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  1. ramos77

    PS BLX 90 versions

    I bought a PS BLX 90 when I was in Dubai The specs on the racquet are: 339g, 30.5 cm balance and 12p head light. Is this the Asian version? When I weigh the frame it's 346.2 grams strung (no overgrip) I wanted to buy another one, just a bit confused if I have the asian or US...
  2. ramos77

    Babolat Academy Pressureless balls

    Bought a bucket for my ball machine and used them today. They seem lighter that Micro-X and not as hard, perfect for ball machines really.. They felt great. Will report back as I use them more, but apparently they are better for your arm than Tretorn balls, but don't last quiet as long...
  3. ramos77

    Arm and shoulder strength for tennis

    Hi all, Which specific exercises would you recommend for strengthening the arm and shoulder for tennis? I want to improve power in my strokes. I guess you would also need to strengthen legs and core muscles? Also what excercises would you recommend for strengthening power in the one...
  4. ramos77

    Spin/arm friendly cross string for NG mains

    Hi all, So I've bought a bunch of VS gut(16) and Wilson NG (16) packs to last me a while. I've broken a set of VS pretty quickly (on the mains), so I'm looking for a good cross string that will hold tension well, and wont give me a sore elbow. All gut string bed is great on my arm, but too...
  5. ramos77

    What has tennis meant for you?

    Some background: My father passed away 2 years ago from Cancer, aged 60. It's been the hardest 5 years of life by far (he was sick for 3) I'm now 34. I really reached a low point in my life, I guess you could call it deep depression and anxiety. There were so many things I wanted to ask my...
  6. ramos77

    Tennis in Portugal

    ola! I'm leaving Australia to visit my family in Portugal between late June and August. I'll be in Lisbon, Beja and around Algarve. I don't think my cousins play, so just wandering if anyone would like a hit? Or if you could recommend some nice courts. Obrigado!