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  1. jackson vile

    No matter how you feel about Nadal vs Federer

    No matter who won you have to admit that was a very entertaining match, and I am glad to see these guys playing again. I hope these guys continue to push each other for years to come. You know Federer will destroy Nadal at WTF, just enjoy the tennis. Here was one of the amazing points...
  2. jackson vile

    Is tennis losing it's luster?

    I just wanted to stop and reflect on men's tennis for a second. I know we don't all agree on this forum, there are a lot of fanboys, and haters, myself included. However, I do suggest that everyone take a good moment to really enjoy what little we have left with regard to men's tennis. You...
  3. jackson vile

    Wimbledon 2013 court speed and playing characteristics; Yay or Nay?

    I want to see what everyone thought about the courts so far this year. We have had many S&V fans that have been adamant about the need to speed-up Wimbledon and other tournaments. As well as other fans that believed their favorite player would perform best on a faster slicker Wim. court, while...
  4. jackson vile

    Federer's back to excuses?

    I'm as tired of hearing about Federer's back as I am about Nadal's knees. I'm starting to believe that these two guys have the same PR manager. But seriously, if Federer loses are we going to hear more about the chronic back injury again? The other disgusting part is that we almost only hear...
  5. jackson vile

    Do rankings even mean anything in the WTA?

    Many of us are aware of the most recent results at the FO, not to mention results in the past years as well. When we take a look at the rankings the results seen to do very little to represent the best players in the world. Furthermore, this draws concerns about the weight we put on total...
  6. jackson vile

    French Open 2012: 6 Reasons Why Roger Federer Will Win With Novak and Rafa playing just so terribly Roger is sure to win, allez! My favorite is that "Federer deserves to win." How dare you defeat Federer!
  7. jackson vile

    Rafa Nadal Practice MadridMasters Get a little idea of how the courts will be playing.
  8. jackson vile

    Returning to number one not a priority - Nadal
  9. jackson vile

    Federer, "Neymar? Is he any good?" Blunderer does it again, "Neymar? Is he any good?". This was on live TV in Brazil, right after he received a signed jersey of Brazil's national football team.
  10. jackson vile

    Is Novak the most perfect player (Open Era)?

    Simply amazing tennis today, and Novak has shown that he can indeed continue his winning from last years season. I have to wonder if Novak has any weaknesses and could he be the most perfect player in existence today?
  11. jackson vile

    Rod Laver watching Nadal's match against Berdych?

    What was up with that? Did he go watch Federer at all?
  12. jackson vile

    Nadal; peak in 2011 or in decline in 2011

    There has been a lot of debate about this very subject. Some claim that Nadal is officially in decline, others claim that he is at his absolute best. What exactly is the truth of the situation? This is a anonymous poll so no one can see how you voted.
  13. jackson vile

    Roger Federer excuses himself from loses and Asia... Citing wrist injury, thigh injury, and ankle injury. Don't forget the tired groin thing, or was it a strain? Sounds a lot like some other players I know LOL
  14. jackson vile

    Where was this Roger during the slams and the rest of the season?

    I have to wonder why Federer always does so well at the end of the season almost every year? Is Federer just so much more amazing at the end of the season? or Is the competition taking it easy, which allows Federer to win more and easier? If neither, then where was he during the rest...
  15. jackson vile

    French Tennis Federation disgusted with Noah

    Noah wants doping to be made legal for athletes, what is he thinking?:confused:
  16. jackson vile

    Are the slow courts helping Roger Federer?

    Many of the fans have complained about the courts being slower, however they have also claimed that Federer is now slower to the ball than before. Could it be that the slower courts are allowing him to extend his career performance?
  17. jackson vile

    At what age did Federer start to decline and how?

    The point is to bring some consensus, some believe at different ages. You decide. Also, what caused this decline for Federer?
  18. jackson vile

    "I warmed him up today," said the 30-year-old Swiss

    Read more: Did Federer help Nishikori defeat Novak so that he would not have to face him? Is that underhanded? LOL
  19. jackson vile

    Novak Djokovic withdraws from Shanghai Masters after back injury Posted by brickner_damage I hope that he fully recovers, maybe he is just resting up for WTF?
  20. jackson vile

    Federer demands US Open schedule rethink

    Roger Federer- Novak Djockovic-
  21. jackson vile

    No 4 Scot has joined Roger Federer,etc... in making complaints
  22. jackson vile

    What happened to Roger?

    The guy is up two sets, and is just looking amazing ie ready to take the whole thing. Then all of a sudden he looks tired, or was he giving up, or was he being out played. Then in the 5th comes roaring back, but seems to mentally collapse after Novak's shot heard round the world.
  23. jackson vile

    So what Federer lost!

    I for one don't want Federer to retire, it will be boring compared to all this epicness we have enjoyed over the years. Love him or hate him, the guy puts on a great show. He does not need to win slams to be enjoyable to watch, people are spoiled and just want the cherry on top. Instead...
  24. jackson vile

    Roger Federer: “I Have a Lot of Work to do Before the US Open”

    What can Federer do at this point to achieve victory, or is he making an understatement?
  25. jackson vile

    Has Djokovic in some respects already exceeded Roger Federer’s 2005 season? It has been a rather amazing season already for Novak, and that season is not even over yet. Would be rather amazing to see him accomplish only 1 loss during the whole season.
  26. jackson vile

    Say thank you, Roger Federer Does Federer owe thanks to Novak for saving him from Nadal? Is Federer impotent otherwise?
  27. jackson vile

    Djokovic suffers left knee injury...

    HALMSTAD, Sweden — Top-ranked Novak Djokovic has withdrawn because of a left knee injury from his singles match for Serbia against Sweden in the Davis Cup quarterfinals. The Wimbledon champion will be replaced by Janko Tipsarevic, who will face Ervin Eleskovic. Sweden's Michael Ryderstedt...
  28. jackson vile

    Is Nadal toast or does he have another miracle in him?

    The sensationalism in general and spite of Nadal is well known on the TW forums. Many hurt Federer fans feel they have finally reaped their revenge that they so desired of Nadal, again. What? Again, no that does not make sense. What newer posters may not know is that the decline of Nadal has...
  29. jackson vile

    Roger Federer pulled out of the Halle (due to injury) - Roger Federer - tournament director So he is citing injury after FO and before Wim. Is he pulling a double Nadal?
  30. jackson vile

    Can Federer beat Nadal at the 2011 FO

    I believe that only a full form Federer could get past the "KING" and as a result that if Nadal were to make it to the final and Federer were able to make it to the final, Federer would win.