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  1. hoosierbr

    Why does everybody love Del Potro?

    If I remember correctly, it's been a long time though, it became such a big deal in Argentina that Nalbandian even held a press conference after the tie to address the press reports!
  2. hoosierbr

    For fellow Canadian tennis fans- which city you prefer Rogers Cup?

    Haven't been to Montreal but attended Toronto last year. It was actually quite simple to get there since I was staying in the city - took the #1 subway to the end of the line which was Downsview (now it's called Sheppard West). There is a free shuttle that runs to and from the Aviva Centre...
  3. hoosierbr

    Nikolay 'Koyla' Davydenko Appreciation and Farewell thread

    Good point. Davydenko always matched up well with Rafa, not so against Federer. Would have been an interesting match.
  4. hoosierbr

    Nikolay 'Koyla' Davydenko Appreciation and Farewell thread

    It's a shame he missed out on a Slam final. He had great a shot at Roland Garros in 2004 and 2005 the years Gaudio won his only and Nadal won his first. Though he made the SF two years in a row at Flushing Meadows I think he played Federer both times. He and Federer played a couple great QF...
  5. hoosierbr

    One more major victory for Hewitt?

    Hewitt reminds me a bit of Venus - they can still push the top guns but can't quite close the door. How many matches has Venus lost after being up a set and a break to a top player this year alone? Hewitt loses a lot of five setters against really good players. He tends to lose a lead or...
  6. hoosierbr

    Can Sharapova surpass her idol Seles

    Seles, Hingis and Martina all went out in the first round of "Dancing with the Stars." Put Maria on and if she breaks the streak then surely she will have some claim to GOAT.
  7. hoosierbr

    Roddick was a better player than Hewitt

    You missed the point completely. Simply, Roddick was not a world number one w/o his serve, much less a Slam winner. He himself is the first to admit that. He isn't the only one. Krajicek, though he was better all around than many give him credit for, would never have won Wimbledon if he...
  8. hoosierbr

    Roddick was a better player than Hewitt

    Not really a competition IMO. Take away Roddick's serve and he had no Plan B. Hewitt had to grind his way to victories. Hewitt has become a first class volleyer and transition player in an effort to keep finding new ways to win. Roddick made several attempts to develop a more rounded game...
  9. hoosierbr

    Krajicek or Philippoussis- which would give more trouble to todays players

    Krajicek. He was a better mover and overall possessed a more solid game as has been analyzed here. I would add that on his day Krajicek could and did beat anybody. Hence why he won a slam. Flip had a good chance at the USO in '98 and couldn't put it together.
  10. hoosierbr

    Nicole Vaidišová is back

    Saw Vaidisova at the USO back in 2005 when she was just starting out. Uber-hot and not a bad tennis player! Her downfall came way before Stepanek happily leaped into the picture, most likely because he couldn't get away from Martina Hingis fast enough. (It seems now she physically assaults...
  11. hoosierbr

    Brooke Shields vs. Andre Agassi (Today Show edition)

    IMO it's never a classy thing to do to air the dirty laundry of a relationship that didn't work out. AA was taken to task for speaking about his failed marriage in his book, however, people forget that he spoke with Brooke Shields about what he would write beforehand. As for the substance...
  12. hoosierbr

    Venus Williams needs to realize her career in singles is over.

    When her health isn't an issue Venus is still a force. She's proven that even though she's been hampered. As for her relevance it was only two, three years ago that she went three sets with Clijsters in the SF of the US Open. She can still ball and has earned the right to play as long...
  13. hoosierbr

    Has James Blake sticking around hurt his legacy?

    Blake was a fine player in his day, no doubt. But a legacy player is one who left an indelible mark on the game. Blake has never done that and won't unless he wins a slam before he retires. That'd be something to remember.
  14. hoosierbr

    The likelihood of Ferrer defeating Djokovic?

    Somewhere between slim and slimmer.
  15. hoosierbr

    Time for Venus Williams to retire she had a great career

    Venus had some moments against Sharapova which disproves anyone's belief that she can't compete with the best anymore. Sharapova is playing out of her mind at the moment, making shots consistently that she almost never does and won't again after she comes down off her high. The fact that Venus...
  16. hoosierbr

    Did Tony Roche go too far with courtside abuse of Tomic?

    Tomic is a spoiled brat who is only getting so many free passes because Australia doesn't have a lot of young prospects. Hewitt was no angel at Tomic's age but no one ever questioned his intensity and will to win which is why, thankfully, he's been so much appreciated and embraced these last...
  17. hoosierbr

    How was Roddick such a horrible volleyer?

    Poor technique and lack of practice. You have to commit to doing it over and over again in order improve. Roddick would try it a few times a match and never do it again the rest of the tournament. It's a wonder he never got much better at it.
  18. hoosierbr

    Apparently, Sampras still thinks he's the GOAT!!!

    True or not Agassi has a better claim than Sampras to GOAT. All four slams and the Olympic Gold Medal. Plus until his last abbreviated season he was a contender at two Slams a year and endured against the new generation which Sampras never had to. Can't be the greatest if you didn't win...
  19. hoosierbr

    Even Balance for Serve and Volley?

    To be fair it was a TW demo and it was a Wilson NXT string. I hit with it several times with various multis, however, I always felt the same way. Also 18 mains deadens the stringbed as well. My normal string is VS Team 17. I'm used to feel.
  20. hoosierbr

    Even Balance for Serve and Volley?

    I used to prefer very HL through my 20's, along the lines of 7 plus points. I've gradually shifted down to around 4-5 pts. Maybe not a huge difference but more weight in the head does give one more feel on touch shots and, I've found, has improved my serve. I have more accuarcy and impact...
  21. hoosierbr

    Jesse Levene to play for Canada

    We all saw what a great career move it was for Bogie when he started calling himself Russian this year :) Good luck to Jesse.
  22. hoosierbr

    Blade 93- my first impressions...

    Good stuff. Gonna take her for a dance.
  23. hoosierbr

    Has Murray surpassed Hewitt yet?

    Got a ways to go. He'll have to stay healthy to have a chance at the top ranking. If Murray can endure as long as Hewitt and stick out all the injuries, surgeries and still have moments of greatness that will be an accomplishment indeed.
  24. hoosierbr

    Would prime Agassi have had any success vs. Nadal?

    Agree on the clay. If it was the grass that Agassi won Wimbledon on in '92 Rafa wouldn't stand a chance. I'd also favor AA on rebound ace, the bounce and speed of which was wildly inconsistent.
  25. hoosierbr

    If Hewitt won the AO instead of Safin

    Hewitt hit his peak in 2002 but was still awfully good for three years after that. He's suggested he might have over-trained at the end of 2003 to make up for his drop. The schedule is a killer. He played the Masters Cup in November and Aussie Open in January in 2004-05. Take Juan Carlos...
  26. hoosierbr

    If Hewitt won the AO instead of Safin

    Hewitt's always been hard to embrace in the same way that one did Pat Rafter but boy has he done his image a world of good by hanging on so long. His amazing run to the 4th round in Melbourne this year and his awesome tussle with Djokovic showed people what he was still capable of. Hobbled but...
  27. hoosierbr

    What happened to Davydenko?

    Keep in mind at his peak the dude played every week and practiced every day, even on his wedding day! I think injuries and burn-out got the best of him. His main problem now as I see it is his movement. He's lost a step and with his game, retrieving everything and being consistent, that's...
  28. hoosierbr

    Angell Sport Frames

    I assume those are unstrung specs? Interesting set-up. My own opinion is that it seems a little too headlight for something less than 340 grams. 5 or 6 pts tends to work better in that weight range since it puts more back into the head. A racquet 7 pts or more headlight with a lack of mass...