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  1. Noelle

    A Brilliant Play By John McEnroe

    Does anyone know what this is? I ran across a link to it.
  2. Noelle

    Wilander Weighs In

    Mats Wilander will be blogging about the Australian Open. :) Here is his take on Federer. Hi Everybody, Thanks for visiting my website - I am on my way to the Australian Open for the 21st time, and is this not going to...
  3. Noelle

    FINAL ROUND--funniest threads and posts of 2005

    OK, people! I've decided that the three polls are clearly over, so here are your finalists for Funniest Threads and Posts of 2005. You may vote for more than one option. :D The nominees are: (1-15-2005) Raftermania, for "Hewitt says Federer can be beaten, and he knows how"...
  4. Noelle

    Funniest threads and posts of 2005 (first round, group 3)

    Group 1 poll: Group 2 poll: For Group 3, the nominees are: (10-20-2005) "No more colors, italics, etc. in 'compose' (reply) box..."...
  5. Noelle

    Funniest threads and posts of 2005 (first round, group 2)

    Group 1 poll is here: For Group 2, the nominees are: (2-01-2005) lude popper, for "Terrible, Terrible Racquet Problem": (4-11-2005) pchoi, for "Agassi's racquet"...
  6. Noelle

    Funniest Threads & Posts of 2005 (first round, group 1)

    OK, so the whole point of having the first thread about the funniest posts and threads was to get some nominees for a year-end poll I planned to make. Well, gentlemen and ladies, the end of the tennis year is nigh and it's time to vote on what made you smile, chuckle, snort, giggle, guffaw...
  7. Noelle

    Interesting factoid

    Just trying to cause a little mischief here among one-handed and two-handed backhand players. ;) But I just thought it'd be interesting to mention that of the eight players currently in the Masters Cup, Federer, Coria, Nalbandian, Ljubicic, Gaudio, Gonzalez, Davydenko, Puerta only three...
  8. Noelle

    Something Rare

    I was at my university's courts today and I saw our #1 varsity player warming up. He was using a righty 2-handed forehand and a 1-handed backhand. For the forehand, he held the racquet in a full Western grip in his right hand, then added the left hand on the upper part of the handle. He started...
  9. Noelle

    Clijsters close to regaining #1

    If Kimmy regains #1 and ends the year with it, she'll be the first in years who's also won a Slam within the calendar year.
  10. Noelle

    Australian Open Enhancements (Tennis Week article) Australian Open Enhancements By Tennis Week 09/28/2005 Rod Laver is getting a face lift, new arms, reinforced legs and and a stronger back. The legendary Grand Slam champion isn't undergoing...
  11. Noelle

    Were YOU quoted?

    I just thought this would be the right place to post this thing, since this is where we discuss the pro players and where these quotes were taken from. Tennis-X has a periodical special called "BoardWatch," where they track hot topics of conversation. Most recently, they looked at the traffic...
  12. Noelle

    bits and pieces versus learning as a whole: your thoughts?

    I stumbled across this article today and I thought I'd ask the more knowledgeable tennis experts on this forum what they thought.
  13. Noelle

    Could you sticky "Roddick's ankle braces"?

    The question of what brand Andy Roddick wears for ankle braces is asked every month, with a new thread each time. I think it would help save some of the boards' resources if a sticky was created. Could you sticky this thread ( ) to the top of...
  14. Noelle

    Funniest thread/post -- nominations please!

    Just for fun, what have been the funniest threads or posts you've encountered on the TennisWarehouse forum? Here are my favorites: Rickson, not Raul, the cheat There's an in-joke on these forums regarding Rickson and his cheating...
  15. Noelle

    US Open: fans get to keep the ball Will the lost ball be replaced in play by a new ball, or will they pull out an old ball from under the umpire's seat?
  16. Noelle

    ATP Doubles Format Changes
  17. Noelle

    Dementieva gets serve advice from Krajicek

    Check it out. Apparently Richard Krajicek has been helping Dementieva with her serve (and boy does she need it!).
  18. Noelle

    *spoiler* Safin vs. Lopez

    spoilers ahead... I'm watching this match right now. Pretty good tennis, although that line call against Lopez in Safin's 5th service game was atrocious. Even Marat knew it was out, but the umpire didn't overturn the call. Anyway, Lopez leads 1 set to love (6-4).
  19. Noelle

    The French Open "Chokies"--open for nominations *spoiler*

    I added the spoiler warning in case we begin to discuss ongoing matches. :) Who do you think has choked away matches so far during the French Open? I'm asking this because was aghast to see Paul-Henri Mathieu squander all those match points against Canas, only to lose the match...
  20. Noelle

    Roddick FO observations *spoiler*

    Just some spoiler space... Okay, I've dried off my tears after the Roddick-Acasuso match. ;) While I have seen some improvement in Roddick's gameplay, there was always this sense of inevitability that he'd lose this particular match. Possibly I got this feeling from...
  21. Noelle

    Wardlaw directionals

    This thread got me searching for the Wardlaw directionals. I decided it might be useful to put up a guide about what's been written about this, particularly on this message board. Hopefully, this list will be useful for other people who are looking for information about this, since they won't...
  22. Noelle

    caption this

    Has anyone seen this yet?
  23. Noelle

    Whatwrist's role in two-handed backhand

    What's the wrist's role in the two-handed backhand? I already went through some threads looking for a specific answer to this, but couldn't find it. I was wondering what the wrist's role is in the two-handed backhand. I'm very prone to hitting backhands into the net because I don't get under...
  24. Noelle

    Two-handed serve?

    I was on the tennis courts last Wednesday, and on the next court I saw a left-handed male player hit with his partner. After a while, I saw him toss up the ball to serve--but it was for a righty serve (left foot in front, toss to the right of the body). Then he took his racquet and hit the ball...
  25. Noelle

    Caption this

  26. Noelle

    Sharapova vs. Davenport (Pan Pacific Open) SPOILER?

    Okay, since I don't know if this is airing elsewhere in the world except where I am, I'm going to provide some spoiler space. Sharapova tops Davenport in finals of Toray Pan Pacific Open:
  27. Noelle

    Henman injured again! :(

    Bad news for Brits...
  28. Noelle

    Boris Becker branded racquet?

    I have a friend whose racquet doesn't seem to have a brand name painted on it. However, it has Boris Becker's name on it and the logo "BB" on the buttcap. Other information painted on the racquet includes the words "CTS Thunderstick" and a few numbers I can't quite recall now. It's not a Puma...
  29. Noelle

    Bad Stringing Experience (repost from Rants & Raves)

    On the suggestion of equinox, I'm reposting this here. I'm also going to name the pro shop that did this to those poor racquets. :( Anyone had any bad experiences with stringing? Sadly, I (and a friend) have come across bad stringing and stringing policies our first time out. My friend...
  30. Noelle

    Dementieva's serve--is it improved?

    A few months ago when I first came onto this board, y'all were ragging her about her serve. Dementieva: Worst serve for a top-ten player? Now, as I'm watching her at the Watsons Water Challenge in Hong Kong, I keep hearing the commentator say that she's improved her serve. Personally I don't...