cheers!
  3. Nextman916

    Wanted: Fischer Black Granite No. One size 3/8

    As the title says, taking interest as long as its in playable condition. Thanks in advance!
  4. Nextman916

    WTB Head Microgel Prestige Pro 4 3/8

    As the title says, taking interest as long as its in playable condition. Thanks in advance!
  5. Nextman916

    Prestige pro cap grommets?

    Will the youtek prestige pro cap grommets fit on the older microgel prestige pro? Thanks in advance!
  6. Nextman916

    FS: Prince Diablo Midplus XP, Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100 - both 4 3/8

    First up, a very rare extended players frame that slipped a lot of radars. Prince Diablo Midplus XP - 4 3/8 gripsize Some specs for those who don't know: Headsize: 96 inch Length: 27.5 - hence the XP Beam width: 22mm straight Weight: 325g +/- strung Makeup: GraphitExtreme, Triple...
  7. Nextman916

    FS: Yonex RDX 500 Mid - 4 3/8 - 7.5/10

    Finally parting with a beloved frame of mine. - Yonex RDX 500 mid 4 3/8 grip size - 7.5/10 condition, normal play wear - Comes with an additional set of new grommets! (extremely rare to find nowadays) - Strung with Technifibre black code and PSG w/ duraflex (Strings are aligned, bed...
  8. Nextman916

    Tennis in Taipei

    I will most likely be studying mandarin at NTNU from 7/1/11-8/23/11 Anybody there going to be free to hit in that timeframe? Let me know, thanks! -Philip Chu
  9. Nextman916

    So in the long run if Nad owns Fed, but Djok owns Nad, and Fed owns Djok?

    What happens then? :???: Discuss...
  10. Nextman916

    Vac Pro 90 question

    I managed to get my hands on one of these classics recently, pink/grey/blue "Stitch" PJ and 'Made in Austria' printed on the frame. The specs are printed 340g +/- 6g on the throat. But prior research led me to believe that it was supposed to be 330g, but I know there were later made china...
  11. Nextman916

    WTB Fischer Tennis Bags

    Looking for a Fischer tennis bag in any variation, preferably 3 to 6 pack. Please contact me @ Thanks!
  12. Nextman916

    Wanted: Fischer M-speed 98 SL 4 3/8

    Looking for the older red/green/black cosmetic in L3 gripsize (4 3/8). Please email me at with offers, thanks!
  13. Nextman916

    FS: Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100 4 3/8

    I have 1 Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100 for sale, grip size 4 3/8. Barely hit with condition 9.5/10. Please contact me at for price/pics or more info, thanks!
  14. Nextman916

    Biomimetic 100?

    Posted my question in an earlier thread to no I figured I'd start a direct thread. Is the biomimetic 100 scheduled for release in the US? and if so when would be a ETA? Thanks in advance.
  15. Nextman916

    wanted: Vantage 90 sq inch VT111

    Looking for vantage 90 sq in frames, particularly the VT111 or any other vantage 90's in the lower 60 stiffness ratings. If any one is selling please let me know, thanks in advance!
  16. Nextman916

    SAP Open: The Perfect Serve Great short feature on Roddick, really helps you get behind his mind and how much tennis means to him in general. Two thumbs up from me.
  17. Nextman916

    Fs (2006) Rds 001 Mp 4 3/8

    Condition is 8.5/10, this is also the 2006 PJ version of this stick, making it all the more desirable. Frame only has 1 minor paint chip on the side, and dent on grommet. Frame is unstrung, price is $65 shipped. Feel free to email me PhilC9@gmail. for pics and additional info. Thanks!
  18. Nextman916

    Wanted: Yonex RDX 500 Mid

    Looking for RDX 500 Mid, preferably in grip size 4 3/8 or smaller. msg me/shoot me an email, appreciate it.
  19. Nextman916

    Kot_Bigemot is a terrific seller

    Great racquet, came just as advertised. Great packaging, communication, and fast shipping. His reputation really speaks for itself, would not hesitate to buy from again.
  20. Nextman916

    Wanted: Prince Tour Diablo Mid 4 3/8

    Looking for Prince Tour Diablo Midsize 4 3/8 grip, in usable condition. Please msg me/shoot me an email, thanks!
  21. Nextman916

    Did Dunlop get rid of m-fil completely in the AG 4D?

    Can anybody confirm this? Since 4D braiding is located in the 5 & 7 position, as well as the 3 & 9 position where the older m-fil used to be. Looking closely in person at a 4D 100 right now, only 4D material is exposed in those areas. I am aware that the older aerogels still had m-fil at the 3...
  22. Nextman916

    Orlando players

    Okay....heres my background. 19 years old student been playing tennis about 4-4.5yrs, played HS tennis 2 years, and used to train 5 days a week on clay courts in tampa. Taught during the school year/summer at the club I played at as well. Im a strong 4.5 when I'm on my game, which is mostly hard...
  23. Nextman916

    Tennis is Taipei

    Hi guys, Im in Taipei currently until July 24th and i really wanted to find a place to get out and hit or possibly take lessons. But everwhere ive looked there hasnt been the slightest sign of a court nearby. There is an atheletic complex across the street from my hotel, but their courts were...
  24. Nextman916

    My Experience at ****...

    So i went to **** today there were some pretty interesting things in there and here are my experiences: -first off i noticed that there were none of those blue babolat stringers found on their website, instead they must have been replaced by a silver colored stringer with a red mount? Im not...
  25. Nextman916

    What should i do to my racquet at ****?

    Im in NJ currently on vacation, my dad always takes trips to NY so i thought ide visit the famous ****. But im unsure what i should get there, im using a M-speed pro 98 stock as of right now, however i have no intentions with customizing the frame in anyway right now. Im thinking of getting a...
  26. Nextman916

    Anyone tried Head Pro tacky overgrip? 24 grips for $16.99, thats one hell of a deal. Anyone have any experiences with this overgrip yet? It might grow to become pretty popular around here, the only thing i dont like is the traction cut into it(those never worked for me).
  27. Nextman916

    Well, im switching my RDS MP for the M-speed 98...

    I never thought i would say this so soon....I was originally going to buy 2 more of my RDS 001 MP but decided to demo just before i bit the bullet. My local store charges $25 for a 1 month rental and once you finally decide and buy a racquet the charge comes out of the price of the racquet, so...
  28. Nextman916

    Anyone hear what Pmac said about Robredo in his match against Nadal??

    Its rather old news but I thought Ide bring it up again. Does anyone recall Pmac bagging on Tommy's game during his match vs Nadal? He was bickering on how the guy doesnt deserve a spot in the top 10 with all these absurd reasons, sure the guy doesnt have a huge knock out punch but hes a great...
  29. Nextman916

    What Adidas sweater is Safin wearing here??

    He wore it recently he played an exhibition to support Unicef with Berdych. Thats right Berdych, but dont get too hyped up by the results(seeing how their styles have been compared lately). It was held outside the Palais Royal in Paris and surrounded by a crowd with little to none shielding so...
  30. Nextman916

    Did Agassi ever wear this???

    Did he or is this a fake? I couldnt find it on yahoo images...