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  1. TMCW140

    Nike tennis shoes with dynamic fit collar?

    First things first, apologies at the lack of pics- posting from an ipad. Right, when looking at the promo pictures of the Wimbledon kits, I saw Serena's shoes had an inbuilt sock running up from the shoe. This is a similar design as used in the new batch of World Cup football boots- the...
  2. TMCW140

    The 5th Annual TT Shoe and Apparel Awards

    Yup, it's that time of year again (aka: when I get bored and copy and paste my now thread from previous years), the TT Shoe and Apparel Awards! I open the voting to you, the merry/disgruntled, experts of Talk Tennis to suggest your winner for each category, and maybe an honourable mention for...
  3. TMCW140

    BLX Blade 98 compared to Aerostorm GT

    Currently using the Aerostorm GT, but the time has come to replace my current frames (1 cracked, other on its way out). Torn between simply replacing them with the same, or switching. I'm intrigued by the BLX blade 98. Spec-wise they seem similar, although slightly different balance and weight...
  4. TMCW140

    My 'Talentless' ID 2K11's

    Got my ID's through last week (haven't had internet, so haven't been able to post), and very impressed. Quality seems surprisingly good, the box they came in was awesome, and they actually look better than they did when designing them online (i.e. be aware that the colours differ slightly. As...
  5. TMCW140

    Graduation 2011

    I have graduated from University today, and it has been one hell of an experience. Has anyone else been graduating this recently? If so, congratulations fellow Graduates! :)
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    Nadal's top and the humidity

    Anyone watching the Rafa/ Tomic match? Rafa is absolutely dripping with sweat- looks like he's been swimming. He's got through at least 3 shirts in 2 and abit sets, and has just got onto his 4th, which is the 1st one that had been left out to dry. Apparently it's not even that humid (Tomic...
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    The 2010 Talk Tennis Shoe and Apparel Awards

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, for the 3rd year, the prestigious Talk Tennis Shoe Awards are here once again. So, time to sit down and look back over the past 12 months and share your thoughts on what was good, and what was simply shocking. Prizes for winners include the ambiguous...
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    How good were Nike Vapor IV's?

    Title says it all really. I used to have a pair and liked them, but wore them a few months ago when they were completely destroyed, which has kinda soured my memory of them. My V's are dying quickly and that leaves me with one pair of Vi's but have found a pair of IV's dead cheap. As good as i...
  9. TMCW140

    iPhone 4 users- does it need a case?

    Random thread, i know, but ho hum. I'm getting an iPhone tomorrow and was wondering if it actually needs a protective case? The old ones definitely did due to the plastic back being so scratch-prone, but since the new one is scratch-resistant glass on the front and back, do i really need one...
  10. TMCW140

    Nike Rush and Crush jacket Folding(!) advice

    Just got the white spring rush and crush jacket and was wondering if there is any particular method to fold it into its pocket, or do you literally just cram it in anyway possible? I'm intrigued by the material of it- it's ridiculously light, truly treading the line between 'lightweight' and...
  11. TMCW140

    10 days (in counting) fitness push

    I'm off to Spain on the 20th to play for a week, and am looking for advice on any potential ways to get that extra level of fitness in before i go. Annoyingly the last month or so has been completely dominated by my exams, so haven't been able to do anywhere near as much as i'd like. On average...
  12. TMCW140

    Cheaper Pro Hurricane Tour?

    Basically, as a poor student, i was just wondering if there is anything out there as similar as possible to PHT, but sightly cheaper? I've managed to find it and the new RPM quite cheap on the bay, but its not the easiest way of doing things. Any suggestions? As much as i love tennis, i'd...
  13. TMCW140

    A more solid Aero Storm

    Keeping this simple. Looking to replace my Aero Storms, and having demo'd a blx 95, realised how i like the solid feel of it, but am slightly concerned the blx may be abit too hardcore in the long run. What should i being looking at then, as a spin friendly racket, thats not overly hardcore...
  14. TMCW140

    Yet another 'What racket?' thread- Aero storm to...

    Heyah, i'll try and make this as informative as i can, and not just ask a load of vague questions expecting miracle answers, but all opinions are welcome! I'm currently playing with Aerostorms (which i like), with about 10grams of lead on at 12 o'clock. I'm 6,2ish and athletic, playing mostly...
  15. TMCW140

    Lace Up: Save Lives

    Hopefully as alot of you know, Nike are currently producing special (Red) laces in conjunction with the AIDs charity (PRODUCT)RED. All the money from the purchase of the laces goes straight to the charity and therefore helps to fight AIDs in Africa and help those in need. They are available...
  16. TMCW140

    Cutting down bandanas

    Possibly the dimmest of dim questions, but might as well throw it out there... For those of you who've cut your bandanas, have you done it in any particular way, or just gone nuts with a pair of scissors? I've got a white dryfit nike one thats about 3 times thicker than my cotton black one...
  17. TMCW140

    Album of the Year?

    Pretty self-explanitory really? What do you lot reckon was the best album of 2009? Remember, there can be a difference between your favourite, and the best :) My vote goes to Primary Colours by The Horrors
  18. TMCW140

    Shoe and Apparel Awards 2009 (Now in it's 2nd year!)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, its that time of year again! The (now) annual shoe and apparel awards! Ok, over with the theatrics, i started it last year and was quite interesting and a laugh, so might aswell make it an annual thing! Same concept as before, just give your winning vote...
  19. TMCW140

    Federer 'Test' Vapors

    Found this under the auction section of his site, a pair of tester vapors. Shame there's not more pictures, but still quite interesting. the flywire looks drawn on, and the upper a kind of sythetic leather? Thoughts?
  20. TMCW140

    My new Vapor VI Tour RF

    These are my new babies Apparently they are 1 of 10 pairs in the UK, and from an incredibly limited run, made exclusively for Federer and his friends. They are the left overs from this stock and were given to this shop owner as a gift by Nike. To put this into perspective, the Rafa...
  21. TMCW140

    Vapor VI Review

    Hi guys, i've just read your Ballistec review and found it really useful- will the review for the vapors be up soon? Thanks alot :)
  22. TMCW140

    Babolat Air Touch as overgrip?

    I've just recieved a couple of air touch replacement grips for free, thinking they were over-grips. Turns out they're not, but do you reckon i'll be able to use them as if they were?
  23. TMCW140

    Factors causing a racket price to fall

    I'm currently looking to pick up a some more aero storms, but all the prices i've seen are pretty much identical to when they first came out last year. I know the prices fluctuate if there is a new version out (not in the foreseeable future) or if theres some major promotion by a pro, but i...
  24. TMCW140

    Would this polo look strange?

    I'm considering getting this polo, but need some opinions. Do you think the lime green will look weird on someone who's quite pale atm, having been subjected to an english spring and winter? I usually avoid wearing all white, or pale colours but was wondering if anyone has experienced this? Is...
  25. TMCW140

    Pro Hurricane Tour and ....suggestions please!

    Hey Guys, bit of a string novice here, so any suggestions would be a great help! I've been using Pro Hurricane Tour for a while, strung at 62ish in a aero storm. Considering going hybrid though, keeping the hurricane, but adding something else to the mix up. Anyone got any suggestions of what...
  26. TMCW140

    A comparison of Nike top fits (pictures!)

    Righty, there seems to have been alot of confusion recently about the fits of the recent Nike tops, especially the new Nadal crews and the Federer polos. This isn't anything particularly thorough or concise, but i just want to supply a reference point to compare the fits of a range of tops, so...
  27. TMCW140

    Vapor Versions

    on the Mid-w-e-s-t site, they have the white vapors, available with the RF logo on the heel. Also, both versions have a small swoosh on the instep, unlike the TW ones that have a frankly massive one. This usually happens every year with promo shots of un-finished designs being used, but which...
  28. TMCW140

    Shoes and Apparel Awards 2008

    As its drawing to the end of the year, thought it would be a good idea to have an awards thread for all the stuff out this year. Please give your votes for as many of the categories as you want (maybe a first and an honorable mention?) and feel free to suggest any extra categories. :) -Best...
  29. TMCW140

    Nike Winter Dri Fit Power Crew anyone?

    Was just wondering if anyone has one of these: Whats the fit like? Is it gonna be like the winter sleeveless and federer stuff in that its this kind of tight, skinny fit thing? Cheers guys :)
  30. TMCW140

    No Nadal Polos at master's cup

    So, with the announcement that Rafa won't be competing at the Master's cup, comes another missed opportunity for Nike to introduce 'Rafa's new look'. After his change of heart at the US, Nike must have been desperate to get the Polo's introduced in shanghai, but once again, won't be able to...