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    So is a Fedal match at the USO destined never to happen?

    It’s not ever happening. Too bad, I would have loved to see it.
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    Federer will win US Open 2019.

    I don't believe you
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    Do people really think Djokovic was faking the injury?

    I don't think he's faking it, but this isn't new for Djokovic. Plays poorly in warm up tournaments, struggles with something physical, looks bad in early matches at a Major, etc. Often, once he hits the QF he finds his form and ends up winning the whole thing. I see that happening again at the...
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    Sampras -> Federer -> Djokovic

    "IDK Who else, I was not watching Tennis at the time" That's all I need to know.
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    Would Federer winning the US Open by beating Djokovic make up for Wimbledon?

    Yes you're right - made the edit. Clearly I'm still scarred from the Wimby loss. I do think the USO is out of reach for Fed, which sucks.
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    Would Federer winning the US Open by beating Djokovic make up for Wimbledon?

    I would love to see Fed win the US Open, but the most likely scenario is more likely this: Federer gets to the QF and loses to some rando who makes their first ever SF just to be throttled. Djokovic limps through his first few rounds, losing sets and getting angry and being petulant, and then...
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    Djokovic has 3 wins over top 5 players this year

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    If there's one guy who can get more than 20 it has to be

    At this point I doubt he gets one. He can't get past the QF of a Major FFS. He's the worst. I love this double fault crown thing...Something I can actually root for Zverev to win.
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    It wasn’t only the CP’s.

    Yeah that was a gimme pass. When he ran up to the forehand I thought "wow he's going to serve for it again!" Instead, no... Man this match was depressing.
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    Wimbledon 2012/2019 match point analysis

    This was depressing all over again. It seems like his charge to the net against Djokovic was a second too slow. He could have easily covered that volley had he been closer to the net. The serve and approach was also way better against Murray. Serve was closer to the line, approach was closer to...
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    As of today, who is more likely to match Fed's 20 GS?

    Rafa hasn't won a Major off clay now for two years (and prior to that it was 2013), and I don't see his chances improving at this point. Djokovic appears poised to win at least the next two Majors, drawing him even with Rafa at 18. From there it's a matter of, can 34 year old Rafa hold court at...
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    Djokovic chokes

    Djokovic doesn't really "choke" big matches, but he's gone through several listless periods in his career where he looks like he can't be bothered and crashes out early in tournaments. He's also lost matches he shouldn't have lost, but he wasn't even competitive so no one thinks he "choked"...
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    Federer Fans - do you find any comfort when you realize what he has achieved after 2013 US Open, after 2014/15 Grand Slam final after 2016 Wimbledon

    After 2016 Wimbledon, watching him fall to the grass and lose to Raonic, I felt like that was the end. He'd never really been injured, and it was clear that something was up, and it just felt like, at 35 years old (the age when Agassi, with far less mileage was "broke back, grandpa Agassi") that...
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    Why do so many people HATE Djokovic?

    I was never a fan of the over the top, shirt ripping celebrations. I always felt like Novak was a great loser and a really bad winner. Today he was extremely composed in victory, which impressed me. His game also doesn’t really speak to me, but it’s pretty mind blowing what he’s able to do on...
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    As a Novak Djokovic fan since 2006, I can honestly say this is the first time he stole a grand slam final.

    He played the tiebreaks and biggest points better. He deserved the win, absolutely. This one stings. I’ve been bummed about it all day lol. I just don’t see Roger getting another opportunity to do something like this, but I’ve said it before and he surprised me. Those two championship points...
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    It will take us ages to recover from this final

    This one hurts. 2 championship points on serve, just gutting. Then even the 2 BPs for a chance to serve for it again at 11-11...a brutal loss.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    Agreed. The 5-3 lead in the first. The set point in the 3rd. Just depressing.
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    Wimbledon 2019 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Roger Federer [2]

    This is depressing every time. Every. Single. Time.
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    How do you feel about silent tennis?

    With you on this. I might be alone here, but I get legit goosebumps right before the start of a major final when the umpire says “X player to serve. Ready........Play”. Same thing with crowd noise, oohs and ahhs, cheering, etc. I don’t mind the commentators but they’re obviously not the main...
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    A match too far for Rafa

    Like at IW in 2017? Or 2012? Sorry not following you here.
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    Whittling away at the H2H

    I’m certainly not boasting. Just think what we’re seeing now is far from the age old story of utter domination.
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    Whittling away at the H2H

    Is that what anyone is saying? It’s not. No one thinks “oh only the last seven matches matter”. However, everyone crowing for years about how “Rafa ownz Fed on ALL surfaces” and “23-10, utter domination lolz” - it’s different now. Feds on a run and the h2h is still in Nadal’s favor but much more...
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    Whittling away at the H2H

    Lol - Fed’s won 6 out of their last 7 meetings, two of those in majors. To discount that is foolish.
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    Whittling away at the H2H

    Legendary bump. 24-16 is a much better split, especially with Fed leading on two of three surfaces.
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    A match too far for Rafa

    Yeah that withdrawal was unfortunate.
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    Strongest Year for #2 Player (recent years)

    Federer won two majors in 2017. That's hard to argue.
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    Who is/was '90s Clay'? What's his/her legacy on TTW?

    Oh yeah the Dark Knight! Man this thread is a trip down memory lane.
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    Who is/was '90s Clay'? What's his/her legacy on TTW?

    gj011 Was. The. Best. "Fresh Green Trolls" lmaoooo 90s Clay was the king of the thread title. "It's a Disgrace, an Scandal, a Outrage!" or whatever the hell it was will live in infamy.
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    2019 Wimbledon Grasserer Field

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    The ATP is a joke.

    I agree with the OP. The tour is in a joke state right now. It's awful.