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  1. TMCW140

    Nike 2021 general thread

    Love that Uncle Toni is lurking in the background with custom purple cage 3’s with Rafa’s name on them. ‘NEVER FORGET FELIX, NEVER FORGET’
  2. TMCW140

    Nike 2021 general thread

    Fair play to the razzle dazzle effect, it’s very hard to make that silhouette out
  3. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Now that is impressive. Dimitrov customs?
  4. TMCW140

    Uniqlo AO 21

    Reid’s pale green Henley is rather nice
  5. TMCW140

    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor X Air Max 95

    Haven’t got them myself but have seen reviews of people burning through the suede rather quickly. Probably worth keeping in mind if you’re planning on playing in them
  6. TMCW140

    Nike 2020 General Thread

    Ooh, those grey/orange knit Vapors though
  7. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    ^^^ dug our my black one recently for running. Forgot how good the materials were!
  8. TMCW140

    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    Not remotely getting into this echo chamber of a conversation, but to be fair, Federer was definitely quoted about being happy to wear nike at Halle when he was out of contract pre-Wimbledon/Uniqlo. Something along the lines of being supportive throughout his career, so no problem wearing out of...
  9. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Played a few proper sets in them yesterday, held up well. Right shoe is now very comfy, still a bit of pressure to sort in the left. Traction and stability felt good, and the sock liner does adapt nicely to your foot. Pleased so far, although be warned, the chrome swoosh scuffs very easily
  10. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes! Old and new! (And trying to revive this thread)
  11. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    So I've suddenly lost the ability to embed photos, but my knits arrived today Same size as my 9 / 9.5's and very comfy. Played a light session in them, got the classic new shoe slightly dead feet but felt nice and supportive. Proper hit in them on Friday
  12. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    ^^^ 3 day sale jackpot!
  13. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Just ordered the blue/black ones. Excited to try them!
  14. TMCW140

    HC shoes on clay

    As people have said, depends how you play; if you're light on your feet, you'll be fine but will probably skid more than usual. Heavier and the skids will be more exaggerated. Not the end of the world either way
  15. TMCW140

    Nike Fall 2019

    Nice bit of purple?
  16. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Anyone else jumped in on these yet?
  17. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Just tried a pair of these on, alongside a pair of standard vapor Xs. Went for the same size in both and the knit were far comfier. I got weird pressure from the instep rubber portion on the standard, and obviously none of that in the knit. Very easy to get on, with a nice compression feel...
  18. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Cheers! I do indeed (or did anyway)! They were Nike ID 2K11s and couldn't fit my name on the back, so thought I'd be a bit more...creative (and honest). Got a lot of looks from people who only saw the left one, thinking it was some weird motivational mantra, before realising what the right one said
  19. TMCW140

    Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

    Would love to hear more thoughts when people get a chance to try them out (a TW review on the way, perhaps?) - nearly out of 9.5’s and may finally make the jump
  20. TMCW140

    Nike Vapor X

    Those Kyrgios vapors. Yes. So much yes
  21. TMCW140

    Nike Fall 2017

    Genuine question - do people think the level of simplicity in a final design (i.e. Rafa’s consistent design but cldifferent colour, the new RF AO top) is a show of a lack of effort? I can’t imagine design processes are made much shorter by not incorporating flashier graphics or radically...
  22. TMCW140

    Pharrel Adidas Stuff

    Can we please take a money to discuss those socks... You know which ones I mean
  23. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    If 'absurd' is the worst you've got, then I'd put that in the win column, no question. And what a 4 hours that must be
  24. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    You definitely, definitely should have. You are my hero
  25. TMCW140

    Federer's AO 2017 kit: $25018 for his shoes!

    Or, y'know, 7 grand to charity for a unique piece of sporting history. Either, or
  26. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Cracking effort
  27. TMCW140

    Nike Spring 2017

    Sure it's probably been mentioned but saw the Federer shirt today - they're all slightly different, much like his. I like the idea of everyone being slightly different in terms of the stripes
  28. TMCW140

    Nike Summer 2017

    Sadly they're a bit trigger happy with deleting pics of upcoming products I'm afraid. Appreciate the post anyway though, they look really cool!
  29. TMCW140

    Nike Summer 2017

    Wow, those photos really didn't last long
  30. TMCW140

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Went with black socks; won. Cheers Rhino!