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    What technique causes golfer's elbow

    I'm trying to find possible causes for my golfer's elbow. Please don't say "poly strings" or "stiff racquets". Equipment is not the cause, it's just a factor that aggravates it, and I already know what equipment aggravates my elbow the most. I'm thinking along the lines of technique. I've done...
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    What shoes do you prefer for Squats?

    I'm just curious about what most people prefer to wear when squatting. When I look around in the gym, I see mostly running shoes. I have seen a few people wear weight lifting shoes, but those are rare. However, I think I'm going to buy a pair to see what kind of difference it makes. Weight...
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    Stan Smith Boost?

    I was just surfing on YouTube and saw a review of the Stan Smith Boost! How odd. They put a full length Boost midsole in the Stan Smith. I suppose it makes the shoe more comfortable for leisure, which is what the shoe is primarily used for these days.
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    Andy Murray is #1, but we can't buy his shoes!

    Amazing isn't it? Under Armour pays big money to get a deal with Andy Murray, he gets to #1, but they won't profit from shoes sales because they don't sell his shoes at retail! I would be curious to try his shoes if they sold them. They are already the #2 seller of basketball shoes behind Nike...
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    Mental game for matches

    What are some ways to stay focused for match play but still be loose enough to hit winning shots? My problem seems to be that sometimes I get too tight during matches. I'd love to be able to hit the kind of shots during matches that I routinely make during practice.
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    TIP - Prince T22 comes in Both Narrow and Wide!

    I discovered this at a local store that carries the T22 in different colors. They come in 2 boxes: black or white. The black box on top says "Made in Cambodia". The white box in the bottom says "Made in China". They are the same model but the fit is very different. My guess is the different...
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    Non-GMO Benefits. Fact or Fiction?

    There has been a lot of talk on both sides about possible benefits of non-GMO food. Non-GMO's include organically grown fruits and vegetables, grass-fed cattle, and wild caught fish. Some say there is evidence of long-term harmful effects of GMO's while others say there is no benefit to spending...
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    Anyone compare the Warrior to the T22?

    Has anyone compared the new Prince Warrior to the T22? Did they change the fit? I didn't like the T24. I love the T22. I'm thinking I might have to stock up on it.
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    Six One 95S vs Tour 98 ESP vs Tour 100T ESP

    I had a chance to demo all 3 racquets (freshly strung) over the last week, so I thought I'd post my thoughts. All 3 racquets have a high spin open pattern and similar players specs. I'm looking for a racquet that will give me similar comfort and play to my Pro Kennex Ki 5x with some additional...
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    Gut with Ashaway Zyex Monogut cross, bad...very bad

    It amazes me how long people have been talking about this combination in different threads, but almost everyone who posts is either asking if anyone else tried it or is trying to get other people to try it. Well, guess what? I'm the sucker who finally tried it a few days ago. My setup was...
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    Ibuprofen: Benefits and Risks

    I read an interesting article from a tennis newsletter on Ibuprofen: It basically explains that the mechanism that results in an anti-inflammatory effect also inhibits enzymes that promote repair and muscle...
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    Head Xtremesoft Overgrip

    I think I might have found a new favorite overgrip. I received a sample 3-pack of Head Xtremesoft (white) as a door prize for entering a tournament. Now that I've tried it, I might actually switch to it after my stash of Yonex Supergrap runs out. Here's why I like it: - It is very thin and...
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    Strangest tip to increase weightlifting

    Hmm...according to MSN, I can increase my weightlifting performance by watching porn! Is MSN promoting porn or something?
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    Swingweight of 377. Does this sound right?

    I tried out the Swingweight Tool on TWU. Here's my racquet. Model: Pro Kennex Ki 5x Strings: Klip Legend 16 Weights: 3.5-4g (Tourna Power...
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    Cat who slaps gators

    This cat is amazing!
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    Murray's Equipment Problems

    I don't think Andy Murray did Adidas any favors at Wimbledon. I kept thinking about him slipping and almost turning his ankle a few times. I also thought about the balls dropping out of his pocket and costing him points in a close match against Ferrer. Maybe it's a good time for another company...
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    Budget Syngut Reel

    What's the best value in a synthetic gut that I can get in a reel? This won't be for me. It will be for friends who play tennis or racquetball recreationally and just want a decent string for a low price. I'll probably get the 16 gauge. I see that Gosen OG Sheep Micro and Tecnifibre Synthetic...
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    Pacaquiao or Bradley?

    I know what I saw. It was a vastly different fight from the one the judges saw. What do you think?
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    Alpha Pioneer DC Plus Tension Accuracy

    So far, I'm very happy with my new APDC+. It's smooth, rock solid, and the tension mechanism is so easy to use I don't really see the need for a crank. The only issue I have at this point is the tension accuracy. I've been tracking tension on my racquets with the RacquetTune app, and my...
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    Drop Weight vs Crank

    I'm thinking about getting a stringing machine soon after taxes. It will primarily be for myself and maybe a few friends and family. If I happen to get outside business, that's fine, but I know you can't make a lot a money from stringing when you look at the hourly rate anyway, unless you own a...
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    Reviews on Comfortable Racquets to replace APD

    I recently had the opportunity to demo 5 racquets to replace my Babolat APDGT. I loved my APDGT but it was too harsh on my arm. It has been suggested that if I hit the sweetspot every time, it wouldn't be a problem (great advice, right?!). Here are the racquets I tried. All of them were...
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    Pro Kennex Ki there sand in it?

    When I shake the Pro Kennex Ki 5 it sounds like there is sand in it. I also hear the same sound with the Pro Kennex Ki 5 PSE. Does anyone know what this is?
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    Thoughts on some Arm-Friendly Racquets to replace APD

    My racquet is the APDGT. I like the solid feel and the big sweet spot. I hate the harshness on my arm. I used to hit everything long with it, but I've adjusted to the power now. However, I can probably go down a notch or two in power if everything else is right. I used heavier frames in the past...
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    Worst Multifilament or Syngut

    Ok, we have other threads for great stings. I thought maybe it would be good to start a thread on strings we should avoid. I want to limit it to non-poly strings (since my arm won't let me use poly). To all you manufacturers who raise prices when people say good things about your strings, maybe...
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    Prince T-10 Any Thoughts?

    I read the TW review on the Prince T-10. I'm wondering if it might be a good shoe for me. I have a narrow foot with a low/medium arch. I loved the AdiZero Feathers until my toes recently started jamming on stops. I still love the NB 804's (B width) but they look bland and are a little roomy for...
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    Who makes NXT?

    I read that Wilson NXT is made in France. I know France is not exactly a hotbed of capitalism, and I doubt that Wilson would build a factory in France to make tennis strings. However, I know Technifibre and Babolat have made strings in France for years (maybe from the same factory?). Does anyone...
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    Any Low Tension Hybrids that Work?

    Seems that low tension poly is catching on. I'm just curious about whether anyone has had success with a low tension hybrid. As for myself, I tried one with Kirschbaum Spiky/PSGD at 40/44 on my Babolat APD. It had too much power on flat shots and the strings started moving after the first 10...
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    Test: MSV Focus Hex Low Tension

    I just tried this setup today. I am a 4.0/4.5 player with an all-court game. Racquet: Babolat AeroPro Drive GT String: MSV Focus Hex 1.18mm White, full bed Stringing Machine Tension: 35/35 Test situation: 1 hour practice clinic RacquetTune App (24 hrs after stringing): 26.9#, DT 18.7...
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    RPM Clones?

    It seems that whenever RPM Blast is brought up with other players, there's always someone who says they have an RPM clone that plays the same for about half the price. I've heard some of those names, but I'd rather let others bring them up. What are your favorite RPM clones, and how much does...