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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    They seem mostly white to me with slight grey but even the description says white and black on TE, where I ordered them from. Then TW says blue/black/yellow. The sites need pics of them on people’s feet. It’s just a confusing scenario is all. Not sure why all sites don’t match up is all. I had a...
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    Just a heads up, I received these and they’re super deceiving. I thought they were white and black but they’re blue/grey with black stripes. I ordered mine from TE because I had a gift card and their description said white and black. Not cool! Even TW pics looks black and white.
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    Adidas Spring/Summer 2021

    I have only worn Adidas apparel and shoes for the last 5 years and they have absolutely been dropping the ball with apparel lately. Shoes have been pretty solid. Not digging this years AO fits, one of the worst in the last 5 years I would say. Shoe color wise and apparel wise. I wait months and...
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    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    Just got mine in right before the weekend and I’m super bummed. I swear by the Solecourt Boosts and have had about 8 pair in different colors and I wear a 10 in those because they run really big (1 pair of socks). I used to wear the Ubersonic 2’s a few years back and wore 10 1/2 (2 pair of...
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    New Tsitsipas Shoes Vienna

    Did you guys notice he switched back to his solecourt’s midway through the match?
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    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    Wilson let me know the Ultra Pro 16x19 will be available 10/10. They said it was held up at their port.
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    Wilson Pro Stock Line

    Just talked to Wilson! They said the Ultra Tour 16x19 is not out of stock and they are working on getting the problem fixed.
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    New Head Speed

    You obviously haven’t seen how many people have been asking for this pint job ever since the last one came out lol it’s in high demand! I personally am going to order a couple as soon as they are on pre order. I think they are beautiful, I just would have gone with white grommets and cap. Can’t...
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    New Head Speed Anytime Soon?

    Release date?! Awesome news on the Pro version :)
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    New Head Speed Anytime Soon?

    Check out mains and crosses on Instagram. Their story has a couple pictures of the reverse pain job of the speeds! Looks beautiful, been waiting for a year for the reverse of this version. Hope it comes in the pro version!
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    Is there a new Wilson Ultra Tour on the way?

    Wilson says on Instagram it’s coming out next year, just not sure when next year
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    New Head Gravity

    I heard from TW staff shortly after your post Brittany, I really appreciate that! Always had nothing but the best service from you guys online and down at Indian Wells every year. Just a little miscommunication was all. Keep up the good work
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    Head Gravity

    Played with the Pro three times now so here is a little background info and then my thoughts. I’m open level player/29/fit/hard hitting with flatter strokes/all courter. I usually use a Head Speed Pro weighted up or a Blade 18x20 weighted up. Usually use Poly/Gut setup around 61/64 but my demo...
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    New Head Gravity

    I ordered a Gravity Pro a few days ago and then got an email saying the item is backordered and won’t be in stock until July 30th even though on the website it says available July 18th. I then called and asked what was going on and they said they won’t get it from the manufacturer until the...
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    Head 360 Speed Limited

    Has anybody heard any news on a limited edition Head 360 Speed racquet? I think I heard it was supposed to be a reverse paint job maybe? Maybe even pictures? I want to buy a couple more Pro’s but if there is a limited edition version coming soon I want to wait it out! Any news or whispers would...
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    Karen Khachanovs Racquet Specs

    I noticed today down at Indian Wells he was hitting with his Wilson racquet (Blade paint). Not a big shocker seeing as he can’t win any matches since he switched over to Head.
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    Prestige Graphene Touch options

    That is actually a really good point! I am 29 and in some of the best shape I’ve ever been in. It took me a good week to get used to the overall added weight for this specific racquet but once my arm/shoulder got used to the lead it was a dream come true. I play doubles about 3 days a week and...
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    Prestige Graphene Touch options

    yeah sorry!
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    Prestige Graphene Touch options

    I had been doing the racquet shuffle for the last few months after using the Head 360 MP leaded up to about 13 oz, but was having trouble getting any pop on my serve, which has NEVER been a problem for me. When I tried the Pro version of the Prestige racquet I knew it had a ton of potential with...
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    Djokovic New PJ in Toronto

    it’s the new head speed graphene 360 paint job. it’s been out for a few weeks now! i recommend giving the MP version a shot, i have two already. it’s on tw’s website!
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    Racquets that you wanted to love but hated .

    it’s funny this post came up, i was just thinking about this the other day. i play with the speed mp leaded up and really love it but i’ve gone to the babolat pure strike 16x19 three times to try and switch to it based purely on paint job and it NEVER works out! that’s probably the best looking...
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    New Head Speed Info

    i already love my racket and the way i have it setup, so why would i need to change anything about it besides a paint job? the racket only does so much for the player, if you’re good you can play with most of the rackets they have out today with a little getting used to it. i just get tired of...
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    New Head Speed Info

    Has anybody heard when the new Head Speeds are due to come out? Also, any pics of what it is supposed to look like or has anybody heard at least what it’s supposed to look like? I have 4 of the current Speeds, but I really want an update at least to the paint job soon lol Thanks in advance!
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    looking for dunlop 300 g hotmelt

    hey! a few people actually hit me up with some for sale, let me know if you need their info!
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    looking for dunlop 300 g hotmelt

    ive been looking EVERYWHERE for a Dunlop 300 g Hotmelt racquet, but I have had absolutely no luck. can anybody help me out here with one for sale or somewhere to look? i would really appreciate it!
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    alexander zverev’s new sticki want to

    i’ve been looking everywhere to see when zverev’s new head graphene speed mp blue is coming out or if it’s coming to the US but so far no word? does anyone know when and if it’s going to be released here in the US? i’ve heard it’s not being released in the US but i dont know why they wouldn’t...
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    New Babolat racquet - Fanny Stollar

    i’m pretty sure she is playing with a Wilson Burn. i say that because on her instagram account, in her latest pic, she is holding a Wilson Burn in her hand. i would assume she had that Babolat pj because she might have been under contract or something still.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    it's a little hard to explain without picking up the UT and playing with it. it has a very old school/SOLID feel. i felt with my blade i couldn't get that super solid feel until i added more weight to it. i just added 4 thick strips of the gamma lead tape to my ultra yesterday and it played even...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    hey guys, first post on here so cut me some slack on my review. i am an open level player with big ground strokes/serve (all courter/attacking style). i have tried almost every racket on the market within the last few years (mostly out of curiousity) and i use a weighted up blade 98 18x20...