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    When the bacon

    When the bacon is so good that your body is shivering with pleasure Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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    I want to buy....

    a T-Shirt, with a picture of Stan's shorts from the French Open last year. ....please.
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    Spin cycle for service

    I am thinking of developing some patterns for serving. I am hoping to get into a routine for holding serve. The idea is to have confidence and rhythm throughout the service game. I am coming to net behind all serves by default, but will adjust if needed. My best serves are Deuce court semi...
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    Heartbreaking (funny)
  5. PhrygianDominant

    Enjoying berdych more than previously

    His attacking play and groundstrokes especially. Not sure if my taste has changed or he has. Maybe because I have been pondering my own forehand lately and mine looks more like his than other pro players'.
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    Tennis in LA

    Hi guys, Some of us hit around when I was in LA last year. I will be there again from around the 18th of October towards the end of the month. Message me on here or my email mattjpeters at Cheers
  7. PhrygianDominant

    Nadal tanks QF to avoid losing Final to Wawrinka?

    Nadal goes guerrilla to sabotage the legitimacy of Stan's imminent FO title, because he fears a repeat of their AO match. You have to admire the strategy.
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    I would like to suggest a new rule.

    Please make #hashtags prohibited. They are not functional and really (debatable), really annoying and certain posters use them extensively.
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    Rafter vs. Agassi

    I am just loving this match up lately. What is not to like?
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    Berdych serve stance

    Not sure if it has been discussed, but he has been leaving his back foot farther back for second serves at least. He gets his chest pointing up more this way. He never really had a great kicker. It seems to be helping though. Input from his new coach? If this has been discussed, I apologise...
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    Beating a dead horse in the name of Tennis.

    I have been playing more at net and working on my net game lately. I have now changed my opinion on S&V. suspense............... It could work. Modern players don't volley that well. Even the good ones, with whom I include Federer, Llodra, Wawrinka, to some extent Murray and lately even...
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    Serve and volley journal

    I won a match by coming to net on Sunday. I play a lot of tennis, but I have not been able to improve as fast as I had expected, considering the amount of time and money that I have invested. My coach and I are now working on volleys, S&V, chip und charge, aand I wanted to start this thread...
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    How to deal with awkward lighting

    I played a one day tournament yesterday. I played alright. Won one and lost one. In the match I won I was able to get to net more, playing serve and volley quite a bit. The lights were really bothering me though. I lost the ball when trying for my first volley many times because the...
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    cool new serve doctor video Really like the description of the role of the hip. Something I now understand that I used to do and really helped, and now realize what it is that I lost.
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    Tomic grip change

    I heard a commentator say recently (auckland I think?) that Tomic has a grip change on his volleys. I think this is the first time that I have heard of a pro play with a volley grip change. Has anyone else heard about a pro doing this?
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    Edberg forehand

    I recently heard that Sampras said in his own book, that Edberg's forehand was better than it looked. I have been watching some clips on youtube, and I noticed that Edberg's forehand was pretty accurate. Mats Wilander also said that as a youth Edberg was a baseliner a lá Borg, like all...
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    Looking for a partner in la

    Pasadena I am near the rosebowl for most of the week. Cheers Matt
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    Agassi's forehand as a model-Pros and Cons

    I am a big advocate of practice models. I love visualization and technique practice, and I like considering my strokes. It is, after all, a hobby. I have always been a big Agassi fan. I sometimes have considered modeling my game after him in total, especially when I am frustrated. His...
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    Really liking Murray these past two weeks

    He seems to be hitting his forehand pretty well, running around it often, and going up the line with his backhand. All in all it looks good.
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    I saw something really funny today

    This little guy who practices at my club, probably about 9 years old. He is a really strong junior, and you can tell his parents have invested a lot of time and money into their kids' tennis. He was playing with his sister. He is wearing Nadal's headband, shoes, and playing with Nadal's...
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    Loving this match Mirnyi has such a big game. It is a pleasure watching him crack those volleys with authority. He reminds me a bit of a basketball foward with his movement. Pretty fluid for a big guy. Dangerous is the word that comes to mind. I am and...
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    2 days, 2 completely different matches

    I played the same guy twice this week. On the first day I couldn't get anything going on either wing. I managed to get by on my serve alone and won in a tiebreaker. On the second day my service deserted me. I quickly lost confidence in my game and reverted to slicing, moonballing his...
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    Federer to get his own video game

    It's a simulation
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    Do you ever feel like your strokes are in a constant state of flux?

    Spring is here, the nets are up, and tennis has moved outside again. Out here in the world, I find myself struggling to do some things that I took for granted indoors. I remember this from last year, but I have improved a lot since then, so I feel like it's a new experience. Indoors I...
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    Story about Bollettieri on NPR
  26. PhrygianDominant

    When will Murray finally learn

    to hit through his forehand. He goes complete games without hitting a respectable forehand.....then he starts hitting it with some authority and wins a point, and then promptly forgets and starts hitting it with too much spin again..... Frustrating beyond belief.
  27. PhrygianDominant

    The shot nobody talks about

    Lately I have been winning points with a shot that I don't have a name for. It's maybe called the mid-court half-volley lob! This usually happens when I hit a shot with an opponent at net, they somewhat mishit their volley, which drops short right in front of them. I then have to run...
  28. PhrygianDominant

    Wawrinka is the shortest slam winner since Gaudio

    10 years ago....interesting? decide. Is tennis getting bigger? Was it getting bigger and then it stalled out at just over 6ft.? Or is it simply a coincidence that the best players have also been around the same height? Inquiring minds want to know..........
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    Retired Pro vs. Current Pro "blast from the past" pretty fun.
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    Nadal to be paid $1 million per night in new league?