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  1. tonysk83

    Best Racquet For Spin?

    Babolat frames in general I have been able to get amazing spin with. Prince O3 tours as well I could generate great spin with. I am using a RDX 500 Mid, coming from the MP right now and haven't found either to be very spinny racquets, more in the middle of the road as far as spin production.
  2. tonysk83

    How much does it take to break a frame?

    I am a racquet abuser I will admit it. I broke one of my RDX 500's by bouncing it on the ground. One time we were playing on like the single, championship style court at my club, and it has more courts down behind it, down about 5 ft. I threw my racquet over the fence, onto those courts all the...
  3. tonysk83

    ATP has Federer - but why is there no really great WTA player yet in this century?

    Although I find women's tennis very boring, I wish men's was like women's tennis. Knowing Federer will pretty much always be in the final gets boring.
  4. tonysk83

    Identify this racquet please [pic]

    I have found a prostaff 6.0 85 and a Head PC600 at the local used sporting goods shop. 20 for the prostaff, 25 for the PC600. Sold the ps 85 for 110, and the PC600 for 75.
  5. tonysk83

    In search of a new 1h racquet

    My experience with a 1hbh is basically any racquet with a headsize under 95in just makes it so much easier. I went from the RDX 500 MP to the Mid and my backhand is so much better. If you can handle it, go with the 03 Tour Mid.
  6. tonysk83

    Looking for a good racquet for two-handed play

    Two hands on both sides? Wow, never seen anyone do that expect a couple of Asian women.
  7. tonysk83

    Will Roddick be #2 after Wimbledon?

    By the end of Wimbledon, Roddick will be 3 imo.
  8. tonysk83

    ****Yonex Thread****

    RDS002 looks like a nice racquet, too bad I don't know grams to ounces, I am not that big of a druggie;) Got my first tournament with my RDX 500 Mid tonight, t-1 hour, can't wait. I just love being able to take full swing and rip the cover off of the ball. My serve is also so much better. I...
  9. tonysk83

    Davydenko with Lacoste

    I agree, there is NO WAY that he is just doing the deal for clothes. Honestly, Nike, Adidas, Rebook, or any of the other big companies would give him free clothes if he really wanted if no money was exchanged. I know a lot of good juniors would get free or heavily discounted clothing from Nike...
  10. tonysk83

    F/S Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0, CHEAP CHEAP!

    Hey guys, My dad used this racquet a few years ago, but he switched to a less demanding racquet now that he is getting older, so he wants me to sell this. I hit with the racquet recently, and it is very nice. Recently strung with a prince multi at 62 lbs. Head size is 95in. Grip size is 4...
  11. tonysk83

    FT: Yonex RDX mid 3/8

    Interested in an RDX 500 Midplus?
  12. tonysk83

    F/S Yonex RDX 500 MP, very cheap, hard to find!!!!!

    Hey guys, I recently switched the the RDX 500 mid, so this has basically been sitting in my bag for like a month. I would say the condition is 6.5/7 out of 10. It does have a lot of scratches and some paint chips, but none of them affect the structural integrity of the racquet. Racquet is...
  13. tonysk83

    ****Yonex Thread****

    Got my RDX 500 Mid, after using my RDX 500 MP for 8 months, wow I love it. My serve was simply amazing. Forehand lacked passed, but I made up for it with better placement. Backhand sucked, but it sucked already so not a big change.
  14. tonysk83

    Ooooooh, Sharapova said the F-word~

    Exactly, why do you think they don't mic any sports players on TV? When you get in that situation, or any athletic situation, swears are bound to come out. I thought it was quite funny when she said it.
  15. tonysk83

    Verdasco - Underrated?

    He's not great, but he can cause problems to top 10 players. Lets just say you don't want to see him early on in a draw if you are in the top 10, hes one of those guys.
  16. tonysk83

    At what age to start to learn tennis?

    I am not a parent, but am kind of unique, I am Senior in highschool, and started playing only two years ago, but have picked up tennis very fast. I come from a lot of other spots and what I saw in tennis kind of shocked me, but didn't really shock my hitting partners since they have been playing...
  17. tonysk83

    Black there a way to put a logo?

    White would look awesome, it seems like I have seen people with white ink on their black strings. You should try giving prince a call, they might be able to hook you up.
  18. tonysk83

    String a full set of Syn Gut, with different main and cross tensions?

    Has anyone done this, more specifically with syn gut? I typically string at 60-62 lbs, but I was thinking about trying something like mains at 62lbs and crosses at 54lbs. It seems like it would give it the same great spin potential I love at 60-62lbs, but would soften the string bed up a little...
  19. tonysk83

    Painting lead tape for health safety?

    Black electrical tape is my favorite. I put a lot of lead in the throat of my racquet and put black electrical tape over it, just to make it look clean, then again I don't even use lead tape, I use aluminum tape, no worries for me.
  20. tonysk83

    ****Yonex Thread****

    I got a chance to demo a RDS 001 MP and I didn't like it as much as my RDX 500 MP but I know most people are the opposite of me. Both racquets though are great serving racquets, I can't throw out the big flat bomb, but I can throw in the flatter, topspin serve that really jumps at my opponent...
  21. tonysk83

    ****Yonex Thread****

    Not really a fan the way the new yonex line is moving, who cares though, I am perfectly happy with my RDX. I have an RDX 500 Mid in the mail, going to give it another shot, if I don't like it, I will just sell it and buy another midplus.
  22. tonysk83

    FT: Flexpoint Prestiges

    Are you looking to trade 1 Tflight for 2 FXP Prestiges... if so email me
  23. tonysk83

    Not Good - No replacement for Air Resolve mids yet...

    I am sure you can find some Resolve mids around some place. I know the Nike Outlet by me had tons of them a few months ago.
  24. tonysk83

    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    I Have: Gosen OG Sheep 17(lots) Want: Any string at all, willing to add 2 or 3 sets for 1 set of your stuff. Willing to try polys, multis, kevlar, other syn guts, anything at all. Very open.
  25. tonysk83

    Outdoor courts vs. Indoor courts

    I like both, once you play outside for the spring, summer, and early fall, it is a nice change of pace to play inside during the winter. By the end of the winter though you can't wait to get outside again. Plus playing outside is so much easier, go whenever you want, no court times, no fees...
  26. tonysk83

    Yonex Grip Shape to Vantage

    Can't you just get your vantage racquet built with yonex pallets?
  27. tonysk83

    WANTED: Yonex RDX 500 Mid or MP

    Want to buy either an RDX 500 mid or MP. Gripsize needs to be 4 3/8. Condition really doesn't matter as long as any scratches haven't harmed the structure or playability of the frame. Willing to spend 50-80 dollars max. Don't care what strings are on it because I plan on restringing it...
  28. tonysk83

    ****Yonex Thread****

    I am having such a hard time finding used RDX's. I really want to give the mid again since I am much better then the last time I tried it. I also know my backhand will be much better with the 90.
  29. tonysk83

    The Famous Head PC600 Mid!!!

    Got some offers, get some in before it gets sold.
  30. tonysk83

    Calling all Highschool players!

    My school is pretty solid at tennis. We have won our conference 18 times in the last 20 years. Everyone on our team uses MP frames with 1 or two using midsize. One kid uses an OS, but it is a FP Radical OS leaded up. Most players on our team range from 3.5 to 4.5. Our one singles player though...