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  1. Ripster

    Cilic fails drug test

    Uh oh, now Cilic is serving a ban. Apparently he was caught in Munich. Oops, didn't realize there was another thread on this. Pretty crazy though.
  2. Ripster

    Toronto 2010 SF: Roger Federer [3] vs. Novak Djokovic [2]

    Battle for the #2 ranking. Should be a night match which Djokovic will prefer but the crowd will probably favor Roger. I say Djokovic in 3.
  3. Ripster

    Youzhny and Murray's Microgels

    This has probably already been discussed, and I apologize if it has but I"m pretty new to this whole PJ thing. It's already been pretty much established that Gasquet is using his old LM Instinct, I was wondering if Youzhny was using this as well. Also, is Murray using a real MG Radical Pro? I...
  4. Ripster

    Where have you gone Guillermo Coria?

    He used to be my favourite player, and then he got injured last season....I heard that part of his downfall was personal because Carla had apparently cheated on him. Is he still injured? When is going to make his comeback?