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  1. finchy

    FS: 2014 Wilson Pro Staff 95S unstrung

    Wilson Pro Staff 95S 2014 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used: 8 hours each *General Description: Excellent condition racquets with leather grips; very little court rash on both Price: $90 each or $160 for both OBO Shipping: Included...
  2. finchy

    jrahlfs = A+ seller

    Bought some shoes from him and they were in the exact condition he specified. Also emailed pictures and received the shoes very quickly. I would certainly do business with him again. A+!
  3. finchy

    What's going on inside my buttcap (K90)

    One on the left is the one I'm talking about. It is the older of the 2. I bought the one on the left used and the one on the right is brand new. Both are authentic. I put a new leather grip on the left one because the old one was shrinking and revealing the plastic part of the handle too...
  4. finchy

    A+ Transaction with BobFL

    Purchased a racquet from Bob and it was in the exact condition he specified. Very fast transaction and received the racquet in very good time. I would love to do business with him again. Great seller and A+ rating.
  5. finchy

    TW: ETA on Lunarlite Vapor Review?

    Hey TW, I was wondering when you guys would post a playtest review for the Nike Lunarlite Vapors. When can we expect to read it/watch it? Thanks!
  6. finchy

    socal_lefty is a great seller

    Bought some shoes off of him and they were in the exact condition he described. Very fast transaction and I would do business with him again. A+ seller here
  7. finchy

    Ballistecs 2.3 Review?

    I was wondering when the TW review for the ballistecs 2.3 would be posted. I am looking to get a new pair of shoes and was wondering if anyone would be willing to post some feedback that is a little more in depth than the customer feedback on TW. Thanks.
  8. finchy

    Nike Air Max Breathe Cage Shoe Sizings...

    Hi, I was wondering how the Breathe Cage shoe sizings compare with the Breathe Free II's. I have a pair of the Breathe Free II's but I have outgrown them. I can still fit into them, but they are not as comfortable as they had once been. I used to wear a size 9 of the Breathe Free II's but I'm...
  9. finchy

    About Borg and the USO...

    i asked my coach about borg and the USO and he said that borg got his butt handed to him by johnny mac and walked right off the court, skipped the ceremony, took a cab, got on a plane, and quit tennis. is this true? i dont know too much of tennis history before the sampras/agassi era. i do know...
  10. finchy

    jwdickens1962 is great!!!

    jwdickens1962 was a pleasure to do business with. he sold me a tour 90 for a great price after shipping. he also used 2 day priority and it reached me very quickly! he is a great person do deal with and was excellent in communicating. Thanks very much john!
  11. finchy

    Hurricane Rita

    hopefully many of you are aware of the current situation of the gulf states from hurricane rita. of those still in the area, i hope you will be safe and keep your houses still standing. i myself am from the south houston area and have evacuated to austin. of those who else have evactuated...
  12. finchy

    Question about Wilson racquet warrenty...

    i broke my racquet after going for a slice and smashing the side of it down and cracking it in the 11 and 2 spots. does anyone know if this is covered by the warrenty? i tried looking on the wilson website, but they made it all flashy and there is no help page or anything about a wilson warrenty...
  13. finchy

    I bet that kid feels real bad now....(spoilers)

    anyone who watched the cincy finals knows what im talkin about. that one girl (or young boy) who screamed something in the middle of roger's service motion and most likely cost roddick the point. andy looked looked ticked off and even talked to the umpire about it! (even the commentator's...
  14. finchy

    WANTED: USOPEN Tickets!!!

    looking for us open tickets from sept. 10-11. preferably not the 300's. mail me at . thanks
  15. finchy

    *Wanted*: Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85

    looking for any version (preferably taiwan or chicago) in good (8.5/10) condition. i know i posted this a while ago, then turned down and changed my mind, but here i am again, changed my mind and wanting to get one of these again. thanks! if you have one for sale, contact me at
  16. finchy

    PS 6.0 85 vs Tour 90

    what do you think are the pros/cons of each? which one is more manuverable? i was thinking of switching down to the 85 since i heard it was more manuverable than the tour 90. i can only play well with the tour 90 if im really on my game. otherwise, i just use my 95 when im not playing well with...
  17. finchy

    about air bubble popping in Vapor Speeds...

    i heard that if you pop the bubble, you can send them in and get a free pair. has anyone actually tricked nike? for example: you wear out the outsole of the Vapor Speeds. you then purposely pop the air bubble and send them in for a new pair. sounds quite ingenious, i know....anyone try this yet?
  18. finchy

    Adidas Barricade IV

    hi tw, i was wondering if there was a tentative release for these shoes? im guessing probably late this year, correct? anyways, i need to know because i am getting ready to purchase another pair. thanks!
  19. finchy

    Wanted: Wilson ProStaff Tour 90 (NOT NCODE)

    Hi, I am searching for a good conditioned Tour 90. Email me, , if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  20. finchy

    First time to string a racquet last night...

    it was okay. i had trouble remember to close the bottom of the clamp. blah blah. it took me like 4 hours. first i got it on the stringer and did half of the mains. then i had to go teach a lesson (1 hr). came back finished the mains then another lesson (30 min). then i forgot what i did but...
  21. finchy

    Tour 90!!!

    my friend gave me one of his today (he switched from that to the nsixone 95) and i like it alot. it is a little bit heavier than what im used to, but i do love the stability. it also feels awesome on serves. i find myself late on my groundstrokes (i worked out for an hour before i played, lifted...
  22. finchy

    Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

    i like this album. any thoughts?
  23. finchy

    Mario Power Tennis Topic

    hey guys, i was wondering which characters from mario power tennis (for gamecube) you would say is the same as in real life. mario - roger federer (obviously, both 1 handers and all around games) luigi - tim henman (labeled as an all arounder, he serves and volleys alot/chip and charge)...
  24. finchy

    ultimate piano dude just check out any video and be amazed. i recommend the maroon 5 one.
  25. finchy

    *WANTED*: Wilson Prostaff 6.0 85/95

    Hi, i am looking for a good condition (at least 8.5/10) PS 6.0 85 OR 95. email me at if you have one to sell. thanks!
  26. finchy

    Caption this:

    "So when's the rest of the competition going to show up?"
  27. finchy

    Caption This...

    A line judge, left, gives water to a ballboy who was feeling the heat during the match between defending champion Roger Federer and France's Paul-Henri Mathieu on the Centre Court at Wimbledon, Monday June 20, 2005.
  28. finchy


    im missing "days of our lives" because of this silly semi-final match.... yay! fed breaks back! 3 all in the third...i mean...poor joanie, john left her for chelsea and now i have to wait til monday to see the conclusion!!!! nooo!
  29. finchy

    Wanted: Asian Wilson nCode Tour 90 (320g)

    I would like to buy a very good conditioned or brand new Asian version Wilson nCode Tour 90. Contact me at if interested in selling one to me. If anyone in Asia would be willing to buy one for me and ship it, I would be very greatful also. Thanks for looking!
  30. finchy

    ugliest racquet ever?

    IMO, its the Wilson Hyper Hammer 4.4 Rage: