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  1. gmlasam

    Newer POG Have Larger Grip Size Than Older POG?

    Hello all, I just purchased three POG mids and I noticed that the grip feels larger than usual, compared to the older POG versions that I use exclusively. It feels about a half size larger, and the grip seems much more square in shape. Anyone else notice this?
  2. gmlasam

    Do You all Remember When Tennis Balls Went Higher Than 4?

    I found an old tennis ball in the basement. I would date this ball from the 80's. Do you all recall when the number schemes went higher than 4?
  3. gmlasam

    Little Young Agassi Using Wooden Racquet to Learn Tennis

    Kids today are sure lucky. Back then young kids learned tennis on a heavy wooden racquet. Look at Agassi, about 7 years old with a wooden racquet. Click Refresh in your browser after you click on the links to view the pics...
  4. gmlasam

    How to link Getty Images?

    I found some nice tennis pics from gettyimage website, but when I click on the pic, there is no http address to link it to. Some of you were able to link pics from the gettyimage and post the pics here. How do you all do that?
  5. gmlasam

    Help MRT Techies on Determining Cracks by Stringing

    Gaines, and other MRT techies, Would you please look at this thread HERE and help determine if this crack is indeed a frame crack or a crack on the paint/lacquer finish?
  6. gmlasam

    Is this Frame Cracked???

    I'm about to string a Friend's Prince Hornet MP, and I noticed this located at 12:00 of the Head area. Is this a crack or a scratch? I need some opinions before I even begin to attempt on stringing his racquet.
  7. gmlasam

    What is your Favorite Beer?

    My favorite beer of all is Newcastle Brown Ale. Yummmmm!!!
  8. gmlasam

    Electronic String Tension Reader

    Your thoughts on this HERE
  9. gmlasam

    Customizing TT Warrior

    Over the weekend, I happened to play someone who used the Prince Triple Threat Warrior. After the match, we rallied a little bit, and he asked if he can use my POG mid. We traded racquets, and to my surprise his Warrior OS played incredible. His Warrior was not stock, but was heavily...
  10. gmlasam

    BowFlex Pays $950,000 Penalty for Safety Defects.

    Read the article HERE!!
  11. gmlasam

    TW Taking Too Long To Ship Items????

    On two seperate orders, one after the other, my items have been delayed. When I placed the order online, it notifys me that the oreder will be processed and shipped on a certain day. For example today, I placed an order early this morning 8:00 AM PST and was informed my order will be...
  12. gmlasam

    College Tennis on FSN for Those Interested

    Fox Sports Network (FOXW2)will be televising College tennis between UCLA vs. USC on Apr 17 05:00pm PDT, Apr 19 02:00pm PDT, and Apr 20 02:00pm PDT. This will be a good rival match indeed.
  13. gmlasam

    Cracks on Triple Threat Warrior???

    For those who owns or have owned the Prince Triple Threat Warrior, where exactly does the notorious cracks happen in the throat area?
  14. gmlasam

    What Racquet David Ferrer uses?

    I'm not sure, but it looks like the Prince Warrior. Does he use the MP or the OS?
  15. gmlasam

    Little Prince Company Biography (Interesting Read)

    I didn't know Prince is only Amercian based Tennis company. Read the article HERE!!!!!!
  16. gmlasam

    Your Racquets Feeling Larger than Usual? Read This.

    About a few months ago, I ordered some POG OS and one of them felt larger than usual. I discovered to my surprise that Prince had left a plastic wrapper around the handle pallet, the material underneath the leather grip. Someone at Prince and or Prince Quality Control had overlooked this.
  17. gmlasam

    ATTENTION TW: Prince Shipping Larger Grips than Usual!!

    TW, Chris, and others concerning product/inventory management. About a few months ago, I ordered some POG OS and one of them felt larger than usual. I discoverd to my suprise that Prince had left a plastic wrapper around the handle pallet, the material underneath the leather grip. Someone...
  18. gmlasam

    Metallica Member was in Bollettieri Tennis Academy

    I knew Lar Ulrich, drummer for Metal Band Metallica, was an avid tennis player, but I didn't know he actually attended Bollettieri Tennis Academy when he was 16. His father was also a tennis pro, the oldest to play on the Davis Cup at a young age of 48!!! Read more of the article HERE!!!!!!!!!!
  19. gmlasam

    Tennis Elbow Higher with One Handed Backhand?

    Are there higher incidents of tennis elbows amongst one handed backanders than with two handed backhanders?
  20. gmlasam

    GMAIL is Now 2 gigs to all users!!!

    For those who have gmail, your one gig storage has doubled. Wow!!!! Just imagine all the spam mails you can store in a two gig email account :)
  21. gmlasam

    Tacky Leather Grips on Current Model POG.

    It looks like Prince have changed their leather grips on the current POG. It is a tacky type of leather. It is also much softer and a little heavier than the previous leather grip that came with the older POG. The older leather grip had a very smooth feel, no tack at all. I like this new...
  22. gmlasam

    Yonex Racquets Still Made in Japan?

    It seems all Racquets are now made in China. Did Yonex also moved thier racquet production to China?
  23. gmlasam

    Do You all Break String at Same Place Each Time???

    Everytime I use synthetic guts I break them always at the same place or same area. Synthetic guts never last me very long, in fact this particular string is brand new and freshly strung at 60 lbs. which is the middle tension range for the RD-7. It only lasted up to the first game of the second...
  24. gmlasam

    Does Hewitt Really Play with RDX500 mid?

    Does anyone know if Hewitt is in fact playing with the RDX500 mid or is it a paint job on an SRD Tour 90?
  25. gmlasam

    Agassi's Nike Shoes Always Falling Apart???

    It seems like on every tournament or every other tournament Agassi is always gluing his Nike shoes on change overs. Just now watching the NasDaq match with Clement he was gluing his shoes again before the second set. Nike shoes becoming low quality????
  26. gmlasam

    Anyone Tried These Natural Gut?

    I found some strings in my string box, and found two packs of Tenex brand 16g Australian natural gut. As I recall, these were distributed by Gamma and I've purchased them about 4 years ago. They were stored and sealed in a zip lock bag in a cool dry place. What is the shelf life of an...
  27. gmlasam

    My Mini Computer!!

    I'm so glad I went out and got a mini mac. It is so small and so quite, actually it does not make any noise at all. :)
  28. gmlasam

    Anyone Ever Played These Old Frames?

    Was going through my storage and found some old goodies. I found an old Wilson Javalin and a Kneissl white star. I haven't seen these since I was in Highschool over 10 years ago ;)
  29. gmlasam

    Layton Hewitt's Grip size?

    Just watching a tape of Hewitt/Roddick's Pacific Life match and his grip size looks to be on the large size. What does grip size does he use? Also, does he use a black overgrip or use no overgrips?