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    Who are your favorite new WTA players?

    I love Maria Sakkari at the moment. She's a beast :)
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    Tennis Elbow. Is it curable?

    Do you have a link to it? I tried finding it but had some trouble.
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    Hows the quarantine treating you

    Masks are required indoors for all gyms even during physical activity. Unfortunately this applies to indoor tennis facilities as well :(. I have been working out at our community gym on off hours and most of the time there is nobody there so I keep my mask off unless someone enters. I was...
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    Hows the quarantine treating you

    We are required to wear a mask while working out in all gyms and while playing tennis (singles and doubles). As much as I love tennis I just can't play with a mask on. I don't expect these restrictions to be lifted until the spring so no winter tennis for me. Upside is that it will give me...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I wonder if this is in anticipation of the new version of the Clash...
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    Will you be playing indoors this winter?

    A person just tested positive in one of my old tennis groups. Obviously this was somewhat of a "wake up call" for a lot that are playing. We are still required to wear masks while playing indoors. However, based on the rates of infections in our state and the fact that I can't play with a...
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    Will you be playing indoors this winter?

    Well our state just put in place a restriction that masks must be worn at all times in gyms and this includes tennis facilities. This goes until at least 1/11/21. As much as I love tennis I simply can't play with a mask on. Most of the men in my group have bailed out until the restriction...
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    CLASH 100 a Recommendation for multifilament strings

    I recently tried NG for the first time (VS Touch 17) and had it strung at 50 lbs. I did some research prior to stringing and saw that you should string close to what you were stringing with your multis. I typically string my multis at 50-52 for some elbow issues. For me it was a mistake and...
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    String for Wilson Clash 100

    Just strung my Clash 100's with some new strings. I did one with X-One Bi Phase at 52 lbs and one with VS Touch NG at 56 lbs. Looking forward to trying them out. My third is strung with Tecnifiber Triax at 52 lbs. It is a very nice multi.
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    Natural Gut First Impressions

    What soft poly would you recommend with the NG???
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    Natural Gut First Impressions

    Thanks for the great info. TE is pretty much cured at the moment. Just trying to take as many precautions as possible to prevent a reoccurance. I have stopped using poly strings and now play with the Clash exclusively.
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    Natural Gut First Impressions

    I have no issues stringing the gut or my multi's at a higher tension (52-55 lbs). Just not looking to have any more TE issues.
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    Natural Gut First Impressions

    Hey All...I finally decided to give Babolat VS NG a try in my Clash 100. I have had a history of TE so I decided to string it at around 50 lbs. The NG was nice but not an "epiphany" as I had expected and read from others who use NG regularly. The racquet had a touch of too much power and I...
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    Will anyone here admit...

    Most definitely !!! Find the strings I want then check colors lol... I love black strings in my Clash 100...
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    What happened to Novak at the US Open 2020 was....

    It just cracks me up reading the tons of comments on social media about the whole incident. Some of the comments even suggest that it was the line's persons fault. She is now receiving death threats and getting vox'd on her social media. What a complete joke. The fact of the matter is...
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    WTA/ATP Double Scoring

    With the changes that have been made to ATP/WTA doubles scoring is anyone using this same "No Ad" scoring in their rec or USTA matches???
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    That is what I was paying before COVID. Might want to look into Head Velocity. It's around $10.
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    Racquet Taps

    LOL...right here...I have Clash 100's and the paint job on them is shaky at best...
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    Wilson Clash string setup and at what tension

    I have been using I have been using NRG2 17g at around 48-50 lbs in my Clash 100. I like it...
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    Tiafoe tests positive for Covid-19

    LOL...yeah that will work. A recent poll showed over 41% of people WON'T take a vaccine for COVID. Heck look at the amount of people that don't even get a flu shot.
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    Tennis Elbow Protection: Brace or Compression Sleeve?

    I have no pain in the epicondyle at the moment. I have been rehabbing my arm for the past two months. I was just looking for some input on more of a preventative measure to help with re-injury and not a band aid.
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    Tennis Elbow Protection: Brace or Compression Sleeve?

    For players who have occasional tennis elbow or elbow related pain I just wanted to see what everyone's preferred protection was. I have both the strap brace and compression sleeves and was curious what other players found offered better protection.
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    Just had a PRP injection in the rotator cuff today.

    I am getting a PRP injection next Thursday in my elbow for my TE. Hoping this helps in clearing it up.
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    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    Thanks for the advice. I am currently using a 4 3/8 grip and always wondered if this could be causing my issues as I could be gripping the racquet tighter in my swings. I guess I could try bumping it up to 4 1/2. Good advice on the racquet weight. I might try adding some lead tape. Where...
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    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    TE in my dom arm and GE in my non dom. Have both Therabands and used them for 2 months with no playing to rehab which greatly helped. Strokes have been reviewed and are in order and I have switched to a Clash with only multi strings at lower tension. Seeing my ortho tomorrow to discuss options.
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    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    Wilson Clash 100's strung with either NRG2 and Head Velocity at 48-50 lbs I restring about every month
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    Tennis elbow in the making - how to stop it before it gets worse

    I have tried ice and heat for my TE and GE and heat seems to make things worse. The heat just seems to inflame the lateral epicondile. For me ice seems to calm things down. If anybody has any suggestions I am all for it. TE and GE are the most frustrating injury I have ever dealt with. I...
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    When do you use flexbar?

    For those with TE how often are you using it and doing the excercises? Daily, twice daily??
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    Club, Facility, and Camp re-opening protocols.

    The one club near me was actually going to insist that players wear masks while playing... Although I am all for wearing a mask when required in a store or if I can't social distance but I refuse to wear one while playing tennis.
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    Tennis channel

    I haven't watched TC since professional match play has stopped. I can't stand the current format where the commentators have nothing constructive to talk about and just babble.