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  1. Warriorroger

    Zverev and Zvereva
  2. Warriorroger

    Federer - Haas

    This match was one of the strangest matches of Federer I watched. Haas was playing well without a doubt, but I had the feeling Federer almost wanted Haas to win. I am a big fan of Federer, but was happy for young looking veteran Haas. Anyone who watched the match also had the idea that Federer...
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    Sweet gesture Roger

    Not sure if anyone seen the interview with Roger after his match with Goffin. Goffin told the fans he had a poster of Roger and that he idolised Roger. At the end of the interview Roger hugged Goffin like a little brother and stroked his hair, refreshing to see such superstars stay so grounded...
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    Steffi still so great

    Thanks to the poster on youtube, 40+ Steffi Graf and look how well she still hits the ball:
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    Roger Federer and Steffi Graf voted most intimidating players.
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    Admirable footwork

    Like her or not, but just watched these highlights of the Miami match, I have never seen any tennisplayer (male/female) move like Steffi Graf. How can you not like that footwork, she and Roger Federer could be icedancers, that's how elegant both are.
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    Nice exchange between Chris Evert and Steffi Graf

    Nice to see that these two great players could share a joke during a Grandslam Final, made these two pokerplayers more human: 5:23
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    Federer/Graf - Nadal/Seles

    Yet another one who sees similarities in the dynamics of the rivalry:
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    Miss perfection Steffi misses the score

    If there's one player aware of everything around her on the tenniscourt, it was Steffi. Some nice poster on youtube posted the following: check out 1:39:
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    If only we could see this lady in this outfit at the US Open again.. The red outfit, the body, the tennis, wow, miss that. She is even hitting topspinbackhands here :)
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    A good response to the Jon Wertheim/Serena claim as GOAT A much better article. Leaves room for the former greats..
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    If you could hand out a Grandslam who would you give it to?

    After watching the Tsonga - Haas match, I felt for Tommy Haas. It was sad to watch. Not sure what the reasons are for his lack of succes (mentally fragile I suspect). He is one of the oldest players on the tour now, but remains the Benjamin Tommy in my eyes. I love his style of play, his...
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    Pat Cash: Steffi Graf comeback

    Nice article, it will never happen, but one can dream:),19528,12111_5581472,00.html
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    Is this kind of tennis really 11 years ago?

    Watching this kind of tennis and maybe I am not objective, but the speed and power (IMO) would stand ground with today's tennis. It's a different kind of power. The force and angles Monica creates here and the way Steffi counters with her footwork and slice. I don't know, with their talent and...
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    How do you beat the counterpuncher

    Played against a 22 year old guy and lost the two times we played. He doesn't have a great serve or real weapons, he just runs and runs bringing the ball back high, with not a lot of pace, and he is driving me nuts. How do you beat a counterpuncher? One a good day, I win, but when the a game...
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    Former Stadiums and tournaments you miss

    I am interested if tennisfans have the sentiments I do with missing some tournaments from the past and stadiums. I really enjoyed watching the tennis at the former court no 1 at Wimbledon. Does anyone remember? The crowd at one side was on the same level as the player in some sort of dugout...
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    I (we) miss them

    Although I like/love current men's tennis (The Nadal-Federer movie), the WTA just doesn't do it for me since the departure of all the greats or tennisstars. Watching Sabatini on youtube (exhibition), makes me miss that period.
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    Nice Steffi Graf interview
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    Kind of fast: ladies from the past

    I respect Chris Evert and the players before, but tenniswise she doesn't do me much. However, when I saw this clip, the two former legends playing with wooden rackets, with a lot of pace. Kind of made me respect their game a little more.
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    The greatest according to the players (great and good)

    There are so many ''greatest'' debates here. But who do the players find the greatest. Maybe we can come up with interviews etc. I think player's choices have more value/merrit than all these experts on these tennisboards. In this interview Serena Williams talks about Steffi Graf...
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    Is this really slower than current women's tennis?

    Serious question. Many say that today's women hit harder, better than women from the past. I still watch a lot of Graf matches, and I find the pace (with lesser rackets than now) still fast, but maybe because I watch a lot of old matches my vision is a bit blur. Watch this clip and I would...
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    Steffi in 1988

    Someone on youtube took the time to post the Navratilova - Graf match of Wimbledon 1988. I have never watched that match, but I think every poster who said Steffi couldn't hit a topsspinbackhand should watch that match. There is only one other match where I have seen Graf play as good as this...
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    Nice article compares the Graf/Seles dominance with today's tennis.
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    Moderators do something

    Dear Moderators is it possible to stop these endless Seles - Graf debates posted by persons only to mess things up. As a Graf fan it is impossible to post something about her without being bombarded by posts which have been here for several years. The same goes for any true Seles fan. They...
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    Roger Federer is about to break a Steffi Graf record

    Just realised that Roger Federer is about to break Steffi's record as number one for 186 consecutive weeks. Although he is my favorite next to Steffi I wished the record would stay intact. This is different from when Davenport collects a couple of dollars for the first position amongst the...
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    The Divas from the past

    How likely is that the great ladies of the past set up a tour similar to the men's senior tour? I know it would be difficult, cause some of them are mommies. But wouldn't it be great to see them in action again against each other. I am thinking: Steffi Graf - Gabriela Sabatini - Chris Evert -...
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    Who shares this sentiment (Eurosport)

    I don't understand Eurosport. It's no big secret I am a big Steffi Graf fan, when she played (and there were a lot of good/great women's matches in those days, encounters between Graf, Seles, Sabatini, Capriati, Navratilova) there was almost never any airing of those women's matches. Yet we were...
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    Nice Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf interview

    Thanks to the poster on youtube. Love it when Andre says, ''Federer got way more enjoyable after I retired''.
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    Steffi Graf will play Henin in an exhibition.

    +++ Festival for Children: CFT-Event in Mannheim +++ On October 27, 2007 an extraordinary sports and entertainment event will take place: In the SAP-Arena, Mannheim, Steffi Graf will play a match against womens Nr.1 in tennis, Justine Henin. Entertainment will be guaranteed by comedian Otto...
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    Roger Federer's feet

    Just to be unique among these threads. I created a silly post in 2005 about Roger Federer's feet, and it's still there today in 2007. See what happens here. Size 46.