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  1. rudester

    looking for firm, "plasticky" poly

    Tour bite....
  2. rudester

    Stringing pattern Question

    18x20 in steam 99 paint
  3. rudester

    H22 string pattern

    Double post accident, I guess I did belabor it.
  4. rudester

    H22 string pattern

    Without belaboring the question, sure would like to know for sure.
  5. rudester

    Stringing pattern Question

    Would anyone share stringing pattern for Wilson H22 please.
  6. rudester

    H22 string pattern

    So doing so doing some research online, I am getting conflicting info, does anyone know for sure what the skips are when stringing Wilson H22?
  7. rudester

    H22 string pattern

    Did not think blade grommets were compatible, but if pattern is the same this helps.
  8. rudester

    H22 string pattern

    Can anyone tell me if stringing pattern for Wilson H22 18x20, is the same as for Head PT 57A. If not what is stringing pattern please.
  9. rudester

    Bresnik(Gulbis' coach): "Ernests hasn't a hope. Novak will lift the trophy at RG"

    Great attempt to disarm an opponent, but i doubt Novak will take Gulbis that lightly.
  10. rudester

    Most annoying player on the court?

    including all former atp players it would have to be mackerel, though i do enjoy his commentary.
  11. rudester

    Most annoying player on the court?

    Sharapova, would take her off list if she could cease shrieking.
  12. rudester

    Why do people say the Prestige (MP) is a difficult racquet to play with?

    I must admit i started with wooden racquets and played PS85 for many years, followed up with 8 years of experimentation, for last few years i have found the best bat for my game, the head prestige mold, (pt57a) is superb, i don’t have my footwork from the past but still, the prestige is the best...
  13. rudester

    Most joint-friendly tennis shoes?

    After 4 knee surgeries, have become very discriminating when it comes to shoes, for me the shoe makes a huge impact in how comfortable I am playing tennis, went from barricades to Lotto and immediately purchased 2 more pair most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. But then again there is a lot...
  14. rudester

    Nalbandian vs. Rios

    Rios, if he was in the mood
  15. rudester

    Help me spot if this is a real PT57A

    I will add to the reinforcement here. Its the real deal.
  16. rudester

    Kirschbaum Polyester

    Like them Both.
  17. rudester

    Ronaldo is great seller,

    Ronaldo is efficient and easy to deal with, super fast shipping. would deal with him any time.
  18. rudester

    4G w/ natural gut recommendations

    Natural Gut/4g at 55/53 works very nicely in Prestige mid plus
  19. rudester

    Best overall string brand

    I like kirschbaum for poly also volkl and luxilon. Wilson for natural gut,
  20. rudester

    What's your favorite Kirschbaum String?

    I have tried several kirschbaum strings,have enjoyed most of them. Tried proline X recently and really liked the control, spin, and power level. Very nice feel for volleys. 55/53 in 18x20 is perfect.
  21. rudester

    Advice on control racquets

  22. rudester

    Differences between Head Prestige Classic and Head Prestige Pro!

    So does anyone know if prestige classic 600 has twaron?
  23. rudester

    Head Intelli Tour 17

    +1 for intellitour, plays great in pt57a.
  24. rudester

    Ferrer Must Switch to Larger Head Size to Achieve GOAT Status

    100 square inches isn't big enough????
  25. rudester

    Volkl Cyclone - Underappreciated, underrated, great value?

    Volkl Cyclone is a very nice string in all departments IMHO Does everything well.